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    german made heinz seifert guitar

    all rest is added on..the guild bigbsy..the bigsby aluminum bridge..the (gibson) p90's

    i dig the triangular fretmarkers...rickenbacker-esque

    we have a couple of german guitar experts here..hopefully they will chime in



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    Don't forget the Barney Kessel signature chicken head knob!

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    Thank you for that, very helpful. I looked up that name and images and it is clear that is correct. I did not find any non cutaway types like mine. I now wonder about the age, it was well used when I got it in about 1960.
    Glen Alison

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    Hi Glen,

    Seifert: possibly - but I am not 100% positive without seeing more details. One photo is not enough as there are endless quite similiar looking GDR made archtops out there.
    Strange: headstock is reverse to any Seifert I have seen so far. Strange too is the fact that it is a noncutay.
    If you could supply a front picture of the head, a side view & back view of the neck / head transition, some detail shots of the heel might help a lot to identify the maker.


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    As noted, more information is needed, but it:
    -has a carved top;
    -was hand-built in East Germany, which was a very different place from West Germany at the time;
    -was built in the 1950s;
    -has been unfortunately (IMO) converted into an electric guitar in a way that cannot easily be undone, with big holes cut into the top for the two P-90s, as well as holes for the switches.
    -the "square screw in the heel" is a "Stauffer-Legnani" bolt. It attaches the neck to the body, and also allows for adjustment of the neck angle (see photo). Used on many East German archtops as well as some West German ones, and on various other stringed instruments. The joint itself is either a straight or tapered mortice joint - no dovetail.

    It should sound great as an electic archtop guitar, but its acoustic function has been severely compromised. It is worth the value of the hardware on it.
    Attached Images Attached Images Vintage German Archtops-stauffer-legnani-jpg 

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    so glen, how does that thing sound? 2 p90s and a single volume....3 way pup switch...and pups close together..i'd imagine that middle pickup position sounds pretty wild!...

    it's a compromised artifact, but vintage still very intriguing!! really cool

    glad some of our german guitar specialists have appeared


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    Hi All

    Hoping you can help me with this

    I have an old archtop guitar of an unknown make been looking everywhere and it looks like a German Jazz guitar from around the 50s very much has similar features to some Rogers / Hernnsdorf / Perlgolds

    The edge trim and inside the sound holes are ivory not sure on the tuning knobs

    It has foreign stamped on the headstock so it's an import and 49 stamped on the side of the headstock along with a rounded glue mark and the neck doesn't have a tension rod

    The pickguard is a later addition and looks to have been replace multiple times

    The inside label has peeled off so we don't actually have anything to help us identify it

    I could be wrong about my assumptions but any help is muchly appreciated
    Attached Images Attached Images Vintage German Archtops-screenshot_20200717-193640__01-jpg Vintage German Archtops-screenshot_20200717-193549__01-jpg Vintage German Archtops-screenshot_20200717-193612__01-jpg Vintage German Archtops-screenshot_20200717-193625__01-jpg Vintage German Archtops-screenshot_20200717-193559__01-jpg 

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    look into musima guitars...that tailpiece shape was used by them

    nice spruce top


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    Thanks for the reply neatomic

    Would you know of anymore guitar makers from that period that had a round logo I see musima does have a round logo but most appear to be written ones and I don't know if that's beacause the logo changed after a period of time to the written one

    I seen Perlgolds have an almost round logo also just wondering if there might be more makees that I could look into

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    It's an East German-built instrument. Makers in the Workers' Paradise used tailpieces, bridges and tuning machines from the same suppliers, so there is a lot of overlap between them in terms of hardware, Most of them used the "Stauffer-Legnani" neck bolt system as well. And there were box-makers who were separate from neck makers, so one sees similar necks on a variety of different guitar bodies as well.

    This guitar looks pretty decent in terms of its design and appointments. It's clearly not a low-end model, based on the more elaborate purfling, the use of rosewood for the headstock overlay and pickguard, and what appears to be a German carve on the plates.

    It has lots of similarities to some of the models distributed by Perl-Gold that were built for them by Martin Graubner, but could just as easily be from another maker.

