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    Here's my list if I can remember correctly. The order of acquisition may not be entirely correct.

    - Cimar classical guitar
    - cheap purple Ibanez strat copy 80's
    - 60's fender mustang
    - '79 fender strat (bought it for 150$ CDN)
    - Kramer Ferrington
    - '63 Gretsch Tennessean
    - Aria L-5 copy
    - Gibson J-45
    - '76 Gibson Byrdland
    - Traveler Speedster
    - '53 Gibson ES-150
    - '91 Gibson L5-CES
    - 2006 Sadowsky Jim Hall

    I sold a few of the above but I still have all the really nice ones.
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    1970 something 3/4 acoustic. First guitar. No idea of the brand name
    1978 Yamaha 345
    1979 Degas Stratocaster
    a long period of nothing happens during the 80s and 90s....
    2005 Gibson ES 335
    2007 Martin D28
    2009 Custom Shop 51 Nocaster
    2010 Gene Parsons Custom b-bender telecaster
    2010 Northfield F5 mandolin
    2000 Campellone Deluxe
    2012 Campellone Standard (18" non cut)
    1937 Epiphone Triumph
    1937 Gibson L7
    1934 Gibson L5
    2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom 57 VOS RI (BB)

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    Well this thread is timely because after some recent re-jigging and some longer-term planning (I really didn't NEED jump on Steve Andersen's current Streamline 16 build...but one day I would surely regret not doing so...), I have concluded that I have everything I need gearwise and, mark my words, I am DONE at least for several years. So the chronological history is as follows:

    1.Yamaha nylon-string. >still got it, but haven't played it since I needed it for a classical guitar ensemble 5 years ago
    2. Epiphone stratocaster! >sold
    3. Seagull acoustic >sold
    4. Larrivee acoustic >sold
    5. ditto with cutaway >sold
    6. Heritage H-150 >sold
    7. Martin acoustic >sold
    8. Gibson 339 >sold
    9. McKerrihan acoustic archtop 15” >still got it
    10. Buscarino archtop >sold
    11. Jazztele >sold
    12. Holst lam archtop >sold
    13. Holst 5-string semi >still got it - mostly as wall art
    14. vintage Soloette nylon-string >still got it
    15. Andersen lam Vanguard 16” >still got it >>> This is my no 1.
    16. Gibson Les Paul chambered >still got it (recent)
    17. Andersen Streamline 16” >on order, a few months away

    I'm really done. I found everything I like and nothing I dislike in Steve Andersen's 16" x 3", 24.9" scale, 1.75" nut archtops, so those two are/will be my primary axes for any reasonable jazzy situation.

    Everything else is some sort of backup for situations where I might not want to or be able to use one of those guitars, such as very cramped big band stages, house jams or blues things (Les Paul), for travel (Soloette) or for the office/girlfriend’s place/road-trips (McKerrihan).

    1. some POS amp of unknown name - sold
    2. Fender Pro-Junior - sold
    3. Songworks Little Lanilei powering Traynor 2 x 10" cab - sold
    4. Goodsell Super 7 - sold
    5. ZT Lunchbox - still got it
    6. Mambo 8" - still got it
    7. RE/JG 10" cab - still got it
    8. Sequel Ravine - still got it

    I have all possible amp bases, yeah, I really am done gear-wise!

    My advice for anyone getting into jazz is not make any big purchases before they start playing with other people in big bands, combos, or better yet...both. It's when you start playing with other people that your needs will become more clear.

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    Let's see...dates are approximate...

    1992: my pops' Hohner drednaught.

    1993: Washburn start copy

    1995: "kansas" 335 copy

    1996: seagull s6 and fender am. St telecaster (finally had a real job)

    1999: danelectro dc reissue

    2002: la patrie classical

    2003-2007 various telecasters, I end up taking parts of all and making my super tele.

    2005: epiphone emperor regent

    2007: Kay "master cutaway"

    2008: godin kingpin

    2010: Hofner Very thin, Gitane dg320

    2011: Taylor 414ce

    2012: Loar 600, heritage 575

    2013: godin grand concert

    2014: Time to play the damn things. Enough gear already
    Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:

    "Jazz is like goes on longer than you think, and as soon as you're like 'oh, I get it,' it ends."

    --The Ghost of Duke Ellington

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klatu View Post
    Incredible collection. Often times, collectors of your caliber often keep in touch with the collector community. Are you aware of anyone anywhere that had a collection of Gibson hollowbodies that rivaled yours?

    Which of the fully hollow archtops did you prefer?
    Back when I considered myself a player/collector instead of just a player I knew quite a few serious collectors, because in those pre-WWW days we used to sell to each other . Many of them collected more exotic stuff than I did, especially D'Angelicos, Strombergs and D'Aquistos, and my enthusiasm for modern Gibsons probably made them consider me a dilettante--they were interested in collectibles, while I just liked to buy guitars I enjoyed playing. Tom Van Hoose had a bunch of nice Gibsons back then, many of which he sold to Scott Chinery, who had a ton of nice Gibsons along with everything else. A couple of the Japanese collectors had nice stuff too.

    Mostly though, I had no idea what other collectors owned in aggregate, jsut as for the most part, they had no idea what I had, except for the guitars we were selling.

    As for your other question, most of those guitars were pretty nice, and there are a couple I wish I had not sold, but the ones I liked most are the ones I kept.

