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    Bernstein's Zeidler does sound very good.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Everything that sounds like myself!

    No, I’m joking. Partly. Actually, I don’t have any favorite jazz guitar sound. As long as all guitarists are using their ”own voice” I’m very happy with the result. Then I’m not talking about neither gear choice, treble cut or amp settings. I just listen to guitarists and other musicians who sounds like themselves. Otherwise, who doesn’t sound like themselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackcat
    Love this guy's playing - seems he can play pretty well anything...................

    Discovered him and several of his countrymen when researching my DV Little Jazz ( still v.happy with it ).
    Thanks very much for posting this. I have a DV Mark Little Jazz (LJ) also and enjoy it.
    Unfortunately, my playing skills are extremely basic....but I'm trying.

    Do you use the same (or similar) amp settings with your LJ as this guitarist?
    Do you elevate the amp off of the floor and keep it flat (not tilted) ?

    Sorry about the minor thread derail.

    Perhaps you would consider responding with your answers in this (old) thread that I started:
    DV Mark Little Jazz combo...Please comment further re: EQ, tilting, elevating, etc.


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    At 0:52 I just love it!

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    Madaleno sounds quite nice with his 335.

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    Jesse Van Ruller (I have just noticed JVR already mentioned, although without name...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klatu
    Just for the forum search and also for google search: This is Jesse Van Ruller (JVR)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbernstein91
    Among my favorite jazz guitar sounds:

    Just for forum search and also google search: this is Sylvain Luc

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    I've been on a big MVI kick, but hear him and you think "Why does anybody need anything other than an old 125?"

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    I've never been a fan of the standard amplified archtop sound and prefer the sound of only microphoned instruments. Can't beat the sound of a Selmer in my opinion (Stochelo Rosenberg on his Selmer 504 here):

    I personally prefer the early, more acoustic sounds of Eddie Lang or Django Reinhardt, just to name a few.

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    I may be in the minority here. I really like Julian Lage’s Tele tone.

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    ...been listening to these since day one and for me anyway, this is still the sound to beat !

    Just MHO
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    There are lot’s of great sounds, but Kenny Burrell’s is the one I’m always chasing.

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    Mark Whitfield has a brighter, modern, more acoustic tone that I dig:

    This video of Whitfield playing a relatively inexpensive, but very nice Ibanez, is interesting because he still sounds like himself:

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    Many worthy citations here.

    A nice sound: