View Poll Results: Which Gibson model would you most like to see reissued?

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  • ES-150

    17 17.00%
  • ES-250

    17 17.00%
  • ES-350

    29 29.00%
  • L-7

    15 15.00%
  • ES-125

    22 22.00%
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    Could Gibson compete with Salman replicas? Doubtful. Tiny as it is, that market is served. Personally I'd go with a Salman, for a third of the cost - they look great + Metheny loves them , or a Japanese alternative, or a used Gibson.


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    I was not thinking about the 300, but rather this one:

    New Loar LH-700-VS

    compared to

    2005 Gibson Custom Shop 1934 L-5 Reissue

    The second one costs 3X what the first one costs.

    This has little bearing on the question, but years ago I owned the real '34 L5 that Gibson used as a pattern for the RI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyv1k
    ES350 3 knob but yes sadly it will never happen. We are a dying breed close to extinction.
    My son plays guitar. Les Paul’s and SG’s. He always says “why to you play those stupid big guitars”.
    If I gave him a L5 he would just trade it for a Strat.
    You should kick him out of the house and trade his stupid planks for a nice acoustic archtop with a 12th-fret neck-join and no cut-away, to really rub it in! Not all young people are like that, you know. Some choose hollow-bodies exclusively and dream of owning an 18" Super 400 acoustic. Those The Loar people should get on that chop chop.

    p.s. I voted ES-150