    Oddly enough I just noticed that there is one guitar missing--an L-5CES with fern inlay.

    Danny W.

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    I would venture to say a few of you people here have a guitar problem...

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    I agree. Too much horsetrading over the years with little regard for future trends or future values on guitars many of us took for granted.

    I traded guitars for plane tickets. What was I thinking!

    In the early 90s I sat down at my computer and typed up a 25 or 30 page document with all the instruments that I could remember trading off and little vignettes about each one, where I got it, what it was like, why I got rid of it and what I traded for it. It was a good time to do that because I still had a pretty clear idea of some of the hardware that passed through my hands. Man was I stupid, I kick myself in the butt sometimes for some of those instruments that I just let go without any Rhyme or Reason other than I had to try something else rather than just apply myself with what I had.

    Lots of Fender's and lots of Fender basses a few Les Paul's, 335 s, a couple of old Gibson acoustic Arch tops which probably weren't great players but aesthetically I think I would have been happy just to still have some of those things.

    It all started in high school, with running around the DC Metro area and the pawn shops, and buying telecasters and P bases for 50 bucks, trade them off or selling them off. There was some absolute gold in those pawn shops back then. I bought an early 60s double cutaway Les Paul which is now called an SG, for $75 off a guy who for whatever reason sold it to me. It was incredible and I was foolishly horse-trading off lots of guitars... amps too!

    Lessons learned I guess. Perhaps some of that stuff wasn't as good as I imagine it to be nowadays, at least that's what I tell myself to make me feel better about being a fool with equipment. But I did get to try out a lot of stuff sort of ...

    My oh my...

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    1965: Musima cheap acoustic
    1968: 1958 Höfner 456
    1973: 1961 Gibson 175D
    1978: Ibanez dreadnaught
    1981: Levin classical
    1993: 1961 Gretsch New Yorker
    1995: 1934 Gibson L37 (with retrofitted Gibson CC 1938 PU)
    1997: Benedetto Fratello
    2008: Fender Highway 1 Strat
    2010: Jim Triggs 19" "Stromberg hommage"
    2011: Warmoth partscaster (home assembled, strat shape)
    2013: Tom Painter P-350T

    I'm not a guitar flipper. I still have all of those except the Musima and the Höfner. The Musima was sold when I bought the Höfner. Technically, I still own the Höfner but it has been on loan to a friend for 40 years.

    Apart from the guitars, I have a Selmer 10S clarinet lying around but I don't play it anymore due to health reasons.
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    "But if they all play like me, then who am I?" (Lester Young)

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    ~ 1964 Sears electric guitar.
    ~ 1965 I paid some Burmese guy $60 to steal me a Kappa Strat clone from the Kappa factory.
    ~ 1967 Small Gibson acoustic, don't remember model, left it in California with some girl named Nikki I met at a half-way house.
    ~ 1970 Fender Telecaster, never liked it, eventually sold it.
    ~ Many Yamaha acoustic guitars, loved 'em all.
    ~ 1990 Moridira Hurricane Strat clone, great, cheap, guitar. Still have it.
    ~ 2010 Martin "Little Martin". Terrible piece of junk that's impossible to tune.
    ~ 2013 Gibson LPJ, still have it. Finish is wearing off the neck. I don't care.

    Next guitar will be a home-assembled" Stangocaster" made from Mustang neck/body and Strat hardware.

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    It would be impossible to list - I've been playing since 1960 and I used to own a retail music store, plus, I've been building since the late 70's/early 80's. First was a '36 Martin 0-17 inherited in 1960 - now it's homemade Teles, a MIM Strat (for sale), a Martin 000-18 and a Brook Torridge. Hard to list one I haven't owned at some point.

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    OK, I will give this a try.

    Fender Mustang
    Gibson ES335
    Martin D18
    Gibson Johnny Smith
    Alvarez Yairi CY140
    Santa Cruz Guitar Co OM
    Eastman AR805CE
    Eastman Archback
    Eastman E10OM
    Eastman AR371CE
    Eastman AR503CE
    Benedetto Bravo
    Michael Kelly Rick Turner N6
    G&L Tribute Fallout
    Eastman Frank Vignola

    Still have the ones in bold. The AR503CE and MK Rick Turner N6 are the ones that I find I use the most.

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    This will be enlightening and probably a bit depressing:
    No name steel string flat-top
    Kent electric
    Guild Slim Jim electric
    Guild D-40 acoustic
    Gibson ES-175
    Martin D-35
    Ibanez copy ES-175
    Martin D-28
    Martin D-41
    Fender Strat
    Gurian SR5
    Collings OM 3
    Eastman 810 non electric
    Of these the most memorable are: Gurian. I could play in a room full of other guitars and cut right through. Phenomenal guitar and only guitar I ever damaged. Dropped the case late one night in a Cleveland winter and the headstock broke off.
    The Ibanez Gibson copy was the best electric I ever used. Gigged across Northern Ohio many times with that one. Traded that one for what I hopped would be a great guitar, the Gibson ES which was never to the level of the Ibanez.
    The Martin D-41 was almost magical in tone and playability. Figured Walnut back and sides. Problem with that one was it disappeared in a combo setting; very difficult to mic effectively. On the couch in a quiet setting it was golden but endlessly frustrating to gig with.
    The Collings is top notch in all aspects except the case it came in weighs a ton.
    The Eastman is probably the one I gravitate to most readily. Incredible neck and after a long stretch of getting used to the whole acoustic arch top conundrum, a hands down favorite. Of all these I still have possession of the Collings, Eastman and Strat. I also play mandolin and fiddle.
    In fairness this list covers my guitar playing life from 1963 to present

