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    Quote Originally Posted by Gitterbug
    Imagine BAM200 with an on-board reverb. I've actually suggested this to the manufacturer. .
    I doubt if this will happen. I persuaded an amp-builder friend to fit a reverb into my Bam. After a few weeks he succeeded, and he said he'd never do it again- the BAM is already so densely packed with components that it only just fitted. Besides, TC also do a model which includes effects downloading ( although about twice the size) .

    Most amps are fine for jazz without reverb, especially playing live. For the, me ideal reverb setting is the "you only notice it when it's not there' setting. Slightly moist, but definitely not wet.


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    Yeah, Franz, I think you're right. I've proposed the same to G+K twice; no response. I've used the BAM happily for a year without reverb. The tone is distinctly warmer and less sterile than MB200. Just a shade of reverb (or delay) would be perfection.

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    Well, gang, I'm on my second Bud. I sold my first because I had a acoustic folky gig going and needed the bread for a PA system and board. I ended up cycling through a Bose S1-Pro and a QSC K8.2 setup for those interested. In my view the QSC K8.2 is a much better deal (whether you go with one cab as an "all in one" or go with two and a board).

    Anyway, the Bud is a pretty ideal platform. It's tiny. Looks nice in the room. I can pipe iRealBook from my ipad into the box with Bluetooth or aux cable so I can practice for the walls. The tone is satisfactory -- punishing, if anything, of my mistakes. I am perfectly comfortable running straight in -- and for the record, I'm a 95% solid body player with mostly Fender style guitars.

    Yes, I do have a Quilter Aviator 12". I wish it was an 8", but it satisfies all my occasional interests in bright F tones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbmaj7#5#9
    Maybe a Vox AC4C1-12?

    Any other tiny tube Models/brands/thoughts?
    I’m in the same position...
    Living room, quiet, jazz semi hollow Grez most of the time.
    Upstairs i have a 3rd power wooly Coates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzkritter
    Walter Woods 100wt through an SPX-90 to a Mesa Theil cabinet with a Delta Pro 12” (Was an EVM 12L but too heavy)
    Funny now that stuffs all near “vintage”.
    The sound of velvet dynamite, IMO naturally.

    ‘74 SF Princeton Reverb with modifications (trans, tone stack), Bendix 5992s, with a 12” Delta Pro in it.
    Nice little sit home and enjoy amp.
    (Happily I got the 5992s when they were 100$/pair, can you imagine!)
    Interesting mention of a Walter Woods amp here - don't see that often, if at all. I know a guy who's used those since day one. And bought a back-up when WW stopped building them.
    He said the notes ' just fly out of them '.