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    Sorry to hear that, Papa, but you must have one of the old sets. The same thing happened with my D'Aquisto, so I wrote to them and complained. Within two hours they sent an email saying they were immediately changing their machines to create longer lengths, and then they sent me replacements for the D and G strings.

    At the time I created a thread about my experience here:

    Philippe Bosset Strings - great strings and service!

    Now, I suggest you email to saying exactly what you say above, and also mentioning my name. There must be some of the old packets out there, but I'm sure they will send you replacements. I guess they weren't expecting guitars with such long heads.

    I was impressed that after one email, they changed their machinery, and sent me replacements at no charge.


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    Took them a whole 3 hours (on a Saturday...In less)
    to both reply and ask for my address to send me the longer strings....

    That is great (actually above AND beyond) customer service!!!

    Thanks Rob for the help, I did exactly what you said, they took care of me.... FAST!!

    Can't wait to check out the "Soft Brass". Cheers!!


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    Glad to hear it, but not surprised either. I hope you like them!

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    My Phillipe Bosset replacement strings have arrived...

    Philippe Bosset Strings-strings-jpg

    I immediately put a new set on my Trenier Magnolia...

    Exquisite! Balanced, clear, crisp sound.
    Very musical strings, I just hear music, even when struck hard
    the fundamental tone sings clear and sustains w/o harsh overtones.

    Thanks Rob for letting us in on this great brand of strings.

    Very impressed. Thanks Rob for laying the groundwork.

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    ...I also sent a note to "Strings by Mail" alerting them on the "short string" issue.

    Basically... "Please fix this as I will be buying the brand FOREVER ..."

    just unbelievable strings...

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    I wish I was on commission ;-) Enjoy your new guitar (for so it will seem).

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    Hey, based on your recommendation, I gave them a try, and I'm pretty impressed.
    That said, it takes a me a couple "back-and-forth" strings changes until I feel like I can really understand the difference between the strings.

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    Glad you didn't waste your money, Jonathan.

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    interesting. is it just pb, 80/20s and nylons that they offer? going to start going through my string backlog before i try anything else because i already have them, but i think i may try a set or two for future reference. traditionally been a john pearse pb guy, but the new daddario nickel bronze weren't bad. have several sets of those and freebie dadarrio pbs to burn through first.

    wouldn't mind a few of the pb sets, for both my flat tops and my archtop. how long does the good tone last? i'm not overly acidic but i never change my strings. like, ever. and i do wonder how these would sound on my new guild m20. its my first all hog so i'm not sure which strings would suit it best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    Now officially and happily endorsing Philippe Bosset strings, especially the Soft Brass set for acoustic archtop guitars. Best I've tried. They threw in a few tin-plated trebles for me to try.
    Congrats for Your endorsing deal, Rob, but... I doubt that pile of strings will last for years: how are You gonna prevent those metal strings from oxidizing and rusting? They are not in vacuum, those paper bags will not prevent them from moisture. Specially in the climate of Edinburgh!

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    What? It's 90 degrees here all year round! I'll worry about rust when it happens. All the more reason to change them more often.

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    So far, I played one gig with them, and then just a bit around the house.
    I'm really digging the sound, but I am noticing a bit of wear a bit quicker than I'd expected, given the limited play. But, it's hard to know just based on the single sample.
    Given that they're double the price of the Martin SP 80/20's I used to use, and a little bit less than double the price of the Martin Monels I've been mostly using lately, they might be the kind of thing I save for recording sessions and especially important gigs.

    But, the really indication will be what it sounds like when I switch back.
    If the difference bugs me, I may have to stick with the Bosset.

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    Man, these strings sound pretty great...Dang it, Rob...! I blame you.

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    You should contact them, Jonathan, tell them about your website and recordings. They might offer you a 50% discount for mentioning them in a blog post or something.

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    I guy can dream!

    Boy, I could never get Eastman or Loar to give the time of day (at least after my buddy Gordon at Eastman left), and I know I've sold a ton of Loars on my recommendation, and several Eastman. At least Vintage '47 is super-nice to work with.

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    Just received some 80/20 1356 Bosset strings. Wow!!!! by far and away the most musical strings I have tried on my 1951 Gibson Super 300 18" acoustic. Beautiful balanced , rich , pure tone that really makes my guitar sing. With my guitar held close I can feel a deep sonorous resonance in my chest I'm hooked thanks Rob


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    I´ve played a set of Soft Brass 12 gauge strings on my Hofner 455/S acoustic archtop for around the last two weeks, but after two days in which I played for around 5 hours, they lost their brilliance tone. I am with WillMbCdn5, they are well balanced and got a full deep bass on E6 and A5 string. Also the tension of the 12 gauge set was too hard to play for my left hand. Today I changed to a set of 12 gauge Thomastik BeBops. Softer too play, but with less bass and different tone. Next I will try a set of 11 gauge Thomastik Plectrum 80/20.