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    tiger guitar 1965
    lindell flat top
    harmony rocket
    fender telecaster
    gibson sg pro (very horrible instrument -- the neck flexed)
    gibson les paul deluxe (had to relocate bridge so the tune o matic would tune true) 1973
    gibson es 125tc (top caved in)
    yamaha fg 75
    yamaha fg200
    martin d 28
    fender telecaster (some pervert at the factory wrote "eat me" on the inside of the neck)
    gibson rd artist (immaculate) the neck wasn't to my liking
    gibson les paul custom
    gibson johnny smith 1977
    ibanez am-205av 1983
    gibson es 125
    heritage h-575 mahag/spruce 4pt. HRW 2003
    gibson howard roberts fusion 3 (toward the end --- very horribly made but the pickups were nice) 2010
    benedetto bravo (immaculate construction in every measurable sense EXCEPT a horrible rattle that would never completely go away)
    comins gcs 1 2018

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    Interesting to read this zombie thread and see all the users who have left the forum. I wonder why they leave? Old age? Death? Boredom?

    I would get cramps typing all of the guitars and amps that I have had, so here is a summary:

    Since starting the guitar in the summer of 1968 (at the age of 10), I have owned exactly 100 guitars and exactly 39 amps. Of those, I still own 13 guitars and 6 amps. The Internet and increased mid life disposable income has made buying, selling and keeping gear easier and more prolific, but at 61 (soon to be 62), I think I am over GAS. I have all that I need and then some. The handwriting is on the wall, aging means less playing moving forward, so it has been a fun ride and I have no regrets worth mentioning. That is easy for me to say, among the 13 guitars that I own are Three genuine D'Angelicos, a Super 400 and an L-5. I think I am set .
    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass

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    A short stroll down memory lane on a quiet Sunday aft sounds good. It'll be short since the first 20 or so years I was making most of my money playing and teaching, so dispose-able income wasn't something I knew. Never owned more than 1 or 2 at a time until recently. Almost all bought used.

    '66 or so, started with a no-name nylon that was kicking around the house
    '68 (?) Framus flat top (with arched back though!)
    '69 Casino, which I soon traded for:
    '61 Les Paul Deluxe (SG style) stolen in about '76 which led to:
    early 70's Les Paul Custom
    Epiphone solid body of some sort w/ mini humbucks
    early 70's Rickenbacker 6...20? (after LP custom I was digging lightness)
    '91 Ovation thinline acoustic electric (harking back to Mahavishnu & Gabor)
    2007 Eastman Pisano 880
    2013 Lehman Session 16
    Godin Kingpin, for going places the carved tops don't like

    The amp story:
    Sears Silvertone
    Brown face Super (restoration project)
    +/- '76 Mesa Boogie - before Mark numbers, so... Mark1 I guess
    '91 Mesa Studio 22+
    Quilter Aviator 8 & Mach2 HD12 extension

    At 65 I'm playing more in the last 3 years than in previous 15. You got a few good years yet with those Angies String!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwcarr View Post
    Of these the most memorable are: Gurian. I could play in a room full of other guitars and cut right through. Phenomenal guitar and only guitar I ever damaged. Dropped the case late one night in a Cleveland winter and the headstock broke off.
    My brother in law has a pair of old Gurians. I never miss the opportunity to play them when I visit. I'm sorry for your loss!

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    Over the years that I can remember since 1973 the ones that I bought to play for myself. Note I still have my first guitar I ever owned and it is great, still plays well, good for some things if feedback is an issue. In doing repairs and such over the years I have taken guitars in on trade for varies things and such but not really to use for myself. This is truly a zombie thread but might have a go over it. I probably have forgot guitars but these stand out.

    5 Barkers ( still have 2 )
    1 Albanus
    1 L5 C
    2 Guild Artist Awards
    2 Gibson Johnny Smiths
    6 D'angelico s 3 New Yorkers, 1 Excel, 1 Style B and I Style A (Still have 2 NY)
    I Campellone current
    1 Hollenbeck Current
    1 Lyle Copy of L5 my first guitar, still have it.
    1 D'angelico Vestax New Yorker NY 4 current
    1 Dangelico Excel copy the first of the blow out prices from about 2008
    1 Elferink
    1 Epiphone Deluxe 1938ish
    1 Epiphone non cut cannot remember the model.
    1 Heritage Super Eagle Acoustic

    I have never personally owned a solidbody guitar that I bought for myself or even a 335 ish type guitar. I am pretty much a one trick pony.
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    My sister took classical lessons in DC all through the 60s and is for the most part classically trained. She went to nursing school, and when she graduated she bought herself a high-dollar Yamaha classical guitar and she's had the same high-dollar classical guitar for 50 years probably by now. I kind of envy her lack of guitar acquisition syndrome. She still plays and she plays very well and it's delightful when she brings it out and starts playing for hours on end.
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    A resurrected thread that somehow I missed the first time around. Tossing my hat into the ring, the guitars I have owned/her own include:

    1978 Takamine F340 S, purchased in November 1979 and I still have it.
    1984 or 84 Yamaha classical, maybe a G-245II or something like that; swapped for an amp.
    1981 Ibanez GB10, purchased 1986. I still have that one.
    19?? G&L F-100, bought/swapped for in 1984 and sold in 1989 stupidly.
    1989 Warmoth Partscaster, the first guitar I put together. Still have it, been through many iterations.
    1990 Dobro square neck, sold.
    19?? Rick Turner Renaissance RN-6, still have it.
    19?? Saga gypsy jazz guitar, traded for an amp.
    2006 Matt Cushman archtop, the guitar I play most- as much as all the others together.
    2012 (?) Squier Affinity Tele, surprisingly useful, lives at the rehearsal space of my old band.
    2015 or so Tele Partcaster, body from Skip Ellis.

