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    Formerly the My New Ms Lora/Mr Wu Project

    Hey Everyone !!

    I've been kinda quiet because with my new living arrangement my
    discretionary funds are quite limited. I had told Ms Lora for some time I wanted Mr Wu to build me something really very, very special. I had a basic design in mind, something with Byrdland dimensions but with a normal scale neck and instead of set in the top pickups one (or possibly two) floating pickups. Best woods possible and best inlays. A real stunner. I think after this project it might be some time before I can buy again. Any of your retired fellas know what I mean, money doesn't go quite as far as it used to and I feel the pinch more than ever.

    But that aside I contacted Ms Lora and what I am having made is a 17 x 2 1/4 rims (not including the thickness of the top or back), natural finish. A couple months ago a buddy of mine showed me a Campellone Special. Boy was I in love. So I asked Ms. Lora and I got a general quote for the job. I go back a ways with her and I actually own two Mr Wu guitars (I did not know this) already. The very early Eastman Prototype 810 I have was a Mr Wu made guitar (he remembered the back plates) and my Yunzhi YZ23 BigMike Special (a Pisano AR880 copy with floater) from 5 plus years ago Mr Wu also made (he was with Yunzhi at the time).

    Details: Mr Wu's name in chinese characters on the headstock, all other inlay work just like a M Campellone Special will be done by Mrs Wu. So while I am going back and forth with Lora about life and details on the guitar I stumble on an auction on eBay for a ebony pick guard off of a Campellone Special with a hand wound Kent Armstrong PAF-O pickup attached. Market must be real slow, I won the pick guard for $76.00. In person it's lovely. Here's some pics. Noticed the thickness of the maple slab (at the cutaway). So this is what's going on with me. Obviously as soon as I saw that back wood I was very excited. Ms Lora will send me progress shots as usual and I will keep you all posted. So glad to finally be doing this.

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p7124710-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_8501-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-back1-jpg
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    ​I mentioned that I have two Mr. Wu made guitars already. I did not know that back in the early days of Eastman Mr. Wu was one of the star builders there. And then at Yunzhi too 5 years ago or so when I had the Pisano copy made. Here are the two guitars. You can see that the early Eastman 810 prototype was a dead copy of a Benedetto Manhattan. Those block inlays are stick ons and I just haven't gotten around to getting them taken off. I sent these photos telling Ms Lora how much I loved both of these guitars, she showed them to Mr Wu and he recognized the plates on the Eastman. I told her I wanted wood that special, no matter the cost.

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-11986577_10153254732087239_2224140413162932507_n-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-12002325_10153254732102239_9015944202518841361_n-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-11224312_10153254757542239_912099380872305882_n-jpg

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    Now I'll be in that middle of the night check my emails mode (from my iPad) to see if Ms. Lora sent me pics. Dang this is gonna be cool !! I even put a tiled version of that wood shot as my screen saver. Think I am pumped ?!?! LOL !!

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-12109064_10153276020702239_7396634147125099530_n-jpg
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    Very cool Mike. Looking forward to the progress pictures. We're fortunate to live in an time where 'special' and 'affordable' can be used in the same sentence when it comes to archtops.

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    Lora must have been up very late, just as I was getting ready to walk my dog (08:10 EDT) I got a brief email with this updated photo. It appears that they have started the carving process (notice some of the beauty marks from the first photo are now carved away). SO excited...

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151009185824-jpg

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    Ha ha. Yes, such a display of intelligence and humor. Except that almost everyone I've shown it to has come up with about the same thing.

    When I had that headstock done Lora sent me a clip of Mr. Wu's name pronouncement. Can't seem to find it right now though. No it doesn't sound anything like "Frank" or "Gibson". It's an inspiring instrument. Everything about it. Lora has a pretty voice too.
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    Considering what Mr Wu and Mrs Wu will be making for me it seemed only fitting that THEIR name be on the headstock, not something else. I'm sure the finished guitar will speak for itself when completed.

    On another wholly serious note, my 92 year old Mom, Georgia Hale, broke her hip sitting down awkwardly on the toilet seat. She has hip replacement surgery Sunday at 11am Chicago time. Please keep my Mom Georgia Hale in your prayers... I really would appreciate it.



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    She'll probably do great Mike. That's such a common procedure lately. My mom is about the same age & she's still out there on the golf course! They're like teenagers these days.

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    ​I have to use a local Senior Center bus to get my shopping done and I'm with a bunch of them, some of the ladies I'm tightest with are in their early 90s and they amaze me. My Mom, God Bless her, has really bad habits, she would rather nap and then sit watching tv. I keep explaining to her how my recent divorce and walking the dog every day has greatly increased my general well being, lowered my blood pressure and helped with my labored breathing... She's like all us Hale's, we're stubborn as can be. She's in a good location though so I am hopeful. As gruff as I am at times I'm such a wuss when it comes to my Mom. I appreciate all your well wishes and prayers folks...

    NOW. Time to wait for the next photo updates !!! That's right, let's get this here thread rolling !! I expect probably to see pics of the carved top and then of the body being assembled (minus the neck). Ya'll should do this at least once just to be constantly excited by the whole progress shots. Things have come a long way in 5 plus years and Mr Wu has really excelled at his craft... I AM truly pumped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMikeinNJ
    Considering what Mr Wu and Mrs Wu will be making for me it seemed only fitting that THEIR name be on the headstock, not something else. I'm sure the finished guitar will speak for itself when completed.

    On another wholly serious note, my 92 year old Mom, Georgia Hale, broke her hip sitting down awkwardly on the toilet seat. She has hip replacement surgery Sunday at 11am Chicago time. Please keep my Mom Georgia Hale in your prayers... I really would appreciate it.



    Hi, Mike,

    My best wishes for you Mom.


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    thanks Lora,

    you are a true friend.


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    Hi Mike,The new build looks terrific. It's nice to know that I already owned a Mr.Wu. You could have had Campellone in Chinese on the headstock.Mark doesn't speak the language. I think. Can't wait to see the three together on the deck. Our prayers and wishes to your mother.

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    Prayers, best wishes, mojo coming over for your mom

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    Archtop Guy, thanks for the compliment (he sold me the Eastman Prototype way back when), it's weird how people gotta have an American name on the headstock to want something. And one of the Eastman reps in the states told me back then Eastman had no one that could do inlay, thus no names on the old prototype headstocks. LOL but true.

    Mom had a very scary Sunday, my sister got in there Sunday night and Mom had a good night's sleep and I got to talk to her via my sister's speakerphone. So I'm much more positive feeling than last night. Hopefully her heart rate stabilizes and they do the hip replacement today or Tuesday. At 92 surviving a hip transplant is dicey... So keep those good thoughts coming. This thread will likely get quiet until I hear again with progress reports and photos. Thanks to everyone.


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    I am sorry to hear about your Mom. To be able to withstand all that trauma at her age would be amazing.
    I wish the best for you her. And you too by the way.
    Stay strong buddy.
    Joe D.

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    Best of luck with your Mom's medical challenges, Mike.

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    One thing I like about this place, as crazy as we get when someone is having a serious issue everyone shows how classy they are. Thanks John for the PM and thank you guys for the encouraging words... Appreciate it.

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    Ok, well I was sweating it big time and my sister texted me this about an hour sooner than I thought my Mom would be going in for her surgery, it was dicey as hell all day, her pulse kept racing and then flagging. She didn't get why she was there, or why my sister was there, or what happened to her. Then the docs decided it was no or never, the longer you wait the less chance someone of her age and poor health survives this declines very rapidly. Then I got THIS little gem:

    Good news from Chicago:
    Moms surgeon just came
    out and said she did good. He put two rods/pins in her leg. She is in post op now.

    Barb says Mom will likely have her rehab at the hospital which is great.
    I'm so glad she just is still alive

    My Mom has this phobia about being in anything like a convalescent home, so does my godfather. So the doc said she can have her rehab, about 10 days of it if lucky, right there at the hospital in the same rehab facility she was in in July and then again in August when she had her two TIA's then... This is huge.

    AGAIN thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers and PMs. I thought for sure I was gonna lose her today. Every day is a Blessing, go hug anyone you love, call those you haven't spoken to in a while. Nothing is Promised...


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    Great news Mike!

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    That's wonderful Mike. Glad to hear it.

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    Hey Big~

    Looks like you are once again on the hunt for another beautiful, custom archtop from Yolanda Team, et al.

    I'm confident that they will build their 'Big'-est US cheerleader a magnificent instrument.

    All the best to you and your mom. You've had your own life challenges, yet maintain that Big Mike positive spirit that is infectious.

    Take care, and keep us posted...on both fronts.


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    Tim you old rascal you.

    You know my back deck here in Jersey is very conducive to guys with chops like you plugging in and playing my gear. Remember how you used to rock that little oceanfront valley I lived in when you came over. My pizza making skills have improved a bit too buddy !! Thanks for the encouragement. Hope all is well with you and the wife.


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    Glad to see this joint back up and running. Speaking of backup(s) this thread took a bit of a hit.
    So most important, my Mom is in a great rehab facility, her hip is slowly mending. She's far more with it than last week, she's got an appetite, and she's a little grouchy. When my Mom is a little grouchy that's good news. She gets PT once a day and every time I talk to her she's a little perkier

    On the guitar front I got this shot of the top, since the crash of the site it's been glued together, the shape cut and then carved. Lora's visiting family in the country and alls well. I figure around November 1st she'll be back and there might be update photos.

    be well, missed ya'll.


    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-image-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-image-jpg 
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    Good to hear from you, Big. Good news about your Mom. May her recovery be speedy and thorough!

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    You look at the number of threads that rave about Ibanez jazz guitars. Well, guess what people thought of them 30-40 years ago. You'd have gotten laughed at playing a Ibanez 335, L5, JS or Byrdland copy in the 70s until people heard you plug it in and play it.

    Eastman broke some pretty good ground switching from making just
    violins, violas and cellos to making arch tops. And they've come up with some very interesting variation like the Pagelli series, the ElRey's, The Pisano models, their twist on 335 style guitars with the T184-6 models and of course their flat top acoustics are nothing to sneeze at. And the best of the craftsman from the original company wanted a better life for themselves and branched out on their own eventually and they EARNED it. I think working with Mr Wu is like cutting to the front of the line and getting the best guy there is at the moment to make your guitar YOUR WAY. I can't wait for more updates on this Byrdland/Campellone Dream Guitar...

    I gotta say I really missed the place when the service provider was having troubles. Sure good to see Jack talking about his latest buys and all you other guys posting...


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    Just got this update from Ms. Lora, it must be VERY late in China, or VERY early since I am posting this at almost 10pm EDT... Top carved, F holes cut and bound and what looks like a groove to line up the neck slot (what do I know, LOL).

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151107102822-jpg

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    Big Mike, That looks like a great experience in the making. It will be great to see updates on your guitar being made. You will pretty much know everything about it when it's done. That's for posting this.

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    It is an exciting process because you see the progress shots of it being made and it gives you a better understanding of what you are cradling in your arms once you have it.

    This place has been all abuzz with some of Patrick's guitars changing hands, finding new homes. It's kinda hard not sitting here slack jawed in awe at what wonderful stuff he had, and is now being redistributed to The Brothers here. Still I'm excited every day when I get an update, it got kind of quiet and lonely for me while Ms Lora was off visiting family. I'm glad to be experiencing the birth of this Dream Guitar. There's still at least 6-8 weeks to go. I asked Ms Lora to be sure Mr Wu lets the guitar rest and really dry before sending it off to me (also).

    ALSO: consistent good news from Chicago. I talk to my Mom almost every day. She's gotten into the routine at the Rehab Facility, she's working hard too. Her lady (RN that lives with her) said that Friday she did 15 minutes peddling a bike like thing with her arms, and stood totally on her own not holding onto anything for 5 minutes. For someone who is 92 and broke a hip a month ago this is terrific news. I hope to visit her in about 3 weeks when my finances improve a little.

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    Well, it has been a while since I updated this thread. And it took me a while to FIND the thread what with all the other adventures of our crazy crowd. So here we go. Sent Lora the remaining funds and triple checked that Mr Wu was using the very nicest woods he could locate and paid the invoice. Boy that felt good. So then it took a while but here are my latest photos. A little bit of a recap on the pieces going together:

    Top and back plates, rims and side shot of the rims

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151129151812-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151129151802-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151129151748-jpg

    Remember fellas this is more of a Byrdland thickness guitar, 2 1/4 inch rim wood (just the wood that makes up the rim, what a Byrdland is) and 17 inch body. I tell ya I am very excited. Also I asked Ms Lora if she was ok with posting photos of herself, Mr and Mrs Wu also, as I feel in my culture it helps to connect a face to a name and also to see the shop they work in. So here's Lora, Mr and Mrs Wu
    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_3739-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_7706-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_7697-jpg
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    Alright Mike. She's coming to life. Thanks for the photos also. It is nice to put a face on the people you're dealing with. Congrats and hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    Yup, slowly making progress. Notice the shop shots, they work near windows with lots of natural lighting. Lora says it is getting cold there and they have snow... Boy

    And an update on my Mom which I was remiss to include. She is still at the Rehab facility getting daily and some days twice daily physical therapy. She's built up arm strength but has trouble working her legs, all due to the slow repairing of her hip and the placement of her leg. BUT they are not letting up on her and my sister and I and my nieces have had to sort of rag on her to work harder. She's 92 and just gets tired really easily. Some days I think maybe she just wants to go be with my Dad (in Heaven)...

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    Wow BigMike! I am sure, it will be a wonderful guitar! It's an adventure ...

