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    One can also save and search for an original issue - I prefer the ‘78 to ‘80 era myself.

    Good that you got the real deal. You get what you pay for - for someone on a budget wanting the GB10 style the SE or the GB40thII is a good starter.


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    Hi Bigmike
    In my memory in a few threads over here, you warmly suggested me to go for the "real thing" save a little more, and try to get an Japan Gb10 over the Chinese version.
    Funny because I was thinking about you when I posted today, telling myself you were right.
    Anyway I 'm really happy to have gone in that direction
    For sure the Se is a neat guitar, but very far from the Mij, no question
    Quite normal regarding the price
    Life is short, as we say, and I know this one is gonna stay with me for the rest of it, for sure

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    Here are the specs side by side

    GB10 | GB | HOLLOW BODIES | PRODUCTS | Ibanez guitars

    GB10SE | GB | HOLLOW BODIES | PRODUCTS | Ibanez guitars

    As you can see – they are virtually identical - the SE is a hair thinner but that’s it.

    The MAIN difference here is country of origin – GB10 is Georges main guitar and is produced in Japan while the SE is the affordable version produced in Indonesia.

    Hope this helps
    Ibanez USA

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    Traded in my GB10se for a ToneMaster Twin. Never got on with the brightness of the pickups. Couldn’t justify tracking down and paying for the MiJ pups. Handed over the SE and 350 and walked out with the Twin. Felt good about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyjazz
    Nice guitar, just like a 100 but a smidgeon of the price, pic of mine to show how I mount the button at the heel.

    Attachment 31674

    And one of the belly.

    Attachment 31675
    if it is not a GB100.... which model it is?

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    Hi guys!
    What's the difference between ibanez gb10 and GB10SE?

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    If you look back a few posts you’ll see Ibanez USA posted links to the two descriptions.

    however.... the SE is still made in Indonesia. The poor quality comments are back from the startup years 2018-2019) of that line. I have a recent (2019) AF95FM from there and it is simply awesome. I did read that Ibanez has an on site QA presence, based on a few comments above I guess they had to?

    i did have the GB10 but the body was just too small for me. Having a PM 200 and AF200 both MIJ I will say if you have the money the MIJs are worth it. It’s definitely a step up in quality. But my Indo AF95FM does stand out in playability, tone and fit/finish.


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    I know it's a different model, but the Ibanez AT-10P (the Indonesia version of the Andy Timmons model) also gets nothing but rave reviews, everywhere I look. I would without hesitation buy an Indonesian-made Ibanez, and I have plans to buy the GB10SE.

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    Thanks. I found another version of Gb10. Ibanez gb10EM. Do you know the difference with classical gb10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art310
    Thanks. I found another version of Gb10. Ibanez gb10EM. Do you know the difference with classical gb10?
    The EM, if I'm not mistaken, is cheaper... because it's made in China, not Indonesia. I have no info about the quality/QC of the Chinese-made Ibanezes.

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    Here’s all you ever wanted to know on the GB10EM at the Ibanez Wiki.....I’ll let you read it rather that copy/paste.

    GB10EM | Ibanez Wiki | Fandom


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    I already found it. Thx!

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    Hey this is’s new for 2020, Indonesian factory, Nyatoh neck, Linden back and sides.

    anybody know anything about these woods?

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    You are welcome Sir!

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    Very old thread but I thought I would chime in. I have had my new GB10se for about a month now and it is great. They are now made in Indonesia and Ibanez in the USA tells me there really is no difference between the GB10 and the GB10se except price. Amazing!

    Because I want to bend my third string I had to change the D'addario 11-50 flatwounds to 10-48 flatwounds but replace the third string with a plain steel .019. Perfect and the tone did not change to my ears.

    I face my monitors when I play through an amp sim and so got feedback (much louder note) on the 6th string B, C, C# and had to use a notch filter on my amp sim for each note to calm down the increased volume. This worked well.

    Hope this helps for future readers doing a search for GB10se.....

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    Hi Photonic
    Glad to hear that about your GB10se!
    I feel the same about the AF95FM Indonesian build I have; the quality of the Indo builds I’ve handled are totally amazing, right?
    I read that Hoshino (or whatever part of “Ibanez” manages production) has an on-site quality control staff which apparently is a unique thing to this Indonesian plant.
    Was seriously thinking about a 10se, this may have me start looking)

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    I have a 2020 GB10SE, bought new at the end of 2020 and I love it!

    Yes, it needed a setup to play the way I wanted it with the strings I use.
    D'A Chromes ECG23 10-48 with the E & B strings subbed with a 13 & 15 - stole the idea from Rich Severson. [Check his YouTube video
    on the topic of his string preference on his archtops]

    Gives a nice balance across all the strings.

    Comparison between the Indonesian SE and the Japanese models was possible the day I bought mine.
    The store had one of each in stock and there was the opportunity to try them side by side.

    They both look beautiful superficially and both came in hard shaped cases.
    The SE had a slightly fuller neck carve then the Japanese one. A plus for me,felt more comfortable.

    The pickups on the SE were hotter, again a plus [for me]
    They were both setup with D'A Chrome 12-52's, why don't other companies who produce archtops set them up with appropriate
    strings? I mean I've looked at brand new Gibson 175's [well a little while back] that had 10's on them?!

    The main differences I picked up on the day were that the Japanese one had a bit more of overall "class" to it
    but then the SE was C$2500 NZD while the Japanese one was C$4500NZD.

    I'm what you could call a seasoned player and have owned one of the very early GB10's [the 21 fret job]back around '81.
    At the time I got tired of looking at so much George Benson references all over it, I traded it for.....? something I felt more
    comfortable with....ah youth lol

    Anyway, the Indonesian facility that made my SE has good QC in my opinion [as of 2020 at least]

    As those with limited budgets and even many store owners are saying, we're living in a [new] golden age of guitar manufacture!

    Not to compare with the 50's-60's in USA , just different, get used to the idea that there are skilled labour forces in places like Korea,
    China,Indonesia [who knew?..not me] and Vietnam.

    With guidance and QC from the more experienced and in-tune with the market companies getting involved the future
    for guitar players looks bright.

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    Yes indeed and Cad/Cam computer assisted cutting makes quality control extremely good as well so there is no chance in getting "wonky" parts cut by poor craftsmen. Personally I think this is a good thing. I also have an Epiphone Les Paul that in my opinion by in person comparison, is indistinguishable from the Gibson models. Another good thing for the consumer. I also bought a squire bass quite a while ago after doing a head to head comparison with a Fender model. I and the store manager could not tell the difference and he told me I would be crazy to buy the Fender.

    Now on an acoustic, all bets are off in my opinion.

    These comments are not "truth", just my current thinking. Cheers.