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    Over the past 3 years, I’ve been blessed to have met some of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the privilege to know – right here on this site. It is easy to identify with people who share your passion. But, it is rare that you meet someone who exceeds your expectations of what a great human being could be.
    When I met Vinnyv1k quite frankly, we didn’t exactly hit it off. But over the next couple of years he has become one of my closest personal friends. He is a man who cares deeply about all the right things in life. Family, Faith and playing the guitar.
    Well, I am sad to say that our friend has fallen on hard times. As a guitarist, it can’t get much worse.
    Vinny is a very tough 62 year old guy. He recently found out that the roots of Oak trees were growing into the sewer pipes in his yard. He tried to rectify the situation by rolling up his sleeves and literally digging into the problem. Somewhere along the way, he contracted Gangrene in his left hand. Parts of the thumb on his left hand are irreversibly affected and there is damage to his middle finger as well. Doctors fear that if the condition spreads, they may have to amputate his entire left hand.
    Vinny’s last words to me on Sunday night were, “God Bless you my friend”... This the kind of guy he is. He couldn’t hurt a fly. One of the most lovely human beings I’ve ever met.
    One thing I know that means a lot to him is his undying faith in God. And it would give him comfort if you all said a prayer for him.
    He is currently in the hospital. He is in a great deal of pain, but he has his Ipad with him and he has been checking the site. He may or may not respond in the coming days because he is heavily medicated and his hand is bandaged.

    I will keep you posted on his situation as information becomes available to me.

    To the moderators, I hope it is OK to post this here. Vinny's friends are on the Guitar, Amps & Gizmos Forum most often. I apologize if this causes a problem.

    Once again please say a prayer for our dear friend. I am really sorry to bring you all down. I don't mean to be over dramatic. I just feel bad about my bro..

    Joe DeNisco


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    Prayers and good thoughts going up for Vinny1k from Central Kentucky!
    - Lawson
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    " Wish Him All The Best "

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    This news is beyond horrible. Thank you Joe for posting so that we may be with our friend in some way. Hopefully the medical treatment can mend our buddy. God bless you Vinny, you can beat this terrible twist of fate. Hang in there man!

    Prayers to you and your family,
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    Hate to hear this. Thoughts and prayers, vinny and family.
    Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:

    "Jazz is like goes on longer than you think, and as soon as you're like 'oh, I get it,' it ends."

    --The Ghost of Duke Ellington

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    Best wishes.

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    My thoughts are with you at this time.
    “When a wise man points at the moon the fool considers the finger.”

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    I don't know what else to say. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. But Vinny has been such a prince to me.

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    O thats terrible to hear

    hope there is still good recovery possible that allows him to play further

    all the best to you Vinny
    "Oh, those jazz guys are just making that stuff up!" - Homer

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    Prayers are coming out to you Vinny. Hopefully, you will overcome this nightmare.

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    This is very sad news. I will be praying for you Vinny.

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    major mojo on the way Vinny, class personified.

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    I am thinking good thoughts for a good man. Vinny, may the fates treat you kindly. The world is a better place with you healthy and well.
    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass

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    Get well, Vinny. Sending you most positive vibes.

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    Thanks for posting this. I wish him all the best and pray that his faith remains strong.
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    Thanks for the very alarming news...honestly.


    Oh, my! Take care and do everything the doctors say. I have put you on my prayer list. I'm sure you have IV antibiotics, at this point. Let them do their magic. You hang in there.

    Ken (GT)

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    Best of Luck Vinny, may your music never stop !

    "The instrument keeps me humble. Sometimes I pick it up and it seems to say, "No, you can't play today." I keep at it anyway, though." Jim Hall

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    Best wishes Vinny

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    To Vinny,

    This is horrible news. I am praying that you can come through this completely intact.

    A lot of us learned how great your temperament and attitude are after those guitar deliver snafus with UPS. Yes, the way that you handled those outrages speaks volumes about your character.

    God Bless You.

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    Horrible news. The best wishes Vinny, don't give up!

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    Vinny, I don't know you except from your postings but I wish you a speedy recovery. I realize this has got to be a major trauma and soul crusher but please be positive. 16 years ago I severely severed the tendon and nerves in my left hand ring finger and I was left with permanent injury. At the time and for at least 2-3 years afterwards I was crushed but the spirit of players like Django and Pat Martino kept the fire going. I can't play the same way I did back then but in many ways I'm better as it slowed me down and caused me to focus on other areas.

