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    my first L5. because it was the first guitar I owned that had it all...the legend, the looks, and the smoke.

    thx RP!

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    Maybe in my honeymoon phase, but honestly I'm pretty sure my new (2009) Ibanez Gb10 is by far the best guitar I've ever played
    Just unbelievable playability, consistency in notes played all over the fretboard, perfect fit and finish, punchy sound.. Just wow
    I can compare with a few very good guitars by the way, 58 Gibson Es125, Guild Capri 1973, good Avri 57 Stratocaster..
    The Gb10 is a music weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar View Post
    I'd have to go with a late 30's L5. Incredible sound.

    And, I've played a lot of great guitars over the years, including multiple D'Angelicos, Benedettos and other great makers.
    But, my memory of that L5 ....
    Weren’t those were still 24 3/4 scale that far back?
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