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    Finding the gravity Classic 4mm to be plenty dark and full to me.

    ---maybe a difference of technique or holding the pick but there is definitely dark tone when I use it.
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    Gravity Gold Series 5.0, last pick I'll ever buy, except a couple more of these.

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    looks tempting but is $40 for a 4mm pick..... ouch...!

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    The Gravity 5mm just has that feel. Plus, all his thick picks are good.

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    Using Gravity 4mm Classic -- mostly... Feels and sounds great!

    Looks like the Classic STD size goes from 4mm to 6mm on the site though $8 for 4mm $10 for 6 mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentone
    I agree with Roger--both material and thickness matter. IMO, (and in my experience), acetate makes the best material for a darker sound. Acrylic makes a brighter sound. Nylon and Delrin? To me, they are both on the brighter end of the spectrum. Tortex? Toward the darker side of things, but not as dark as old-fashioned acetate.

    Combine acetate with thickness and you have DARK tone. I play with a 4mm acetate pick and get a dark tone that is the antithesis of "plinky."

    For the last several years, the brand of acetate, thick pick that I have used is Dugain, made by Jean-Charles Dugain in Paris. They aren't as readily available as Dunlop, etc., but they last and they are great guitar picks.
    Thanks for the recommendation Greentone, I see also that quite a few eminent players use(d) them
    I looked at Jean-Charles Dugain's site and have ordered a number of them , there is a variety of them
    they're currently winging their way to me.


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    Great pick @ 4mm

    the only problem is if one of the store in the US runes out--last guy said it would take 6 mo to get restocked..

    Luckily the other store in the US had some....

    how much to ship from France?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzimprov
    Great pick @ 4mm

    the only problem is if one of the store in the US runes out--last guy said it would take 6 mo to get restocked..

    Luckily the other store in the US had some....

    how much to ship from France?
    I've bought Dugain picks directly through his web site, and I'm in the US. He uses PayPal, if I recall correctly, and the prices are a bit lower than from the US dealer(s) (especially with the current Euro/Dollar exchange rate). Not to mention that his stock and selection are generally more comprehensive. Here are the current shipping rates to the US:

    -for the purchase of 1 to 3 picks: € 3.00
    -for the purchase of 4 to 5 picks: € 3.50
    -for the purchase of 6 Picks: € 4.00
    -for the purchase of 7 picks: € 4.50
    -for the purchase of 8 picks: € 5.00
    -for the purchase of 9 picks: € 6.00
    - + 10 + € 0.10 picks per pick

    And transit time was fairly quick, as I recall. Just a week or so, give or take a few days.

    If you're interested in just acetate picks, here are the results of a search of "acetate" on the Dugain web site:

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    I see you can use Visa also

    30 Euros was 32 Dollars not bad for 3/ 4mm picks with shipping

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    +1 about the Dugain acetate, really the darkest and smoothest pick I ever tried, and rather cheap (9€) but I live in France ;-)
    When compared the Acetate with the Jazztone 208 I currently use, I found the differences to be quite interesting: Dugain is definitively smoother, darker and more powerful (thanks to the 4mm thickness) while the Jazztone is somehow highlighting the acoustic properties of the jazzbox, giving a kind of "woodier", more resonant tone but thinner than with the Dugain.

    I've been using Dugain picks since the 80's, mostly the Ebony picks playing rock/pop/funk music, but with my archtop for jazz, I found them to be a little too clicky/ trebly. Futhermore, with roundwound strings, they tend to wear quickly and they're not cheap.

    Dugain acetate is highly recommended but I still have to test the Delrin models which , according to JC Dugain has the warmest tone of the range....
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    I agree. Those 3mm stubbies are much brighter and more articulate.
    Compared with 3mm john pearce round tip.
    Somewhere in between might be perfect.....I agree the material does seem to make a difference.
    What are you using?

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    I should have added the john pearce picks seem to drive the soundboard more. ..I feel force to take the strings a bit more....more attack.

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    I find Golden Gates a bit clacky. I prefer Dunlap JazzTone 204 as the sweet spot of size, shape and dark thump. ProPlecs are interesting but I've never seen a 358 in the flesh to try out, and the big ones are way too huge.

    But if you don't mind the big size the David Grisman Dawg picks are even darker.

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    Big on the Golden Gates right now. I think they're darker and less clacky than the Jazztones.

    I like the shape a little better than using the rounded end of a pro plec, but I'd be happy with either in a pinch.

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    More long-dead thread revival.

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    These are my absolute favorites nowadays:

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    Taylor "Dark Tone" picks:
    Picks | Taylor Guitars
    They are like Pro Plecs but I prefer Taylors these days.
    Attached Images Attached Images Guitar Picks With a Dark Tone-tw-80770-thermexpropick-2020-jpg 

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    dunlop felt pick...8011...the nick lucas...3.2mm

    it's thought that charlie christian used felt picks....