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  • Mambo

    51 39.23%
  • Princeton

    53 40.77%
  • Henriksen

    26 20.00%
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    I just listen on my ipad - no headphones available but i want to buy some.
    easiest way to tell the when amp changes is listen for the different quality of reverbs quite noticeable really.
    I wish there was a mambo dealer here, pretty sure i want one but scared off buying online now
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    From the clip, I liked the Mambo best, but I was listening to it on crappy laptop speakers, so I don't really trust the fidelity. All three sounded pretty close.

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    I have to agree that all sounded great.

    At one time I had a row of a Henriksen, and Evans and a Heritage Patriot. Each of them is tone equalized or adjusted completely differently, and I mean really differently. The result was that I was spending a lot of time adjusting knobs.

    I sold the Heritage, which made things a little simpler. Still it can be a major time suck twisting knobs.

    What I've learned is that I can get a very good sound out of many amps.

    I happened to like the Mambo best in this audio test. But when I heard the Henriksen sample, I felt like I could match the Mambo by turning the low mids up. This is only speculation.

    Nonetheless, this thread is just excellent and a great use of the forum- much better than fighting!

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    Live a little - Try an Alfresco!

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    Also an Alfresco owner here. My band mates have all been gushing over its tone ever since I switched to roundwounds. But it wouldn't be a fair fight to have two open-backed amps against the closed back Mambo...

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    I mostly use a mambo 10" wedge on the Fender setting, I rarely gig these days in a biggish venue I would probably use my Matamp valve head and 2x12 cab great sound but it's a bit heavy to lug around.

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    IMHO it's apples and oranges : the Mambo and the Bud are closed back/ported SS amps, specifically designed/optimized for clean and loud sounds whereas the venerable Princeton comes from a totally different history which we're all familiar with I suppose.
    I'd also make a VERY important distinction between the player who wants to use his amp at home and the guy who gigs with it.

    One more thing : I for one tried many amps in my time, including a HEFTY Hiwatt 50 head, a Dual Showman head, a Pro Reverb Combo - my main axe at the time was a Super-400 with heavy strings and all but the Hiwatt 50 could not stomach the fast and punchy attack that the Super400 put out under my solid picking and strumming. At gig volume level only a Twin was capable. So
    I gave up on high-power tube amps for stage use and now I'm happy with a 200 watt Evans combo and my Bud (with or without an extension cab for doubling the volume). These can handle everything I throw at them, regardless of loudness !

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    This amp sounds the best you can earn money from.