    Again, I wish you the quick recovery and I hope for the best results possible. rob

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    Thanks for posting this, and please keep up updated, whenever you can.

    Vinnie -

    All the best to you. As trite as it sounds, for now, you are in the right place.

    Take care and please don't let it get you down. ( And if Joe D - or anyone else - sees fit to sneak in some ' vino rosso ' for you, I'm pretty sure no one here will say anything ! )


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    Vinny, I'm at a complete loss for words. My thoughts are with you. I wish you a full and complete recovery.

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    Youre in my prayers my friend. Bob

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    You know I love you man, please rest and do what the doctors say to do. We're all here praying for you.
    God Bless Son,


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    God bless you and your family, Vinny.

    I hope your pain subsides, and that you heal quickly and can get back to playing as soon as possible.

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    thanks for posting that (unfortunate bit of) info joe's a good gang here...all the best to vinny...hang tough..where there's a will there's a way


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    Vinny knows this more than most of us because he's well balanced and is an old soul: There are far more important things in life than guitars. I know he's sacrificed them before for family.

    This may seem inappropriate, but Vinny, I hope that whatever happens you'll feel the love and kinship of us all and that this will take some of the sting out of whatever happens. And I hope you live to love your family for a very long time.

    I truly mean these words. And I offer you my tears of pain.

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    Vinny, thoughts and prayers your way. Refuah Shlema...

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    Thoughts and prayers, Vinny.
    "Learn the repertoire. It’s all in the songs. If you learn 200 songs, you will have no problem improvising."
    Frank Vignola

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    Good lord, that's bad stuff. My best wishes, Vin -- you're a good guy and I sure hope the best for you.

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    Dear Vinny,

    i know we never met and we're an ocean apart. But the language of music and the passion for music (and instruments :-)) is universal and knows no language. I am terribly sorry to hear of your injury!!! I can't even imagine how bad this is and feels. This is really terrible! I really hope you can turn it around and find pleasure again in music and guitars and the good people on this site. You deserve it! Be strong!

    With all my best wishes,

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you Vinny. Have faith my friend.

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    Praying for you, Vinny.

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    Vinny -- Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
    "Your biggest discoveries come by playing" - Robert Conti

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    Very sorry to hear this. I hope all the best for you, sir, in the trying times ahead.
    Navdeep Singh.

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    Praying for you, Vinny, and for your family. May god bless you.

    And Joe - well done, Sir!
    Best regards, k

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    Thank you for posting. Vinny my heart is with you.

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    Egads, I don't know what to say, I'm so sorry to hear this, all my best wishes and prayers to you Vinny.

    Joe, help him keep him from despair, that's the mind squasher.


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    That's startling news... a hand gangrene is much worse than a infection/phlegmon!
    Prayers sent, along with best wishes for a strong immune system, the most effective iv antibiotics and successful operations, and a full recovery!

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    FWIW, Vinny, 15 years back I was given a "we'll try to save the leg but need to take the foot" prognosis when a bad infection spread into the bones. Things looked awful down there. However, the courses of IV antibiotics and surgeries worked.

    I have two legs, two feet and ten toes. Nerve damage? Yep. BUT, been walking ever since.

    Moral: keep the faith, Vinny. Prayers and modern medicine are a great one/two punch.

    Got the wife praying for you, too.


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    How can we help? Is there a go fund me so we can get the sewer work done?

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    Vinny, I am in tears hearing about this. Best wishes and all my hopes for a great recovery with the best possible outcomes. My mom went through gangrene on her foot and with lots of time, patience and great care she recovered very well. Sending all good energy to you!

    Joe, thanks for letting us know. You've got a big heart, buddy.
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Guitars destroyed in shipments and now left hand gangrene?

    Vinny1k be strong and resist. I join the others with my prayers an positive thinking for your healing..

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    Thoughts and prayers for you my friend. Keep the faith.

    Tony Darienzo

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    I LOVE ​all you guys. A heart felt big THANK YOU !!! Vinny

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    I think of you as a kindred spirit (Italian heritage, jazzbo, Gibson fan). So though I'm not much of a prayer myself, I will call on my departed ancestors and ask for spiritual benefaction on your behalf.


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    Vinny, we are so sorry to hear this--our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Danny W.

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    Deep prayers and good wishes to you.

    Check out my tracks at

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    Your in my thoughts and prayers and if you need someone to chat with - just pick up the phone and give a call .

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Your east coast buddy.