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    If you've happened upon my build thread (It Begins...), you'll know that this has been a while coming. Over the past year or so, I have been using mostly hand tools to attempt to turn these:

    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-1-wood-jpg

    Into one of these:
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-full-front-jpg

    As you can see, I made it through, dazed but alive. The result is a 17", 3" deep carved solid archtop; all of the light bits are Monterey Cypress and all of the darker bits are Puriri, which is sort of New Zealand's answer to ebony. (The shading in the picture above is a bit dark; in reality it is closer to the pics below.)

    I will probably add a floating pickup at some point, but for the time being it's all acoustic, baby! The big question is, how does it sound? Surprisingly enough, it sounds pretty good for something that I made by myself in a stairwell. It's a bit tight and midrange-y, but I'm confident it will open up as I play it in. Soundclips are forthcoming after I get a chance to do the final setup. (I am going let it cope with being under full string tension for a few days before adjusting the truss rod, which I will need to do before I set the action.) Stay tuned!

    It is certainly not perfect, but I have learned a lot from this project and the next one will be better.

    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-full-back-2-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-bridge-1-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-fb-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-hs-3-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-hs-rear-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-tp-2-jpg
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-short-front-2-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    looks very classy.

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    That's gorgeous! Kudos.

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    Wow! Looks great...but in good conscience, I must be honest with you, I detect one very obvious major flaw...I do not see, anywhere in those photos, a shipping label with my address on it. What's up with that???

    Well done buddy. I like the aesthetics of it a lot. Now, cannot wait for the debut recording.

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    It looks awesome and everything is so tastefully put together. I admire your work Jehu! Enjoy the gem!

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    Great work. Looks bloody nice. Also, its been very fun following your progress.
    So, just one question.
    Do you make lefties?

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    Wonderful, great finish and elegant lines. Congrats!

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    Great taste and skills !

    Congratulations !

    The whole process in the other post was really fun and interesting, thank you for sharing.

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    Outstanding beautiful guitar !
    Finish is marvelous.

    We all wait for the pick-up making of thread now :-)


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    I day..... I will also find the time to take an attempt at building a jazz guitar

    very inspirational

    I hope you ll have a s much fun playing as you did building

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    What a great work you've done Jehu !

    I just wonder what is your feeling when you hit the first note on your own built ???

    Can't wait to hear how it sounds, now

    "Si votre ramage ressemble à votre plumage ..."

    Now that you have finished it, you'll have time to play it. Enjoy !

    and again, thanks for sharing this great experience
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    An accomplishment to be very proud of...


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    Wow. One of the most interesting and compelling threads of recent years on this forum finally bears fruit...and it's a peach.

    Well done. You should be very proud of what you've achieved.

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    That's amazing for a first effort, Jehu.

    Very well done. Congrats.

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    Beautiful! Great colors, and cool position markers.

    My one addition would be a fingerrest that matches the tp and fb.
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    May I Add something:
    you're actually the only owner being sure not to have a fake !

    what do you think it weights ?


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    Outstanding work!

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    What a beautiful guitar! It brings joy to these old eyes.

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    Thanks everybody, I appreciate all of the kind comments!

    Christophe -- I don't have a scale so I'm not certain, but just going by feel it seems about the same or maybe slightly lighter than my Kingpin, which has two pickups. According to the Internet, the Kingpin weighs in at 5lb 5oz (2.4kg).

    Woody -- I don't use a fingerrest, so it's not crucial at this point... but I agree that aesthetically it would be a nice addition. And if I add a pickup, I will definitely need a fingerrest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddyfm
    So, just one question.
    Do you make lefties?
    No problem!
    The Hard Way - Building a Jazz Guitar-short-front-2-jpg

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    Beautiful! It has been great to read about your progress these many months. Congratulations! Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mangotango
    Wow. One of the most interesting and compelling threads of recent years on this forum finally bears fruit...and it's a peach.

    Well done. You should be very proud of what you've achieved.
    Seriously. One of the best ever. Thanks for taking us along, Jehu.

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    Wow. Beautiful guitar. Such dedication and such an outstanding result===you must be proud, and deeply satisfied.

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    Beautiful! Let's hear it!

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    Man o Man what a gorgeous guitar!!!! Super Job!!! Congrats!!!

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    I almost don't care what it sounds like - that's a great thing to see built.
    But almost isn't quite it... I do care.... so tunes please!

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    Thanks everyone... don't worry, sound samples are coming!

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    Alright, I finally got around to recording something. You'll have to excuse the playing, but it should give you a general idea...

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    And from this month's Practical Standards thread, a bit of comping sans pick:

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    Wow! Of all of the ngd's I have seen posted, I do believe that yours is something special. Not only is it a beautiful guitar but it sounds wonderful. You Sir have my admiration. May you play it with love.

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    Lovely guitar with a very nice sound, smooth and defined.

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    Wonderful. Everyone's own NGD is their favorite but you might break the mold.
    That's fantastic.

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    Very very nice Jehu!! You must feel like a proud father and his first born. Pass out the picks (some of us don't smoke). Congratulations.

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    Damn.. You are talented. That's amazing.

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    Sounds great!

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    I don't know man...Your playing is off the charts, and your first ever build is too. I'd buy that guitar in a heartbeat, and I'm not a lefty!

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    Thanks all! Glad I could spread some good feelings over the interwebs. Makes those blisters and callouses worthwhile.

    2b -- This one's not for sale, but give me a chance to build a couple more and we might be able to work out a trade.

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    Truly awesome in the literal sense of the word. I don't know if I've ever been as excited for someone else's NGD. Truly inspiring bro.

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    Very nice indeed! Well done.

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    Congratulations, it does looks awesome and...plays awesome! Very nice deep sound!

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    Sounds as good as it looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    Sounds as good as it looks.
    I hope that's a compliment!

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    Jehu......thaaaaaaank you

    stumbled over the "it begins" thread today and read it like a thrilling novel.
    Having finished it I smiled and thought you made my day

    thank you so much for sharing it with us...all the joy, the pain and the result....a true beauty, a true sound

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    I somehow missed this thread: That is about the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. Any additional bling is gaudy. May I ask what work you do for a living? Making instruments for a living is certainly not a path to wealth but you might be quite happy. Looks like you've got a few customers lined up already.
    Congrats on your accomplishment. This NGD really does beat the hell out of all the other (thoroughly enjoyable) "look what I just bought" NGD posts!

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    An impressive accomplishment! You must be very proud.