    Please post some pix of the entire front and back of the instrument, in natural daylight, so we may get a more complete picture of the instrument.
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    Can't say much about the guitar I am afraid, just wondering who would have stamped the word 'Foreign' on the headstock? Are you located in the US? Was that once a common procedure when importing foreign instruments to the US? And what may be the meaning of '49' on the side of the headstock? Too bad the label has been torn off through the f-hole.

    Nice spruce top indeed.

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    From one of my friends who used to buy and sell antiques they said some products if exported had to be stamped with foreign this was before the EU and so the UK where I live would have required a foreign stamp

    I have no clue on the 49 unless that's like a year marker

    Indeed a shame we have no actual markings from the maker either by a headstock logo or the inner label all we have is a visible location where the inner label was and also the circular glue residue where the headstock logo would have been

    Thanks for the comments all really helpful information

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    you can't base it solely on the residue left on headstock..doesn't mean emblem was round...could just be how they applied the glue...or even how they removed it!

    here's a musima with same type headstock

    also hamertone is correct, many of the german guitar makers shared those tailpieces do show up often...on herbert wurlitzers and heinz seiferts..and the triangular fret marked necks as well...

    unless you find an excact duplicate, might be very difficult to determine exactly



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    for what it's worth, back in the day when Gibson was exporting guitars they had a small made in usa stamp on the back of the headstock [small, not like the large one that appeared on guitars starting circa '70]
    although not sure exactly why as they already had usa printed on the label inside.

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    Here's something to refresh this lovely thread - several Hoyer Specials built from @1950-@1965. The one at the bottom middle is a custom mini-me Special, 16" wide, with a 23 1/2" scale. And the one at the bottom right is a Hoyer Solist, the older but smaller brother to the Special, that shares with its larger sibling the Fu-Manchu soundholes, fully carved top and back, 24 3/4" scale, and fabulously playable neck.
    Attached Images Attached Images Vintage German Archtops-hoyer-x-9-lo-jpg 
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    Looks like somebody got a new Special, middle row far right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by What now?
    Looks like somebody got a new Special, middle row far right.
    Someone's paying attention. That one followed me home, banged on the door and demanded to be let in. But another one is leaving the roost in a few days.

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    Hello I am completely new to this, but I have already learned a lot from this forum.

    I would like to submit to you this Framus studio 5/51 (resonanz electric) that I would like to buy. I guess considering the price of these guitars it's not necessarily very high quality but what is sure is that it's vintage and looks in pretty good condition.

    Do you know which luthier could have built these guitars?
    Do you think that everything is original or have there been changes made or re-gluing?

    And in general if anyone has had the opportunity to play on this type of guitar, if he could testify to the qualities and defects of this model.

    Thank you for your advice and your knowledge.

    Vintage German Archtops-15-54-42-2887ddb8-42d2-11eb-817f-258bbb1f1cc2-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-54-42-2887ddb8-42d2-11eb-817f-258bbb1f1cc2-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-54-50-6fe0061a-42d2-11eb-b9ad-c94193f25419-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-54-57-7ad9c701-42d2-11eb-b9ad-c94193f25419-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-55-12-90851c98-42d2-11eb-ac52-57e0412e6010-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-55-12-90851c98-42d2-11eb-ac52-57e0412e6010-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-55-26-bd7a345b-42d2-11eb-9a3d-e9c475bd1e8f-jpg

    Vintage German Archtops-15-55-26-bd7a345b-42d2-11eb-9a3d-e9c475bd1e8f-jpg

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    That's an interesting looking instrument. The truly knowledgeable will be along presently.

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    ^ that's a cool framus...looks to be original...(sans the headstock framus logo)...framus built some nice guitars and basses...that high pickguard setup is a very framus touch...

    framus are usually very comfortable guitars to play....i always like them

    here's another


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    Thanks, it seems good to me too. But do you see the little scar at the base of the neck? I don't know if it's the original collage or something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonmagus1984
    Thanks, it seems good to me too. But do you see the little scar at the base of the neck? I don't know if it's the original collage or something else?
    Do you mean that slight crazing of the lacquer? That is completely unsurprising in wooden object of that age. i shouldn't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonmagus1984
    Thanks, it seems good to me too. But do you see the little scar at the base of the neck? I don't know if it's the original collage or something else?
    i believe thats just the way framus built the neck's a pic of the neck removed....this guitar had some more serious damage, but you can still see the clear joint that is similar to the one in your pic


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    Thanks for your answer neatomic