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    Sorry I missed this post earlier, Joe, I've been taking time out from playing lately. Of course, it's great to see you back. Look how happy you have made many people! Remember that when or if times get dark again.

    As for the guitar and pick-up - pleased for you, but I'd be happy to listen to you on a cheap tele. Soul and sensitivity is all you need, and you have an embarrassment of riches in that regard. See you around, Joe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lawson-stone
    And Joe... it blows my mind you can do this with a pick. I used to play solo guitar exclusively finger-style, but realized my line playing was losing its bite, so about 3 years ago I went to almost exclusively playing with the pick, and now even for solo guitar I am a little more comfortable with the pick.

    DO you also do the Joe Pass stuff with the walking basses and all that with a pick? I should find your clips and check for myself, but I'd be interested in your musings on the differences of technique playing Johnny Smith and Joe Pass tunes. Two epic guitarists, but also with two rather different takes on how to do solo guitar.

    And you nail them both! If you weren't such a nice guy, I'd resent you! (KIDDING)
    hey Lawson.
    thanks my man. The Joe Pass walking bass with chord stuff is hard to do with a pick.
    Ive done a couple of things that way. I think Giant Steps. But it’s much easier to do it fingerstyle.
    One of the things I want to do soon is loop some progressions with running bass and improvise to them.
    Thats gonna be fun.

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    Hello Everyone.
    Just a little early Christmas cheer. The Christmas Song on the 18" Heritage Johnny Smith.
    I hope you enjoy the video.

    It is based on Tony Mottola's arrangement. I heard this just last week for the first time. One of the most beautiful tunes of all time.
    Thanks Guys.
    Joe DeNisco

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    Sounds great, Joe. I had a 17" Johnny Smith from Heritage and like an idiot, I sold it. Talk about big regrets.

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    Joe that was beautiful and I have additional proof. I was just listening to on my iPhone and Mrs D heard it in the room and said that sounds nice who is it.

    I said Joe D........the Man With The Guitar. Clean and crisp Tony M is clapping.

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    My man you make that guitar sound great. I’m glad you got Your Rose...


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    hah Joe D bringin in the rhythm section!!! very nice..beautiful tone...long sweet sustaining notes

    christmas comes early


    ps- perfect outro!!

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    Beautifully executed arrangement of a beautiful song on a beautiful guitar.

    Another L-5 and another vintage DA may be in your future, but if it isn't meant to happen, no worries. With your two Johnny Smiths, you really have all you need. Happiness isn't having what you want, it is wanting what you have.

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    Beautifully played Joe! The HJS compliments your playing style just perfectly. The extra body size adds a depth to the note that’s just right.

    One of my favorite Christmas tunes - thanks for sharing.

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    Simply beautiful.

    Where'd you get the backing track?

    You hit the looper gracefully I thought. But even if you pulled a hamstring, suffering for your art makes it so much sweeter. (Not really.)

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    Thank you MG.
    I created the backing track on the looper on my G5n.
    I appreciate the guitar that you resurrected from possibly falling into the wrong hands. Thanks to you and Mikey, I have the best guitar I’ve ever owned.
    Joe D

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    I've got a 15" driver I'm building an open back cabinet for to use with a little old Ampeg "flip top" tube amp.

    I'll need a bit of reverb for that setup as there's none in that amp.

    What's your reverb coming from?

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    My Reverb is Zoom’s HD Reverb. It’s stereo so it’s heavenly with headphones.
    Are you restoring an Ampeg Fountain of sound amp? That would be as cool as it gets.
    Joe D

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    I was eyeballing this guitar for a long time. Price came down a bit more and I said HELL YEAH... What I LIKE about this baby is it doesn't have that doggone finger tailpiece (hated it !!) and it's got a Bartolini 5J neck mounted and a real decent G brand looking pick guard with volume AND tone control. Tuners are Grover non stair step... Price was right.
    That Johnny Smith tailpiece was NOS and looks great ($500.00 on eBay).

    Aside from the non standard hardware which I like I LOVE this ice tea sunburst. I love that it's not dark anywhere, so you can really see what great wood they used to make this. The seller is a great guy and I may be doing more business with him because we got along and there's no bull with this guy...

    It gets here Friday, same day the Golden Eagle arrives...


    Heritage Johnny Smith-46921964_10156067170642239_7420608326662094848_o-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46872010_10156067170617239_8450332173306691584_o-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-47018444_10156067170562239_3828271751570128896_o-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46816825_10156067170542239_1665170764963250176_o-jpg

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    Heritage Johnny Smith-47005070_10156067170432239_1551511374666924032_o-1-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46733095_10156067170342239_8054014920766783488_o-1-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46831327_10156067170387239_2852025294347304960_o-1-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46921964_10156067170642239_7420608326662094848_o-jpg

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    Heritage Johnny Smith-47105675_10156067170352239_121647174768394240_o-1-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46818533_10156067170452239_6753558523583397888_o-1-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-46831362_10156067170462239_3135386247032209408_o-1-jpg

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    Im going to post a few photos that aren't dumbed down by Facebook, the rotation might be "wrong" but I want their fully glory showing... This is by far the nicest wood on any HJS I've ever seen...


    Heritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-14-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-6-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-2-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-6-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-2-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-3-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-s-l1600-5-jpg

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    You guys make me jealous. I had a HJS and I sold it along with a bunch of other guitars for a D'Angelico. I don't regret the sale but I sure do miss my HJS. Congrats, Mike.

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    2b approves of this purchase! Nice score BM!

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    Heritage Johnny Smith-5605c376-2b39-4dfc-a62b-8b140212856e-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-30f32964-bd9f-4799-8975-b0faf01ffe1f-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-706d44d9-ab93-4f15-ba7d-e43490463e73-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-540bf477-41a6-430c-aafe-dd6fdade1e46-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-023ebe20-bafa-4110-acab-f25390e0a33b-jpg

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    Heritage Johnny Smith-e65e0b85-ed5b-4eb1-9108-d17f98b220ee-jpgHeritage Johnny Smith-8e5fbbb7-b3cd-43c5-882a-ff1bd5ccdedf-jpg?both boxes arrived back to back, about 3 hours early !!!

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    I love that finish.