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    Can anyone recommend a semi hollow w/o full block?


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    What like an epiphone casino?

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    Ye, the all-solid Peerless Renaissance Custom.

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    From another posting in this section (hint), Gibson ES-150.

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    The Godin Montreal Premier centerblock (spruce, I think) is ported at the back, where it meets the back of the guitar. Looks like a roman arched bridge in there.

    The Washburn J9 has a partial block. Much bigger than a soundpost, but much smaller than a true centerblock. L shaped, so it supports the fixed bridge and bigsby attachment.

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    Gibson es-330 =like the Epi Casino
    Epiphone Les Paul Elitist =that's one that's small like a les paul but hollow. This one's out of production but appears on the used market Ebay not infrequently.


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    Epiphone Wildkat.


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    There are some with a Floating Block that might be of interest to you. The block is attached to the top and only in area of the bridge. I think the ES 137 is a floating block.

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    D'Angelico EX SS has a small block under the bridge and tailpiece. So do some (all?) of the Eastman semi-hollows -- definitely the T386, 184, and 185. I've played the EX SS, and liked it a lot. Haven't tried the Eastmans, though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John A.
    So do some (all?) of the Eastman semi-hollows -- definitely the T386, 184, and 185.
    +1. I was looking for the same thing (small block) and learned that about the Eastmans. Also the Yamaha AES1500 (nice ride) has a near-hollow body.

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    I own an Eastman T186mx that is a carved maple top and carved mahogany back with a stop tail and a block that is 2x3 inches that is only under the stop tail and bridge. Very articulate and a lot lighter than say my Ibanez AS103 that has a full block.

    There's lots of stuff out there, look on YouTube too for some idea how they may sound. The newer Eastmans come with Seymour Duncan 59s or Seth Lovers depending on the model. Used ones can also be found on places like Reverb and eBay and CL..

    Best of luck, there can be so much stress searching, try to make it fun.


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    ES137 has a mahogny solid block. It is a Les Paul dressed up like a ES175. I love mine, thiugh it took a long long time to bond with.

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    PRS Hollowbody.

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    Still trying to find out about the Comins GCS.

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    I play a PRS Hollowbody II and it has a very minimal center block. Very light and comfortable.

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    A Hamer Newport Pro with Spruce top immediately comes to mind. Great guitars, especially for the money.

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    or if you want a bigger body guitar, the aria herb ellis has a block under the bridge. Very effective at fighting feedback and it sounds very much like a great 175

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    Sadowsky semi-hollow.

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    I just picked up a '99 Heritage Prospect Std. Very lively guitar, great tone. Honestly it's the best guitar that I've ever owned. Semi-hollow with a floating center block, it has incredible resonance in a small package.

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    Pricerange? arent tons of gretches like that? Newer hagstroms too?

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    Howard Roberts fusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhz88
    Howard Roberts fusion
    it has a block

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    Eastman 184, 185, 186

    I own a 186 and can recommend it.

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    Semi-hollow guitar without full block?-p1030216-jpg

    Eastman El Rey 3

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    I know this is an older thread, but I want to add to the info on some models mentioned here as well as contribute one or two myself.

    The Comins GCS-1 has a full 335-style center block, and perhaps even the horns are solid. Looking inside, the block does come out and make contact with the sides, but I can’t see into the horn.

    The Sadowsky Semi-Hollow has a spruce block under the bridge only and the block is chambered.

    The ES-135 has a balsa block under the bridge with a trapeze tailpiece, and the ES-137 has a mahogany block under the bridge with a stop tail. Gibson changed these models over the years quite a bit so there are a few variations. I’m not certain on whether these blocks are floating.

    The ES-275 comes as both a fully-hollow version with a trapeze tailpiece and a “thinline” version with a chambered block under the bridge with a stop tail.
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