    Amps include:
    1983 Crate 2x12 amp for which I swapped the Yamaha, then swapped in part for the G&L F-100.
    1971 or 72 Fender Pro Reverb (with two JBLs, ouch). Still have it, needs repairs.
    198? Polytone MB II, sold.
    20?? Roland Cube 60 (COSM version), still have it- lives with the Squier Tele.
    20?? Egnater Rebel 30 combo, sits in basement unused and should be sold.
    2012 Mission Amps 5E3 kit put together by me, still my main amp.
    199? Polytone Baby Taurus, bought from Lawson Stone; great archtop amp.

    Jeez, how the heck did someone who doesn't like to gig pile up all this stuff? I have no actual use for an amp, really, and should get rid of most of them. And the guitar herd could be thinned to about 3 instruments.
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Circa 1969 Kent Strat-oid not-working. Installed dog ear P-90, plugged into a Boss Tone (my first gear aquisition, before I could play or even owned a guitar) and a friend' s Dual Showman Reverb and started learning to play (still working on that part ). Little Egypt I is born.
    1971 Toredo nylon string
    1974 Fender Mustang picked up at pawn shop, did homemade fret job, plugged into Spiegel FET 8" spk amp "Godzilla I." Joined a local country band. Played parties and dances for audiences sometimes numbering in the double digits and occasionally containing non-relatives. Saturdays we would pool our change and buy a 6-pack of Olde Pub. Good times.
    1975 Toredo 000-18 copy. Stalked the town's Martin owners for jams. MOs don't jam .
    1976 '69 Les Paul Custom basket case (headstock break, inexplicable gouges and dents, fretless wonder (as in I wonder why these exist) frets shot to nubs; Bigsby. So, a fixer-upper. Little Egypt III. A Traynor Bass Mate is Godzilla III.
    1977 Bass Mate replaced with Sunn Concert Lead. Sunn CL sold to get money for Fender Brownface VibroVerb. Thirty years later, I get a check in the mail for the VV. I was so jazzed about the amp, I had forgotten to collect the dough! The money came at a good time. Godzilla V. The Golden Child of amps.
    1978 Score gig with dance/wedding band. First time since college I'm not the "old guy." And I'm making $ on the reg.
    1979 Strat
    1980 Busted headstock Gibson Les Paul Jr. 55/78 reissue becomes mine. Busted headstock, I do my thing; P-somethings on all-mahogany guitar really sing. LE IV.
    1981 Under-the bed mint mid-sixties Gibson ES-345 with gold pups bought on time from original owner. Little Egypt Red becomes #1.
    1982 Buy first ES-175. Start looking for Joe Pass records.
    1983 Gibson ES-325 with mini hums. Maple neck. Funk-a-licious!
    1985 Yairi nylon string. Cedar top. Cocobolo sides & back.
    1986 Meet Paul Reed Smith. July 11 Little Egypt "the Golden Child" is shipped. Little Egypt Red (ES-345) goes out to stud.
    1989 Another PRS Custom 24, in Emerald Green.
    1990 Third and last PRS C24 in Whale Blue, chosen by Paul for me. The end of history, so to speak.
    1991 Guild Jumbo 12 string.
    1992 '66Telecaster Custom
    1993-2006 Several Ibanezes, mostly archtops. A couple of Epiphones, including a '48 Zenith sorely in need of restoration, which we provided at no little cost; a Gibson L-48, also a left-handed ES-335. Dobro 33H reissue. Gleaming. LOUD.
    2006 Bought my second ES-175, at the insistence of Mrs k. She's a keeper!
    2011 A couple Martins, including a "1934" Golden Era D-18. (Ma)Hog(ony) heaven!
    2012-present. A Tele knock-off. Cigar box. Other stuff.
    2018 Feder Mustang in Fiesta Red. Full circle! P-100s, MOTS. Sweet!
    Scattered throughout a whole lotta amps. The '72 50 watt plexi is a standout.
    I keep remembering guitars & amps. Must stop. Stuff to do.
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    I have a long list too (mostly lefties), but instead of listing them off, I'd like to tell you about one of my guitars -- a 61 lefty Strat.

    Back in 1968 I was in high school and my drummer friend came up and said, "Hey they have one of those guitars you like strung up left-handed at a downtown pawn shop." I knew he meant a Strat and I had to go look. Well it was strung up lefty because it was a lefty -- a well worn, fiesta red 61 Strat. This was before Guitar Center, Musicians Friend and the internet. A lefty guitar was a true treasure to find!

