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    I play more than just straight ahead jazz, I play fusion and some rock but more intricate like guthrie govan type guitar stuff and I dont feel like i can spend the money on two separate amps.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried a semi hollow or archtop guitar into a Mesa Boogie Lone Star...

    The guys at Mesa said it was designed to be more of the fusion amp.

    It has a really nice clean channel though and I just wanted to open up here and see if anyone had an opinion about using these amps (which are usually associated with rock music) for jazz...

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    Jazzarian Guest
    I've got lots of Boogies. I'm not wild about my Mark IV for jazz. The Mark IIC+ isn't bad, nor is my DC3.

    My Boogie Formula Pre is fantastic for recording archtop jazz.

    Best bet, compare the clean sound of the Lone Star to a classic Fender, like a Deluxe or Twin Reverb.

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    I've a nice Fender but if I were looking for
    another jazz amp I try out Rivera.

    Don't know how that will support your
    other efforts. Seem reasonably priced,
    at least if you are already considering
    a Mesa. Interesting website. Good luck!

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    Jazzarian Guest
    Another solution might be to buy a classic Fender along with a distortion pedal, perhaps a tube distortion pedal.

    Or you might even consider a Dumble clone from the far east for $1100 assembled. Ceriatone comes to mind. They also make Matchless clones and Trainwreck clones for similar money.

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    I play a Mark 1 Reissue. If you take some time, you can get almost anything out of it. Massive head room for clean low end and mids, cascading gain stages for any amount of overdrive. I picked it up Mint Used from local GC for $1K.

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    Have you tried an Engl Screamer they have massive headroom and a huge tight but full bass responce on clean.

    I have one in head form it has massive gain if required and two volumes for each channel good and not as heavy as the mesa (lonestar is over 70lbs, yikes my spine).

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-engl-screamer-50-jpg

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    I went through this same question a couple of months ago....was set on a Lone Star. But then I listened to about a half dozen or so videos that people had on Youtube demoing their amps and it turned me off completely. I didn't hear one tone that sounded like it would work for what I'm playing (chord melody, solo arrangements and the occasional combo playing standards).

    If you go for it, please post a report.

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    As someone who has owned a number (a fairly large number, at that) of Mesa/Boogie amps, I'd advise caution to anyone considering a M/B as a "do-everything" amp. They're fine amps, but versatility is not their strong suit.

    Despite having lots of knobs and switches, a M/B amp has a characteristic sound that can't be dialed out. If that M/B sound works for you in all the situations in which you want to use the amp, then by all means use the M/B amp. But don't be fooled - as a lot of people are - into thinking that all those controls must somehow give you access to tonalities outside of the M/B universe.

    To the OP: Have you considered pairing a good clean ampwith pedals for your overdrive and distortion sounds? This approach gives you a bit more flexibility.

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    Jazzarian Guest
    To some extent I agree. However a Triple RectumFinder doesn't sound like a classic Mark IIC+. Nor is the triple likely to be a good jazz amp.

    Most of the Mark series amps would serve as a decent jazz amp in addition to its wonderful fusion capabilities.

    The Road King is a form of Boogie Rectumfinder, as is the Maverick, yet both make decent jazz amps.

    Boogie's preamps through the years make fine jazz amps. I highly recommend a Formula Pre or Triaxis for recording archtop jazz.

    I have had trouble NOT sounding like Santana when playing a PRS thru a Boogie with distortion. No matter what I did to the tone controls and even if I used the "modern" distortion channel vs the classic distortion channel.

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    You're absolutely right. There are several amps bearing the Rectifier trademark that aren't metal amps. I think it's more useful to distinguish between the "diamondplate" amps (which I have tried and found to be completely unsuitable) and everything else.

    I had a similar "Santana experience" and I wasn't even playing a PRS. I caught about 20 seconds of Carlos himself somehow seamlessly inserted into a rehearsal recording... That was pretty much the beginning of the end for my love affair with M/B amps.

