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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleeko
    I’ve got one and quite enjoy it. I traditionally always put TI 13 flats on all of my guitars but slipped up and accidentally ordered 2 sets of TI Bebop 13 rounds. I put them on the Elitist Byrdland and Broadway just to switch things up. Brightened everything up considerably especially on the Byrd. Has a chime now instead of a thump.
    On another note, construction and woods used are quite nice. Compared to my L4, a little stiffly but still a nice feel. Like the short scale too.Attachment 94044Attachment 94045Attachment 94046
    There is just something about the classy beauty of an archtop that no other form of guitar has. Other types of guitar have their own beauty, but an archtop is just something special.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebloggs13
    I own a Gibson ES-335, a Tele, and a Strat, but for jazz, I prefer my Eastman Hollowbody. It has a very warm sound, with great acoustic overtones.
    Attachment 75547
    The majority of people here have no idea how great these sound. Eastman has truly stepped up it’s game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody Sound
    That is a beautiful burst.
    Here's the back! Perfect Jazz Guitar?-20200607_153209-jpg

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    Any ES-135 owners! I find a thinline hollow single sharp cutaway very sexy. Perhaps sexiness is not a prime character of the ideal jazz guitar?

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    Perfect Jazz Guitar?-kat2-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverfoxx
    My Blonde L5Ces Crimson Custom Shop. + Black L5 Wesmo Crimson Custom were undoubtedly
    the very best I have had, both acquired new, and tried before bought. The Tal Farlow and
    Byrdland ditto, I am putting my money on a superb Campellone currently undergoing it's
    final stages of build being the top of the pile.
    Very sad to hear that Jumpnblues (post 255) had a duff 90's L5CES, Gibson had poor QC in
    that era. The Crimson Custom shop generally produced better QC instruments.

    Yeah, that would be my L5CES. I still can't believe Gibson would have allowed such shoddy QC. It was a late '90s build. I was so naïve when I ordered it. I didn't even specify the neck dimensions, so I ended up with a guitar that had a huge neck...bigger than most classical guitars. And I have small hands. Are L5CES's supposed to have very large necks?

    I just assumed it would be more like a '60s ES335 neck. It was anything but. At times I've even wondered if the guitar was counterfeit. As I'd mentioned in my original post I got string rattle on two different frets the first time I opened the case and played the guitar. Even the tailpiece was mounted off center. Over the 61 years I've played guitar I've never had something so disappointing.

    Oh well, that was 22+ years ago. I would love to have another L5CES but I would never buy another one without trying it out. Anyway, I have a Heritage Eagle Classic Standard on order with an April delivery date. This guitar will be auditioned. But I'm betting the QC at Heritage is top notch. I'll also bet the QC at Gibson is now very good. I currently own a Dave Harvey signed Gibson F5G mandolin and it is excellent. I think just about any L5CES made by Gibson before the early '90s would be a pretty good product. But, man, the monstrosity I owned soured me on Gibson for a few years.

    Gibson did eventually redeem themselves with me... I purchased a Gibson '54 Les Paul Goldtop reissue and an ES5 Switchmaster (with three P-90s) in the early 2000s. The QC and sound on both guitars was superb. Great necks and great craftsmanship.

    Maybe someday I'll own a great L5CES. But I'm really looking forward to owning a great Heritage Eagle Classic Standard. A friend of mine has a Heritage H575 and it sounds and plays wonderfully. I think I'll be a pretty happy camper with my Heritage. We'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radioarc
    Well...there is no such thing as Perfect Jazz guitar, It always a question of personal taste. The one you find that feels just right in your hands when you first try it on for the size.
    Hi all please beware that this user radioarc is a scammer. He scammed me into thinking I was buying a Polytone and I ended up loosing a significant amount of money. He used phony pictures a description of the amp which he took from the internet through sites like reverb.

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    Perfect jazz guitar?

    Hard to say, but I regret selling my cheap Epiphone Broadway with flatwounds.
    I had it on neck pickup exclusively, with the tone rolled off. Lows sounded huuuge!

    Now my heart is on the fence.

    I love my 80's MIJ Tele for sentimental reasons.
    The bridge pickup has lots of character, with both pots rolled off to some extent.
    The neck is too narrow to my taste though.

    The Taylor T5z is very versatile, but doesn't excel in one style.
    Playability is great, although the body is too lightweight to provide balance.
    The acoustic-style bridge saddle doesn't allow to adjust action easily.
    I like the fact that you can hold it close to your chest.

    Lastly, the Suhr Modern Satin HSH has the best neck I've ever played (elliptical .800-.850, 14" radius, not the 10-14" compound one that you find in the Modern Plus).
    Too bad it sports 24 frets! Fewer frets would allow to place the neck pickup a tad higher, and improve lows.

    Eventually, every time I want to sell one I change my mind :-)

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    My favorit Jazz guitar is my Heritage H575-C , the carved top and back are gorgeous and it sounds and plays heavenly.

    Perfect Jazz Guitar?-20180524_101146-jpg

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    The one in your hands.

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    If you have stopped looking for that next guitar and instead shifted focus to playing the instrument now in your hands, you have found the perfect jazz guitar for you.

    Just because "everyone" says a specific model is the perfect jazz guitar, that has no bearing on what the perfect jazz guitar is for you. Instead, I feel the most practical criteria is what I have said above in this post. Others may well disagree and that is fine since this is just my opinion and observation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by takefive
    Any guitar that Wes Montgomery is playing.
    Yeah, I agree.
    But, just for the sake of...... whatever, how much of Wes' decision was based on the fact that he was a big guy with huge hands and needed a large-ish guitar?

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    Currently I have an Ibanez AF95, Ibanez AS73, Fender Strat, and a Fender Acoustic.
    I have worked on getting a good jazz tone out of all of them.
    Attached Images Attached Images Perfect Jazz Guitar?-20220929_141601-jpg Perfect Jazz Guitar?-20220929_141637-jpg Perfect Jazz Guitar?-20220929_141623-jpg 

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    Gibson es 175 (or my daquisto jazz line hohoho)