    I asked the owner of the pawn shop, an old fella named Leo, what he wanted for the guitar and he said $80. I was in high school, I had no money. But I NEEDED that guitar! I scrounged and borrowed from everyone I knew, and by the end of the next day I had $80 in crumpled bills and loose change. I took the guitar home that night and it was like a dream owning it. I was afraid I'd wake up and it would be gone.

    A few weeks later I read in the local newspaper that someone shot and killed Leo while robbing his store. I'd look at my guitar and think about him and how lucky I was to have found it. Over the years the guitar went from fiesta red to a vintage yellowed white. Yes, I painted it and devalued its worth. But that aged white finish, worn and dented was one my Dad helped me paint on the guitar 48 years ago. He's now gone. So is my drummer friend (died after serving in Vietnam), and so is Leo. But I still have that guitar and that white paint job is worth more to me than any fiesta red finish. For 50 years I've had this guitar. Many others have come and gone but this remains MY guitar, living my history, my memories and breathing my life with me. I believe I will have this guitar to my last heartbeat.
    Attached Images Attached Images What has your guitar ownership history been?-img_2185-jpg 
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    I've gotten rid of a lot of things over the last 10 years trying to Pare down my stuff to a manageable quiver, and this is what I have left and I'm still thinking about some changes but first the Les Pauls are gone the 335 is gone the strats are gone, two hand-built telecasters that put together are gone , several electric basses are gone, a couple of trombones are gone .

    But the working stock is nicely reduced to

    3 trombones
    A drawer full.of harmonicas
    A nice Yamaha shepherds crook cornet
    2 mandolins
    2 tenor banjos
    A flattop Ibanez Artist from the 70s
    A Tama TC-8 from the 70s
    A Cort P-bass that I upgraded (1.75 in at the nut)
    A Godin Classic 4
    A Schecter 6 string bass that has been gutted and refit with an EMG system

    A Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy (one of the best trades I have ever made) I kept the H22 pickups however I had to take out the pots and the switch cuz they were complete junk and I was actually shocked when I opened up the cavity and saw the crap that they had put in there from the factory, very displeased with Carvin for chinsing out where they really didn't need have to nor should have.

    Aria FA-71 2004
    A MIM Tele classic 50s that I have seriously dialed in.

    A newish Fender Rumble 500
    An 80s Tech21 Trademark 60
    Hartke kickback 30
    ROLAND Cube 30 with a Jenson (really made a difference).

    A Shen 3/4 upright bass that is very enjoyable to play.

    The old gear gleening found my older tools new homes and went to people who really appreciated either the gift or the sale.

    I have a drum kit of Keller shells that I built. Old 60s 3 dot Zildjian cymbals congas, djembes , and percussion stuff, several ukuleles of pretty good quality and that's about it.

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    Hi there,

    Dates are approx.

    1978: unbranded classical guitar, gone
    1978: Grand Suzuki flattop, gone
    1979: Ovation Legend, gone
    1984: Ibanez FG100, gone
    1989: Gibson 175 Charlie Christian 1980
    1993: Fender Stratocaster 30th anniversary, gone
    1996: Ibanez AS200*
    2001: Gretsch Tennessee Rose (Japan)
    2004: Martin D35, gone
    2006: Takamine classical guitar, gone
    2007: Taylor NS64 (nylon strings)
    2008: Tune Technology bass
    2008: Guild F50 (jumbo)*
    2008: Fender Dobro F50
    2009: Yairi GF50
    2010: Martin D41*
    2012: Yairi, OM model, gone
    2012: Grestch White Falcon (Japan)*
    2013: Gibson ES-300 1946 equipped Charlie Christian
    2014 : Gibson ES-150 1938*
    2015 : Slaman DS-250, Charlie Christian commemorative series*
    2015 : Gibson L5C 1953 equipped Kent Armstrong humbucker then Charlie Christian floater
    2016 : Gibson ES-350 1955
    2016 : Slaman Jazz Verde Milonga
    2017 : Gibson L50 Black Special #4 1937 converted ES-150 (Slaman)
    2018 : Gibson L5N 1940
    2018 : Gibson L4 CES 1989*

    Plus a couple of amps: Fender Deluxe RI, Fender Super Sonic 60W, Polytone Baby Brute, a drumkit (jazz maple), and a keyboard.

    Main gigging guitars are marked *

    End (for now).

    Archtop bloging/G+ homepage:
    Archtop YT Channel:

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    1996 Fender Stratocaster, MIM.
    1997 Gibson L6-S.

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    Asterisks on guitars I currently own - list starts in 1969, when I made my first guitar purchase, but I'd already played a few years by then, on guitars owned by my elder brother, on a gifted MOF guitar (mail order firm) and for a year or so, on a guitar I had on loan from a friend.

