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    One can also save and search for an original issue - I prefer the ‘78 to ‘80 era myself.

    Good that you got the real deal. You get what you pay for - for someone on a budget wanting the GB10 style the SE or the GB40thII is a good starter.


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    Hi Bigmike
    In my memory in a few threads over here, you warmly suggested me to go for the "real thing" save a little more, and try to get an Japan Gb10 over the Chinese version.
    Funny because I was thinking about you when I posted today, telling myself you were right.
    Anyway I 'm really happy to have gone in that direction
    For sure the Se is a neat guitar, but very far from the Mij, no question
    Quite normal regarding the price
    Life is short, as we say, and I know this one is gonna stay with me for the rest of it, for sure

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    Here are the specs side by side

    GB10 | GB | HOLLOW BODIES | PRODUCTS | Ibanez guitars

    GB10SE | GB | HOLLOW BODIES | PRODUCTS | Ibanez guitars

    As you can see – they are virtually identical - the SE is a hair thinner but that’s it.

    The MAIN difference here is country of origin – GB10 is Georges main guitar and is produced in Japan while the SE is the affordable version produced in Indonesia.

    Hope this helps
    Ibanez USA

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    Traded in my GB10se for a ToneMaster Twin. Never got on with the brightness of the pickups. Couldn’t justify tracking down and paying for the MiJ pups. Handed over the SE and 350 and walked out with the Twin. Felt good about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyjazz
    Nice guitar, just like a 100 but a smidgeon of the price, pic of mine to show how I mount the button at the heel.

    Attachment 31674

    And one of the belly.

    Attachment 31675
    if it is not a GB100.... which model it is?

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    Hi guys!
    What's the difference between ibanez gb10 and GB10SE?

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    If you look back a few posts you’ll see Ibanez USA posted links to the two descriptions.

    however.... the SE is still made in Indonesia. The poor quality comments are back from the startup years 2018-2019) of that line. I have a recent (2019) AF95FM from there and it is simply awesome. I did read that Ibanez has an on site QA presence, based on a few comments above I guess they had to?

    i did have the GB10 but the body was just too small for me. Having a PM 200 and AF200 both MIJ I will say if you have the money the MIJs are worth it. It’s definitely a step up in quality. But my Indo AF95FM does stand out in playability, tone and fit/finish.


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    I know it's a different model, but the Ibanez AT-10P (the Indonesia version of the Andy Timmons model) also gets nothing but rave reviews, everywhere I look. I would without hesitation buy an Indonesian-made Ibanez, and I have plans to buy the GB10SE.

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    Thanks. I found another version of Gb10. Ibanez gb10EM. Do you know the difference with classical gb10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art310
    Thanks. I found another version of Gb10. Ibanez gb10EM. Do you know the difference with classical gb10?
    The EM, if I'm not mistaken, is cheaper... because it's made in China, not Indonesia. I have no info about the quality/QC of the Chinese-made Ibanezes.

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    Here’s all you ever wanted to know on the GB10EM at the Ibanez Wiki.....I’ll let you read it rather that copy/paste.

    GB10EM | Ibanez Wiki | Fandom


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    I already found it. Thx!

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    Hey this is’s new for 2020, Indonesian factory, Nyatoh neck, Linden back and sides.

    anybody know anything about these woods?

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    You are welcome Sir!