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    Hello zombie thread. 4 years later, these are still my preferred strings on acoustic archtops. Both the 80/20 and the PB sets are amazing. I even mailed a set to Bryant Trenier for when he completes my Broadway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertm2000
    Has anybody tried Curt Mangan Strings ( It's a small company in Colorado who sells mostly direct or through mom and pop music stores. I've used them for years and they're the best strings I've ever tried. They last probably three times longer than any other brand I've used, and even when they wear out the tone from them is still usable. They make strings in many materials - Monel, stainless steel, nickel wound and pure nickel, both round and flatwound, and also with both hex and round core. They source their materials exclusively from U. S. manufacturers. Just curious to know if anyone uses them.
    Well, replying five years later ... I used Philippe Bosset strings on my Eastman AR810CE archtop but switched over to Curt Mangan acoustic round core (12-53, 80/20 bronze) and I will be using the Mangans forever. The sound has an amazing quality and "retro" character which suits the kind of music I (try to) play. They are stable and long lasting.

    I took three sets of their electric guitar pure nickel flatwound round core 9.5-44s to France to give to my brother in law. He played them and then asked me to get him another six sets. He plays 60s rock and the round cores are perfect for that. He said he thought Europe had the best strings anywhere but that these are better.

    You just have to be careful installing them. Curt has a video where he shows the trick and it deserves attention.

    They have now started selling nylon strings, too. I haven't tried them but I ordered a couple of sets for my Eastman Cabaret-JB and will be putting them on next string change in a couple of weeks.

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    Does anyone have an answer if the "Soft" in those Bosset brass-wounds has any meaning? They specify the alloy as 80/20 so the brass wrap wire can't be softer itself compared to other 80/20 brass-wound strings. Maybe a clin d'oeil to 85/15 brass - supporing that is indeed harder? Or does it mean there's a layer of silk under the wrap?

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    I don't think it has any particular meaning. They don't feel any lower tension than other 80/20 strings.

    While this zombie thread is revived a second time, I wanted to share a recent discovery. I never noticed this before because I've been using exclusively Philippe Bosset strings on my acoustics archtops for a while now. Recently I was curious and put D'Addario Nickel Bronze on a guitar that has a dearmond FHC pickup. No particular reason other than curious what it would sound like. What surprised me was that with the Nickel Bronze, there was a huge difference in electric signal amplitude from the wound strings vs the plain ones. This was surprising to me because I've never had this issue using Philippe Bosset. It might sound trivial, but there's actually some significance to this. Whatever Philippe Bosset is doing with their string design, it's producing more ferromagnetic wound strings. I actually assumed it might be a larger steel core than other brands, but I'm not sure since the tension isn't any higher than others. But whatever it is, they not only sound great acoustically but they're also the most balanced with magnetic pickups, noticeably moreso than other modern bronze strings. I confirmed this statement applies both to their 80/20 and phosphor bronze sets.

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    I did not know that...thanks for the info!

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    Rob, this was recorded using a floating magnetic pickup and Philippe Bosset strings. All I did was raise the pole pieces under the wound strings and I got perfectly even volume balance. I know a lot of people told me that it's not possible to maximize both acoustic and electric sound simultaneously, but that's wrong. It just takes some searching.

    Another make of strings that has this quality is GHS Vintage Bronze 85/15. I know for a fact that they use a heavier steel core.

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    Sounds wonderful, Juan. You are doing some great recordings these days. Beautiful guitar too, and excellent playing. Yes, I’m very impressed with what you’ve done here. Those strings are perfect.
    Last edited by Rob MacKillop; 09-21-2022 at 12:39 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omphalopsychos
    I don't think it has any particular meaning. They don't feel any lower tension than other 80/20 strings.
    You mean it might just be a marketing gimmick, supposed to make you expect and thus experience something softer than with comparable brass-wounds?

    Whatever Philippe Bosset is doing with their string design, it's producing more ferromagnetic wound strings.
    Or the NB strings you compared them with are just particularly unsuitable for electric playing? Which would be a bit weird because their nickel coating must be pretty thick (in order not to wear off) and thus increase the ferromagnetic properties...