    Yamaha classical
    Laredo Flat Top
    Gibson parlour acoustic
    Ovation Nylon acoustic
    Yoshima Maya classical
    Gretsch Double Anniversary
    Gerald Scott classical
    Gretsch Rally
    Tokai 335 style guitar
    Guild Archtop
    Gretsch Blackhawk
    Washburn Electro-acoustic *
    Gretsch Rally (same one I had earlier, bought back from it's owner)
    La Patrie Classical*
    El Cheapo bass guitar*
    Gretsch White Falcon
    Epiphone Casino
    Yamaha Nylon Electric*
    Washburn 125 type archtop*
    Gretsch 5122* - heavily modded, great range of tones, lightweight - far from being the priciest guitar I've ever owned, but my favourite of them all. Pickups changed to TV Jones, Bigsby removed, great for jazz and various other things too.
    Gretsch Double Anniversary* - plans already made to sell it, to finance a flat top acoustic.
    Fender Telecaster*
    Godin 5th Avenue acoustic archtop*
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    Spiderman needs no fancy suit or gadgets plus he's a jazz guitar fan

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    An update from my March 2014 post:

    In order of acquiring them, though the exact years are beyond my memory:


    Yamaha acoustic flat top (bought my first guitar with the $ from the sale of my last motorcycle.)
    Ibanez Strat copy
    Alvarez flat top
    Sigma D style flat top
    Guild GF50 flat top
    Alvarez Yairi flat top


    Fender Squire Telecaster
    Heritage H575
    Fender American Standard Telecaster
    Heritage H576

    Started playing some jazz & took lessons during this period.


    Fender ‘62 reissue Stratocaster
    2004 Gibson ES335 Dot
    Gibson ES135
    Gibson Faded Les Paul DC
    Martin 000-16SGTNE
    Taylor T5 Custom
    Gibson L4CES
    2008 Campellone Standard
    2000 Gibson ES175
    Takamine classical
    Taylor GS6
    2006 Gibson L5 CES*
    Breedlove Bossa Nova electric nylon string crossover
    2012 (?) Gibson ES 335 Block
    Eastman E6OM LTD*
    Benedetto Bravo
    2015 Gibson ES 175 ‘59 Reissue VOS*
    Fender Strat MIM
    Godin Multiac nylon string
    D’Angelico New Yorker (Korean reissue)
    Eastman T386
    Eastman T486
    ‘60’s Gibson C-2 nylon string
    Alhambra 9P classical* (Purchased from “2Be”. Lovely guitar!)
    Partscaster w/ Vintage Vibe p/u’s*
    1981 Alvarez Yairi CY125* (my flamenco guitar)
    Republic “Clarksdale” Tri-Cone*
    Martin OMC Custom*

    *Currently own.

    I do regret selling some of these, though if I hadn't I wouldn't be able to afford the L5. the '62 Reissue Strat was a great guitar, though I didn't have a need for it after awhile. Someday, I'd like another Campellone, but a 17".

    I have learned a few things. 1. As much as I love ES335s, they just are not for me. For whatever reason, I can’t find my sound with one, and could never justify having such an expensive instrument I couldn’t bond with. The cheaper Eastman semi’s were nice alternatives, but, alas, they were still semi’s. 2. Crossover nylon string guitars just don’t sound good amplified to me, and I prefer the feel of a more traditional classical/flamenco guitar. 3. I always think I’d like something with a P90 or a CC pickup, but every guitar I have demo’d With one has been noisy and underwhelming. In the end, I’m glad I resisted the temptation to trade or sell to make room for one. 4. I do love the sound of Strats. Maybe I’ll find another one sometime. 5. Generally speaking, my tastes tend toward tradition designs. 6. As I get older and play fewer gigs I’m finding the most pleasure out of playing acoustic guitars.

    I currently have 8 (see asterisks) and between them they pretty much cover the spectrum of music I’m interested in playing. The only one that I can see parting with right now is the Republic. My next guitar will be a nice Spanish made flamenco, probably a Camps Primera. Here’s a picture of the current herd.

    What has your guitar ownership history been?-64f37772-e039-4c33-adc2-b8193033137c-jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft View Post
    My brother in law has a pair of old Gurians. I never miss the opportunity to play them when I visit. I'm sorry for your loss!
    They are fantastic guitars! I have always wanted one.

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    Thanks for keeping this thread alive, and I've enjoyed reading it. It's also fortuitous that it was revived, since I've been thinking about taking stock of my gear. So here's a rough draft of what might become a major project that includes anecdotes, photos and financials for posterity.

    First wave, mid 1970s to mid 1980s, roughly in order obtained:
    Fender Telecaster, mid 60s
    Conn acoustic, late 70s new
    Suzuki acoustic 12-string, late 70s new
    Gibson ES-335, late 70s new
    Ovation bowl-type nylon string, early 80s new
    Fender Stratocaster, early 80s new
    Gibson Les Paul Custom, mid 70s used
    Fender Telecaster Custom, mid 70s, used

    The first wave also includes a no name bass, a 1960s Fender Princeton Reverb, a Peavey stack, a small Peavey combo, an Acoustic combo and a Pignose. The Tele was my first garage band axe, with the Princeton, supplanted by the ES and the Peaveys for rock. Also had a Yamaha DX-7 and an early guitar synth for dabbling in film scoring. I worked semi-professionally throughout the 80s, mostly in wedding bands (pre-DJ), for which I used the Strat. Did an occasional jazz combo and big band gig, for which I used the ES strung with flatwounds. Ended up selling all of the above gear by the late 1990s, after which I took a hiatus from playing and had no guitar for several years. In the early 2000s, my interest in music rekindled, I special ordered a Taylor 712CE with rosewood body and cedar top, and a cutaway but no electronics, which I still use regularly today after fitting it with a K&K Pure Mini. Of those that I let go, I still occasionally pine for the 1960s Fenders.