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    Howdy everyone. Got an update from Ms Lora today, here's the photos - body appears to be all glued up and bound.

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151216143100-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151216143337-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151216143345-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151216143348-jpg

    Also for anyone who is in touch with China, if you do not hear from your contacts, be sure to reconnect with them, seems electronic mail is spotty at times - 2nd time in a month for me. So when in doubt recontact.
    I'm pumped and very glad to see the progress. Can't wait to play this baby.


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    Beautiful top wood, Mike! Coming along nicely. Did you stick with a rim width of 2 1/4"? Looks slightly wider on the photos to me... (I play my Mr Wu daily. Different beast than a Gibby, but a very nice guitar in its own right.)

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    I like this body dimensions Mike. Looks like a smaller upper bout width (12,or12 1/2"? )with a 3" depth? Very D'Angelico'ish. Would have been a nice present to open for Christmas. Looking forward to more photos.

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    You both have good eyes and yes it is a 3 inch depth. Originally I asked for 2 1/2 inch rim wood. THEN I looked more carefully at Byrdland and L5CT specs

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_0529-jpg
    and realized it was a lot smaller, 2 1/4 at the most. And when you add in 1/4 inch top and bottom binding you would have gotten 2 3/4 like a John Pisano model which is very comfortable.

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_8849-jpg
    After I caught my mistake I sent the into to Ms Lora and she relayed the info change but it was after Mr Wu had already glued up the body panels - I really wanted that back so am sticking with these dimensions. I measured the Eastman Prototype I have very carefully and it is 3 1/8 inch total depth. That sounds big but when I lay that thing in my lap (I play sitting down) it is very comfortable. So short answer it is not as thin as originally envisioned but I'm very pleased with it and it will be about 1/8 thinner than the old Eastman Prototype.

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_8860-jpg

    I share an old photo of the prototype a friend once sent me to get ya'll a little excited. The wood on this new guitar will be just as nice. My next project will have the thinner rims, but surely I'm more excited about this job. I was telling Ms Lora as a kid I always looked forward to Christmas and the gifts I was hoping to get. Now that I am older I pick my own presents and I gotta say I am really very excited about this special guitar.
    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-9731_150471882238_700647238_2710437_1186251_n-jpg
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    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p1_uovy2dp0w_so-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p3_useoautgf_so-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p2_ufhf1okik_so-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p5_utbhiqaz4_so-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p4_uvutko4h4_so-jpg

    Not one to rest on my laurels (ass) I contacted Ms Lora and requested Mr Wu plan out another project for me when he is done with this current job. It will be a copy of a Campellone Manhattan Skyline guitar, a one of a kind that commemorates the lost Twin Towers. Here's a link to the guitar on, I have asked to have the pickup mounted close as possible to the end of the fingerboard and that the total depth including the bindings be 2 1/4 inches... Oh Yeah Baby !!
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    Mike is Mr. Wu going to do the tailpiece,fret board, bridge,heal end, and nut cover in abalone also? That'll be a sweet one Mike.

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    I think the breakdown in the labor is Mr Wu makes the body, ajnd if there was no inlay work it would be all him. But the inlay is all Mrs. Wu and she's damn good. And right now I'm more interested in chasing the final details of the first project, but once I send a deposit Mr Wu would start building the body for the 2nd one. There sure is no rush. And yes getting the rose inlay on the back of the headstock (see the Reverb link) and the rose inlay on the tailpiece and all the abalone inlay everywhere else, including the heal, would be Mrs. Wu's venue. Actually this guitar might be a bit easier for Mrs Wu to do. The abalone inlay on the fingerboard is a bit less complicated. More or less an L5CT single pickup... Cherry sunburst. Oh Yeah

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    Mike, I picture walking into your home and seeing Guitars all over the place.. Then going out on the deck and seeing them growing in the backyard.. Sort of like a dream that never ends. Thanks for sharing.
    Joe D

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    ​Joe, I don't have that many guitars - at the moment I have 3 arch tops (Eastman, Yunzhi and Yunzhi), one Ibanez AS103 in burled maple and one 80's Greco RG800 which is a Ric 360 copy. Love them all. Got the Campellone Special copy in the works.

    I think if anyone came to Casa Big the first thing you would notice was all the cats heading for the Back 40, they're all not used to visitors - then the smells of food cooking would set in and out on the back deck after a while sitting admiring the view some of the braver cats would come back from the back and the chickens would come around, see if there are any suckers visiting that might pet them and give them a little treat. It's kinda quiet out here except for me calling all the cats in for dinner or cussing out one of the kittens for chasing the chickens. It's definitely different out here.

