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    Some time ago me and Vinny got to talkin about our favorite guitar colors. I told him that I really like that dark top fade to red sunburst. He told me that Gibson did that color back in the 60’s and they just started making them again. He sent me a picture of one that was featured at Dave’s guitar shop. That was it! I thought one day I have to get me one of them.
    If you play jazz guitar, at some point in your life, an ES175 is on your wish list.
    I was enough to grow up on one. No matter how many fine guitars that had come and gone in my life, it’s just not right if a 175 isn’t in my possession. Even with my BELOVED 165, Its just not right without a 175.
    With all this CME stuff going on, I was sitting back happily watching as my buddies on the forum fulfilled there dreams and landed brand new 175’s at half the price of their deserved going rate. Man I’ve seen some beauties come across the board. Hamstrung with an unfortunate financial situation, there was no way I could take advantage of these deals of a lifetime.
    One day last week I get an Email that goes like this..

    Please email me your work address. I am sending you a 175 as a gift. I simply have too many.
    If you value my friendship no lip. Do not rob me of a blessing.

    Needless to say, I was shocked. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing something like this for anyone, especially me. Vinny, I owe you. I owe you big time.
    Here are pictures of this amazing guitar.
    In my opinion, These guitars are not 2nds. They are not inferior to the guitars that are sold as new for twice the price. They are no different. As you can see, my devilish little siren polished up to a spectacular example of quite possibly, the most prolific jazz guitar ever made.

    Gibson ES-175 Figured-9e5efb59-c17c-4845-b3aa-3bfab38d4bad-jpgGibson ES-175 Figured-1b560f13-dd7a-49d7-af6b-09edc2716ab5-jpgGibson ES-175 Figured-786b5e97-8fba-4929-8ce4-ba8eb0f59ae1-jpgGibson ES-175 Figured-2ef2eeff-5506-49d3-84d0-8b4115051e43-jpgGibson ES-175 Figured-b6af0c96-d07a-447c-b791-af08845f390e-jpg

    Vinny, what you did was unbelievably generous. I really don’t have the words.
    Thanks buddy.
    Joe D

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    Double Wow: the guitar, and Vinny.

    It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

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    Wow The only thing more beautiful than that guitar is the friendship that brought it to you. Just amazing. I know every time you pick it up, you'll enjoy it all the more because of what it represents.

    I can also tell you the tone of these new figured 175s is just amazing. Sometimes i call it "throaty," other times I want to say "organ-like," sometimes I think it's a move toward the L5ces sound... whatever... it's got a fantastic tone that is very responsive to your touch and where you play (RH).

    Enjoy it, I know we all will when you start posting clips!

    Here's a shot of mine-maybe we could arrange a marriage or something!

    Gibson ES-175 Figured-es175-figured-2-jpg

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    Vinny is a good man. When he meets with Saint Peter, we know where he will be going.

    JD, as you know, a good 175 is all the jazz guitar any jazz guitarist needs. May she inspire your playing for decades to come!

    Even with the fine hand carved archtops that we have, the 175 still is the one at the end of day.

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    Beautiful guitar. That was very kind of Vinny to do that. I was in a similar situation, unable to afford a really good guitar to upgrade from my 1951 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, and had settled for D'Angelico import models as they were the only ones I could even get credit for. Then my friend and student came over one day with an L5 his friend had given him. It's a 1972 L-5C that's been converted to an electric with 2 humbuckers. Sorry, no pictures yet but the tone is fantastic and now I know why L-5s are so highly regarded, not having played one before.

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    Words do no justice. What a beautiful altruistic gesture. This must be the most sentimental place on the Internet; it’s touching to see how these bonds cross over into everyday life. Kudos, gentlemen, for letting us all share in your friendship.

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    ‘Tis The Season of love for thy fellow man. A spirit Vinny and Joe display in abundance. Warms my heart to witness this.

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    that's a pretty amazing thing to have happen to someone. Congratulations on the NGD! The guitar looks incredible. I also grew up playing jazz on a 175, so I can relate to your feelings about it.

    And Vinny, you're the best! Many years of musical joy to both of you!

    I've been watching the posts about the CME deals too, and it's something I would have tried to swing, if I didn't already own the '72 I bought new, and a '55 with P90's, all original.

    It's the quintessential jazz box, that's for certain.


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    Reminds me... Joe Pass received his ES175 also as a gift. You are in good company! And imagine the reward of the guy who gave Joe Pass that ES175! Vinny is in his club too.

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    Awesome! What a nice story.

    My CME 175 twin is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday (fingers crossed)-- the wait is gonna make for a long couple of days!

    Meanwhile, I have decided that since a 175 is coming into the house, a number of my other guitars can go,
    so I'm preparing to ruthlessly cull back the herd.

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    Beautiful - I'm happy for you - this will be a very very special guitar for the rest of your life!

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    Beautiful 175 looks a lot like my 1999 I got in trading with an old friend. Enjoy!

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    Vinny, I take off my hat to you and bow in honor of your innate human kindness! And Joe, thanks for sharing an amazing story.

    This is a pretty darn good forum, ain't it?

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    In the midst of so many other things around the web, THIS is the internet too!

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    Oh yeah one caveat..
    He told me, “now the only thing I need from you is, I want you to play Cherokee on it.” I said, no problem bro.. just give me a month. I will learn Johnny Smith’s version. He said, “no no no..I want you learn Tal Farlow’s version. It’s just single note not that chord melody stuff you do”. I said ok bro, coming right up.
    Then I listened Tals version..
    i called him back.
    I said “what are you fucking crazy, I can’t play that!”
    He said, “no problem Joe, I’m sending it anyway”..
    True Story..

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    For a very few times in my life, I'm speechless. Oh wait, I just said something, DAMN how do I make a point without blowing it? :-)

    Now I always wanted a natural L-5... anyone have one lying around not getting any time? :-)

    Great post, guys like you are two in a million.

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    nice!...another high point for our beloved forum

    well done vinny..salud

    enjoy Joe D!..your xmas vid got this holiday season off to a good start..and now this!! terrific!


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    Incredible act of kindness Vinny !

    You have a big heart .....and I’m a firm believer that acts of kindness are rewarded.

    Joe - I’m happy for you bro , I could not think of another guitar enthusiast / forum member more deserving.

    Can’t wait for that video.

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    Well, this story sure provided a much needed smile today.

    Play it in health!

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    What a beautiful guitar. Every once in a while, despite all the misery and hate that surrounds us, you come across some act that reminds you that there are fine people in this world.

    A gift of an iconic guitar to someone who knows how to make it sing. It's great to be associated with such people.

    Tony D.

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    Just in case anyone else gets the bug that got Vinny, my address is....only kidding...

    Edit: Or am I?

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    Congrats Joe D! Way to pay it forward Vinny! A truly awesome gesture.

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    Right on Vinny! Happy holidaze JD!

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    I'm sure Vinny was not looking for praise when performing this selfless act but, wow! Vinny, you're a class act. And you too, Joe. And all you other regulars. I feel fortunate to have found this forum and all of you.


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    WOW....nice pics bro ! You will make 2bop proud.