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    Jazzarian Guest
    With the bridge pickup you can get the other Boogie sound, classic Larry Carlton from the 70s and 80s.

    I like that sound though. Much can be done with it in terms of effects like delay, reverb etc. It's a very pleasant and familar sounding distortion and I think its a real nice thing to have.

    It would be nice to have a Dumble clone too. I suspect I'll buy a Ceriatone or have a Torres conversion done in the next year. Or maybe I can get Mr Ceritatone to make me a rackmount preamp.

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    Got it from trade
    like new have 3 output power Optional 5W 25W 50w and more 2 CH ~~~~~
    with 1x12" cab ( celestion 90 )

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-image-jpg
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    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-image-jpg

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-image-jpg
    As mentioned in the OVERVIEW, your Express features our patented Duo-ClassTM Power which allows youto switch between two power ranges that run in both a different Class of Operation and a different Wiring Con guration. You will only nd this powerful feature on MESA ampli ers and it allows you to tune the power section for volume, Tone and feel... optimizing itsresponse for higher volume gig applications or lower volume recording and inspiring practice sessions

    The Full Power setting (50 watts in Express 5:50, 25 watts in the Express 5:25) runs in Class A/B and is wired ina Push-Pull Con guration. This position (switch up) delivers the full rated power and would be the choice any time you need headroomfor clean sounds or bold, tight authority for all the sounds while playing with other people. Class A/B, when combined with a pair ofoutput tubes wired in a Push-Pull con guration, is the most ef cient operating class and style of wiring and this scheme emphasizesupper mid punch, low-end clarity and upper harmonic cut.

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-image-jpg
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    Lovely !
    These (Mesa, in general) are much overpriced here in Europe, unfortunately !

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    Nice. I've fooled around with those at music stores. Great sounding and very versatile.

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    Congratulations! I love my Express plus 5:25. I nearly got the 5:50 plus, but didn't require the added the headroom.
    The jazz demos for both (5:50 & 5:25) sound great. I like the power switching & that it has a send/return loop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999369
    Got it from trade
    like new have 3 output power Optional 5W 25W 50w and more 2 CH ~~~~~
    with 1x12" cab ( celestion 90 )

    Congrats !! I would love that look in my living room.....

    I just wish they made one with half the output, single just can't get that cabinet without
    ' Live at the Fillmore ' power......

    Is anyone at Henriksen / Mambo listening ???

    Good for you !!!

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    For living room this is the one

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-image-jpeg

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    I've always sort of had this color in mind, but you've got the right idea !!

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-mesa-b-jpg

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    Awesome. I'm trading a Mesa Roadster for a 550 plus and cash tomorrow! Love the roadster...but way more than I need.

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    I played a Mesa today, used at the South Austin GC. Good price on it, I might go back and snag it tomorrow.

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    Mesa has some great amps, big and small. I have a TA-15 and it is a great all around small amp. You will enjoy that one.

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-mesa-boogie-ta-15-jpg

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    Fantastic amp for jazz and everything else - clean on this thing is amazing and so 3 dimensional. 5watt perfect for home practise too. I have the non plus version and love it

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    Is it true that a Mesa Boogie amp gives you many many tones except for the one you want? My experience with a Mesa Boogie, a Mark 2 was a long time ago. Back then, every Mesa Boogie sounded like...Carlos Santana and a thin PRS. It was the forerunner to the Howard Alexander Dumble OverDrive Special. Eeee eeee eeee EEEEEEE Eeeeee eeeee eeeee EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Cool looking amps though with lots of knobs. Nobody seems to hang on to any Mesa Boogie for very long.

    Enjoy your Express Plus 5:50 in good health. I hope that it lasts a good while in your rig.

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    Judging by the 'for sale' section - Nobody seems to hang on to anything particularly long on this forum! Mesa boogie express are fantastic cleans for jazz so under rated - the Santana and metal affiliation is too strong for many people though.

    Mesa Boogie Amps For Jazz-mesa-boogie-express-jpg