    And as for this new dream guitar: I only wrote Ms. Lora this morning and due to the time differences there is a delay. They're like 18 hours or so off from New Jersey. I am pretty sure that the Wu's will be flattered that I want another guitar so soon and I know Ms Lora well enough she'll be happy to assist in making it happen. But right now the main focus is wrapping up the Campellone Special copy, the original reason for this thread.

    It might be after Christmas or into the New Year before we get another batch of photos from Ms. Lora and I update this thread so let me wish all of you God Speed, Safe Holidays and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

    Ye Old Grouch, BigMike

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-1800487_10152124641372239_122876964_n-jpg

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    Happy New Year Fellas !!

    Well as I told ya it seemed like I wasn't going to hear anything for a while: next step was making the neck, fitting it to the body and doing the inlay (in what step the inlay is done I'm not sure: is it before the neck is glued in (giving Mrs Wu lots of time to do her part) or after). Anyway this morning there is no email. I did a few things and knee jerk checked again and BANG, here it is guys. This is the kinda update any of us who have bought from Lora can tell you is a real rush to the system, when you see your "dream" really coming together it's a real kick in the pants, a GOOD one !! LOL. Body and neck are mated, inlays on fingerboard are done (I believe they shot this one after the faceplate on the headstock was taped up. Remember the finish is natural blonde. And also remember I have the bound ebony pick guard made by M. Campellone off a Special, this pick guard has the PAF 0 pickup that is hand wound by Kent Armstrong.

    Lora says next thing is to be painted, updates after it's been "painted". Actually I believe that is a french polish for color and then a couple coats of lacquer which once dried is almost completely buffed out. Yesterday when I was wondering WHEN I would see more photos the ghost of my dearly beloved Dad cried out to me one of his famous one liners "Patience jackass, patience"...

    Enjoy, comments are welcome

    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520160104193336-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520160104193412-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520160104193409-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-img_8501-jpg
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    Wow, gorgeous Mike !

    Indeed, you must be in pain and turmoil now, lol ! Will you find sleep tonight ?

    Those fret markers ! First time i see those ... your design ?

    You're right, when my Yunzhi got to that state it was exactly as you said with the 5 quadruple expressos.

    Actually, i could hear the sound of my hand rubbing this bare wood, and i wish guitars could survive this unfinished state because i think it looks beautiful with maple.

    So ... how much longer ? Three weeks ?


    The more i look at it, the more i think that guitar is gonna be real classy ! Nice headstock shape too.

    Well done !
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    It's a dead copy of a M Campellone Special, the inlays are copies of what Campellone uses on the "Special" model. About the only differences will be Mr. Wu's name in chinese characters on the headstock and the tailpiece. Look back through this thread and I think there are photos of some Campellone's and the tailpiece.

    Yeah this is the REALLY VERY EXCITING part of the buy process. When you see your dream starting to really take shape, you know it's going into the paint booth and you wait and wait. And yeah maybe 3 weeks. I told Lora to be sure that the guitar really gets a chance to dry once it is sprayed. Yes I am in a hurry to play it but yes I am also trying to be patient. Not easy for a 69 year old man who sometimes feels like a teenager looking at pictures of his first love/crush. This really is a big boost, a big kick in the butt seeing those photos.


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    Ah, i see, thanks, ignorant me, lol. Sorry, not much on the forum these days, so i didn't read the details at the beginning of the post !

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    Nothing to apologize for. There are so many threads here and being the Holidays are just passed everyone was busy seeing family and traveling and relaxing. A fun here that is for sure.

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    Wow. Congrats, Mike. I love the shape of that headstock. What a great way to start the new year...

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    Looking good Mike! Mrs Wu does a great job on the inlay work. We're all waiting with you Mike. Patience Mike Patience.

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    There is a lot going on right now, my Mom isn't making much progress at the rehab facility and in a month they want to move her to an extended care place (convalescent home). She's old and tired and I think they may be over medicating her a little. It's a tough time to see her fading slowly.

    So this guitar news is really a great boost, an up thing I really needed to start out this first week of the New Year with. And I can't tell if they did the inlay on the headstock already and have it taped up or need to do that first and they into the spray booth, here's the inlay they'll do - and it'll have Mr Wu's name at the top of the headstock, like this. And then there is this shot of the back panel, wetted down so you can see the flame, right now the body is all sanded out and probably the lighting in the pre paint area is not so flattering. I'm dying to see this thing sprayed...
    Ms Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-12109789_10153286427022239_7059651383549002465_o-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-p7124728-jpgMs Lora/Mr Wu Special Project-qq-22270-2925520151009185824-jpg