    Second wave, mid-2000s to the present, roughly in order obtained:
    Cordoba FCWE Nylon Reissue "Gypsy Kings," new
    Gibson Johnny Smith, 70s Kalamazoo
    FGN Masterfield, new
    FGN NST-101 "Neo-Classic," new
    Fender Jazzmaster, 1966
    Danelectro Vincent Bell Signature Electric Sitar, late 60s
    Rickenbacker 456 6/12 string "Convertible," 1968
    Yamaha SG-12 electric 12-string, 1966
    Yamaha SG-5A "Samurai," mid 60s
    Kawai MLY-140 "MoonSault," early 80s
    Fender Telecaster MIJ TL67-70SPL "Keith Richards," mid-80s
    Martin Classical Backpacker, new
    Traveller Guitar, new
    Gretsch G6122-6212 Vintage Select '62 "Chet Atkins" Country Gentleman 12-string, new
    Gibson ES-125TD, 1962
    Silvertone 1457 with "Amp-in-Case," 1965 (saw one of these in the 2014 part of this thread)
    Greco 961 "Shrike" 10-string, late 60s
    Teisco EV-52T, late 60s
    Teisco Spectrum 5 Reissue, mid 90s
    Teisco K-3L "Sharkfin," late 60s
    Teisco K-4L "Sharkfin," late 60s (one pickup on the fritz)
    Guyatone LG-140T, late 60s
    Harmony Rocket H-59, mid 60s (noticed at least one of these gems in this thread)
    Aria Pro II TS-300 "Trisound," mid 80s
    Greco AP-1000 clear acrylic "Dan Armstrong," early 90s
    Edwards/ESP Sugizo Signature "White Cloud," early 90s
    Aria Diamond/Conrad 1202T, late 60s (pickup switch needs repair)
    Airline Barney Kessel "Swingmaster," mid 60s
    Godin Multiac Nylon Encore 7-string, new
    K. Yairi "Nirai" acoustic 4 string, 2005
    K. Yairi custom acoustic hybrid guitar/bass, new

    The second wave also includes these amps: 60s Gibson Falcon GA-19 RVT, 60s Fender Vibro Champ, Roland Blues Cube Artist, Fishman Loudbox Mini, Markacoustic AC-101H, Yamaha THR-10, Blackstar FLY-3. 32 guitars and 7 amps, no plan to sell any yet; have my eyes on a couple more (60s Gibson Firebird tops the list). Today I play mostly jazz, blues and acoustic. For jazz, I use the ES-125 or the FGN Masterfield, and on occasion the Cordoba and MIJ Tele, although been thinking of putting the Johnny Smith into rotation. For blues, it's the FGN NST-101 or, more recently, the Greco AP-1000, and also the Tele on occasion. And for the acoustic music, it's either the Cordoba (with Fishman electronics) or the Taylor, although I may try the Godin 7-string and Yairi hybrid once I get used to their scale lengths and nut widths. The rest are for home use, playing with friends, or recording, though I have been thinking about using some of the old Japanese "bizarre" guitars for blues ala Hound Dog Taylor, and a friend intriguingly suggested I try the Danelectro sitar on some of the modal jazz tunes. Current favorites for home playing and recording are the Swingmaster, which I run through an EHX Pitchfork shifted down into baritone territory for ambient meanderings, and the Spectrum 5, which has split pickups that can be sent to different amps and effects chains. I try to play each one at least once or twice a month. It's a task indeed keeping all these clean and in good working order and to change strings as needed. I play through house amps (Roland JC, Polytone, Yamaha) or a PA at most venues, so my amps are mainly for home use.

    So that's a life with guitars, and, as John Lennon said, "In my life, I've loved them all." ;-)

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    I think this is it. Nice to go back in time.

    1978 Yamaha FG 375 *
    1979 Degas Stratocaster *
    2006 Gibson es 335
    2008 Martin D28*
    2008 Fender Telecaster 52 reissue
    2009 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster*
    2010 Fender Telecaster B-bender, Gene Parson’s installed*
    2010 D’Angelico Excel
    2006 Campellone Deluxe
    2012 Campellone Standard*
    2011 Fender Stratocaster, Clapton CS*
    2013 Gibson Les Paul Custom*
    1934 Epiphone Triumph
    1937 Gibson L7
    2014 Gibson ES 335
    1934 Gibson L5*
    2013 Gibson Super 400*
    2019 Bastien Burlot, Alkemia*

    * still owned

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    Let's see...
    1974 '64 Chevy Belaire, 3 on the tree, 234 cu in straight 6
    1975 '69 Fairlane/Torino, would have been the worst car I ever owned but for what follows
    1975 '64 VW bug w/ Empi competition shifter. What fun. Died in January in my new home of Milwaukee...not much fun.
    1976 '57 Ford F 100. Single I-beam front axle w/ one kingpin frozen, vacuum wipers (not fun with a worn engine). Turning circle smaller that the bug. Great solid truck. Thick metal went bonk when wrapped. Came with vice grip pliers interior door handle
    1977 '66 Chevy 3/4 ton S 20. One can see the progression to thinner bodies, went clink when wrapped. Died on I-94 in Wisco.
    1978 '75 AMC Gremlin. Agressively horrible car. Free gift. Had a better one for $40. Worst cars imaginable.
    1981 '72 Ford Econoline with 351 4 barrel added. Blue shag rug interior. Vicegrip pliers gear shift.
    1983 '70 Datsun 510 wagon. Fine car. Great handling. Slower than Christmas.
    1985 '76 Civic. Wow, what a perfect car. Beat it to shit commuting L.A. to San Diego. Bought two replacement engines from Japan, installed for peanuts.
    1994 '91 Mazda B2200. Tough, rough riding little beast. Rode best with a fridge or piano in the bed. 1st car I ever owned with A/C.
    1997 '86 Acura Integra. Great handling, great brakes, fast, Best car ever until...
    2005 '06 Audi A3. Can't gush enough about this 200 hp beast. Wasted on New Orleans streets and Southern interstates.
    2016 '11 Seat Leon. Basically an A3 with half the engine. Befitting a new life of fuel economy and smaller roads.

