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    I started playing with a tortex 050 today and was surprised at how easy it was to play with compared to my usual thick, "jazz" plecs.


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    used to use 1.5 but fatter sound w/2.0

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    1.5 for me. I like Dunlop's "Delrin" material. Thinner and I find that the sound is too thin, thicker slows me down.
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    What I like for practice seems to be totally different to what I like for gigs.... Anyone else find this?

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    I only started playing with a plectrum a month or so ago. I've acquired and tested a fair number of them in recent days.
    So far, my favorite is the 1.5mm Pro Plec. I'm happy with the standard teardrop shape at this point, but I could see moving toward a smaller "jazz" shape if my ring finger drops out of the equation in the future.

    Regarding gigs vs practice, I'm practicing the heck out of the plec, but my next gig I'll probably chicken out and go back to fingerstyle. (but I'm sure I'll have a pick or two in my pocket)

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    i go from super thin dunlop .38 nylon to big thick stubby type picks...some made of seashell or horn...and everything in between...

    depends on the application..each imparts a different flavor..changes the attack tone ever so slightly, and even the way (and where) you right hand technique

    your sound chain begins with the pick wisely! haha


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    I use a Golden Gate mandolin pick. Large and rather thick. But, the material is kind of soft and it produces a mellow sound.

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    I use everything. I have a jar full of tons of picks, accumulated through a lifetime of use. If a Fender medium pops up, I will use that--reluctantly. My preference is to use acetate 3.5mm-4.5mm picks by Dugain. I will even use felt picks (I started out playing baritone ukulele over 50 years ago) if they surface in the jar.)

    One thing: the thin picks I used from the old rock and roll days back in the 60s slow me down. I just don't get a good stroke through the string with them. Also, they tend to sound "boinky." Thicker, acetate picks sound darker and produce a good, clean stroke through the string with instant recovery for an upstroke or a downstroke through the adjacent string.
    What pick thickness do you use and why?-acetate-6-jpg

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    I mostly use a Blue Chip 50 (.050"), but sometimes a 40, depending on the guitar.

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    12 pack for $4.99
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    At least 1.2mm and up to 2mm. I change picks fairly often - I like that I can get not unsubstantial tone changes so easily just switching out a pick so I like to experiment. I have about 4 favorites that I cycle through right now but am always on the lookout to try new ones - as long as they are thick. Under 1.2mm is where I start to feel flimsiness and hear too much of a sacrifice in tone.

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    Pointy Dunlop Jazz IIIs. I've tried everything to wean myself from this dependency, counseling, the patch, lozenges, aversion therapy etc. but I just go back to using.

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    +1 for 1.5 mm

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    I always keep 2 picks one on the amp, 2 mm Dunlop for single lines and the .76 mm for comping

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    Fender 358 ('jazz' pick) medium or heavy - prefer white over shell but can't find the white ones any more. I have some that I use regularly that I've had for close to 30 years.

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    Jim Dunlop 1.0 because they are the most comfortable

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    I use a Dunlop 2.0 mm and sometimes a 3 mm when I can't find a 2.

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    After decades of using heavy teardrop picks I recently started using regular shape Medium picks. My teacher and I noticed some others I liked use them so I started experimenting and I like them. They give the note are nice snap to the attack and like the strum sound with them.
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    Jim Dunlop Nylon .73mm, the same ones providing me with the djent during my late '80s early '90s metal years, now provide me with the thunk
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    ProPlec 1.5 mm small teardrops or Jazz III Ultex. The proPlec sounds warm with a soft attack, the Dunlop is a bit firmer/clearer and is fast. The excellent grip is also nice. I mostly use a hybrid picking technique.
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    I too have the 2.0 mm Dunlop as my main pick.

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    After reading the responses here I went to look for some thicker plecs in my mystery cup of forgotten picks, and I found a bunch of Jimi Hendrix picks which I got for I think my 13th birthday. They're Dunlop but all I get to know is that it's "Heavy". Any idea what the gauge might me in mm?

    Side ntoe: I think the important bit was the shape, not the thickness. I'll stick with medium or heavy but guess I'll go back to more common pick shapes instead of the ol' fender 354 I've been using for a year or two now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cunamara View Post
    ProPlec 1.5 mm small teardrops or Jazz III Ultex. The proPlec sounds warm with a soft attack, the Dunlop is a bit firmer/clearer and is fast. The excellent grip is also nice. I mostly use a hybrid picking technique.
    I used the 358 PP for a long time then re evaluated my technique and switched to the lager 651 PP jazz. As I recently posted, they were terribly warped and out of 2 dozen, I have 7 picks that didn't go into the trash.
    The ultex jazziii actually is more articulate and "punchier", without being brighter; kind of like the pro plec is more like a sax and Ultex like a trumpet if that makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marwin Moody View Post
    They're Dunlop but all I get to know is that it's "Heavy". Any idea what the gauge might me in mm?
    These days heavy tend to be 1 mm, earlier on I'd say just slightly thinner than 1mm.
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    I find I am back to Delrin .96 picks. I have gone up and down a little bit down from there. I find this also relates to string gauge. With a heavier strings I like a lighter pick. With lighter strings a heavier pick.


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    I stopped using plastic and now use buffalo horn at 1.2mm. They sound softer and have a slight curve making them easier to grip than "grippers".

    I also can form the profile into a "jazz" size and polish the edges easily, break in is not required. I have maybe 50 but since they're more pricey than plastic I mentally value them more and never lose the two I use daily

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    Dunlop 3.0mm. Tried a whole bunch, but landed here.
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    clayton rounded triangles- black raven .88mm for the strumming, regular old white 1.0mm for the rock. have a few 2.0 proplecs (?) and those are alright, but only for a very specific thing, single note playing. little fatter and rounder, too.

    i have a bag of random picks from here and there around here somehwere, but those don't get any use. the felt one was disappointing. i don't play anything that requires a thinner pick, and i used to break those all the time back when.

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    Was it George Benson who said something like if you use thinner pick go with thicker strings or if you use thicker picks you can go with thinner strings?
    I love a bit of flex in my attack and since I just let 2 or 3mm protrude from my grip it is not flexing too much even with .73 playing directly at the base of the neck above the pickup where I get the best tone on both the Tal and my Franken Tele.
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    I dunno, but fat picks sound like shit on skinny strings unless you're playing a SelMac.

    I've settled on kinda heavy, kinda heavy. (.012''s and a 1.5mm pick)
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    Like others, I have tired many, this is my favorite for it's mellow tone:

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    I don't use a pick much these days but I used to. My favorite was always the green one, which I think was a Dunlop. The silver one is solid metal and gives a kind of raspy sound.

    Tortoiseshell isn't allowed in the UK but it was thought American Clayton picks gave something like the same tone. The roundish one gives a fairly mellow sound.

    But they're all thick. I tried thinner ones at one point, thinking it would improve speed, but they just felt flimsy. But I'm probably out of touch now. All these picks are at least 20 years old. Maybe today's picks are different :-)


    They're not as grubby as the photo makes them look!

    What pick thickness do you use and why?-picks-jpg
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    The thinnest pick I use is a jazz iii. Usually go with a 1cm custom made pick. I cut it out of a hunk of plastic. Lol.

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    I saw this on Facebook Marketplace.

    What pick thickness do you use and why?-pick-maker-jpg

    No, of course I didn't buy it.

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    My main picks lately are:
    Fender Medium (or D'Andrea Medium) approx .73mm
    Jazz III (I believe they're around 1.5mm) and Jazz III Maxi Grip
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    During a quite long time I’ve only used 1,50 mm. Recently I’ve changed to 0,88 mm instead because of it fits both solo playing and comping very well.

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    "Old school heavy" about .83mm (now days 1mm is considered "medium").

    Very important to me are the nature of the pick substance itself and the way the edges are shaped. I don't know the name of my preferred substance, but it is always black and feels "denser and cooler" than the black ones I don't like that look just like it (don't know who makes them, they are stamped with my local mom and pop guitars shop's logo, standard shape 351). These have "more rounded than beveled" edges... just right, 25 cents each. I grab a handful out of the big jar and sort through them by feel, finding the "right ones".
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    There are black picks of various materials available. There is the Dunlop carbon fiber, which gives a very mellow tone IME. The best black pick I've tried is the John Petrucci Jazz III from Dunlop, made of Ultex. It's the closest I've found to a Blue Chip pick in terms of sound and feel, although the feel to the fingers is very different because of the raised logo and gripping surface. If I couldn't get a Blue Chip, that's the one I would use.

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    Kind of in between picks atm , playing these for now..

    What pick thickness do you use and why?-31uecd38-gl-_ac_sy400_-jpg

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    Been a lifelong Tortex pick fan, when I use picks. Half the time I prefer to okay with just my fingers. This year I made the jump from 0.73mm to 1.14mm. I also have grown to dislike the pointier end of the plectrums, preferring the rounder edges for better control, so I recently sat down and rounded all those edges downing my picks to match the other two corners as much as I could eyeballing them. I like them much better now.
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    I’ve settled on Jazz III XL in 1.14. Tried the 1.5, and it was also very nice. But in the end having them side by side I end up grabbing the 1.14.

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