    WHAT? I thought you said "CARS".

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    *1970 no name classical with a for $50. Stamped with a Japanese mark.
    1973 first steel string: Japanese Epiphone. Classic starter guitar.
    1974 new Guild D35. My first real guitar. Quality.
    1975 '62 Fender Jaguar. Great neck, hideous electronics...nasty sounding. Lake Placid Blue.
    1980 '66 Tele repaint. Slab maple fingerboard, no skunk stripe. 1st decent electric. Traded for a car...never again.
    1981 '78 Les Paul Deluxe. Live neck. Watched Ozark Airlines baggage handlers in St. Louis break that neck by bouncing it upside down as they offloaded bags en route to my first 'make a living' gig. Poorly repaired in Ft. Worth. Later, a drummer's slipping bass drum pushed it off the stand pitching it face first to it's second heel fracture. Properly repaired by genius Bob Pascoe in Milwaukee. Bow down to one of the best. Traded it straight up for a...
    1982 New Ibanez Roadstar Strat. Nice axe. Badly cut bridge pieces. Broke 5 of 6 strings during 1st set on the day I bought it.
    1982 '39-'41 Vega Duo-tron bought from my teacher, the perv jazz great George Pritchett. Best archtop ever.
    1984 Westone Electra Strat from Nadines in L.A. Great neck, crap pickups. Closeted until sold years later.
    1989 new G&L ASAT TELE, silver sparkle. Quality.
    1989 new G&L ASAT w/Strat PUPS. Bought from Todd Barth of Texas fame who was selling off his endorsement axes.
    1993 used Aria Pro II 335. Weak neck, so traded for...
    1995 Yamaha Strat in swimming pool pink for a rock studio session.
    1995 Charvel Strat w/Carrurthers neck (mmm). Body badly chopped up inside for a vibrato bridge. Why people do dat? Saved the neck and dumped as a full disclosure basket case on ebay.
    *1995 Blueridge dreadnaught flat top from McCabe's Santa Monica. A true cannon, which is why I still have it.
    1995 '82 G&L S-500 gifted from the late great Bobby Seal. What an axe.
    1997 Fat Dawg/Subway Guitars partscaster Tele made from Warmoth seconds. Main axe for several years.
    *2005 Peavey jf1ex (335 type). $300 cheap Chinese POS bought while evacuated from Hurricane Katrina in Austin, Tx. All instruments left behind and needed something to play. Saw one in a designer's office @ Peavey HQ in Meridian so this became my evacuation guitar. Should be junk...may be my best guitar. Ridiculously forgiving. Can't dial in a bad sound.
    *2012 Warmoth chambered Tele custom ordered w neck. Present to self for a professional achievement. Main axe today.
    *2005 G&L tribute maple top ASAT Tribute, gifted from my sister. Was in her violin shop in L.A. and she brought it for my 60th. Sat in its case until I brought it to a pub gig here in the UK on a lark. Look out, it really screams. A keeper and it's worth nothing.
    *2015 new McIlroy AS 26 cedar top. You don't see guitars this good very often. My advice: get to know McIlroy, made in Northern Ireland.
    *2019 Daniel Slaman Magnificent Molly archtop. Just agreed to purchase from cmajor9 on this site. Cannot wait for it to arrive. Will be a guitar for life.

    Whew, that's a way to review a life.

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    Starting in 1962:
    Some unknown rental guitar from the studio I started taking lessons at. Similar to a Kay from that time period>
    1965: Argentinian made hollow body folk guitar. Luthier unknown. Gift from cousin in Buenos Aires.
    1968: Sears electric guitar. Parents got it for me after an accident destroyed the hollow body.
    1970: Having learned a bit about what real guitars were like I purchased my first real guitar. 1967 Gibson Melody Maker, (SG body style single coil pups). Still own it.
    1972: Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Still owned. Became my working guitar thru the 80's.
    1976: Alvarez 12 string.
    1978 Dean Flying Vee. No idea why, just seemed like a fun idea at the time. Played it out once, hated it, never touched again till sold in the early 90's.
    1980: Ovation 6 string. A guitar to take on the road when traveling for my real job.
    1984: Gibson ES-335. Sold it when I moved from the area. Huge mistake, really stupidly huge mistake.
    1990: Fender Strat. Sold it in late 90's. Second dumb-butt move.
    From 2010 the collection now consists of the following, all played for my entertainment on a daily basis:
    67 Gibson Melody Maker
    72 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
    73 Gianini 12 string
    Andrew White Freja
    74 Tradition MT750 (ES-175)
    72 Republic Highway 61 resonator
    Epiphone ES-335 pro series
    Peerless Cremona
    Peerless Retromatic
    Fender Strat.
    I like variety.