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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Best bet is to order from your local authorized Ibanez dealer. They'll order it from Ibanez and contact you when it arrives, I think that is still Chesbro music inc in the U.S. - I bought one from a Guitar Center ages ago and they were having a sale so I got the sale price, any other guessing would be chancy. Buy the correct Ibanez part direct.

    Good luck.

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    If Big mikes suggestion fails, you could try a case for a Gibson Es semi, so 135? The depth would be about right but you would need to pad out the sides.

    Theres also this

    Or this :-)))

    I think the first option is the best but Big Mike has probably got the best idea.
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    i wonder if an eastman 185 or 184 case would fit? The T386 case is a perfect fit for my Ibanez PM-120

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    I wonder if it would fit an AG95 case? They're really close in size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Soloway View Post
    I wonder if it would fit an AG95 case? They're really close in size.
    probably. I was shocked when the PM120 fit right into my eastman T386 case so I guess a lot of these guitars have similar sizes and shapes. Thanks for the tip.

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    The AG95 is a guitar that a lot of stores keep in stock, so you may be able to find one close to you to try. And don't worry if you find one of the older models, they're exactly the size as the new Expressionist version so the case is the same.
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    Yep, it's been a while since I looked at them but I thought the AG75 & 95 were the same size as the GB10. I too think that would be the case to look for.

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    Hi guys,
    I found this thread so I ask here: I have a GB-10 with a not original bigger old case.

    I now need to cross the ocean with my guitar, and I need a smaller case, so, can I ask some questions?
    (thank you! )

    I sow the Ibanez GB-C maybe is the corret case, but from pictures on the internet it seems too long over the body of the guitar and I have the doubt it is too large too... could this be true?

    can some of you take a misure of the external size of the case? (length,width,depht) I know I could (maybe) fly with the case in the cabin only if it does not exceed 115cm long and...

    3) In the case some of you have the time to take a picture: can you please take a picture of the guitar in the case from over? I mean the case opened on the floor and taking a picture of all the case with the guitar inside so to see if really are there "spaces" around the guitar.

    Thank you very much, sorry for the strange requests.


    This is an old case, It's the perfect size for the guitar... maybe a half inch more of foam around the guitar
    whould be better, but I like it. It's small and has the same shape of the guitar.
    (I would like a similar photo of the GB-C with GB10 inside if possible ).
    where can I find a hardshell case for a GB10?-kgrhqz-lgfeln-mkorbrnpf-np0q~~60_1-jpg

    This is the GB-C seems to have spaces around the guitar... and maybe does not have the guitar shape??
    where can I find a hardshell case for a GB10?-3496828_1394911532-jpg

    Best regards,
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    I have a 1986 GB 10; I'm looking for a hard shell case. Can someone point me in the right directions??????

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    I have an Ibanez AFJ95 (2013) and it fits in this Ibanez AF-100C case I found in the catalog on Guitar Center. Size of the AFJ95 is:

    a : Length
    19 1/2"
    b : Width 15 3/4"
    c : Max Depth 3 5/8"

    The GB10 is a smaller guitar and the size is (from the Ibanez website):

    a : Length
    18 7/8"
    b : Width 14 3/4"
    c : Max Depth 3 3/8"

    I bought my guitar used and it didn't come with a case. Both guitars have a 24.7 scale, and have 20 frets. I Google searched for the AF-100C case on Sweetwater, Musicians' friend and Guitar center websites. Sweetwater had the lowest price, and GC matched it ( about $80usd).Now the case is pretty sturdy, but it doesn't appear to match the case that the GB10 comes with, so they aren't the same.
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    Greetings and welcome to the forum Bob...
    If you are in the United States and near a big city find a Guitar Center that is an authorized Ibanez dealer and go see them. Order a GB10 case for your GB10. The GB10 is a mighty fine guitar and should be kept in the case that was made for it. My first GB10 was a real early '78 that was beat (this was in '88) but otherwise gorgeous at $700.00... a Guitar Center in San Jose ordered the case for me from Ibanez, when I went back to pick it up Guitar Center was having a sale and I got 10% off on it. It's worth a little extra coin to get the right case. You can Yahoo the USA version of the Ibanez site and in Parts even get the part number. BUT any savvy authorized Ibanez dealer can do it. Nothing like saying PLEASE when you're talking to the sales person.

    Again greetings and welcome.


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    Way to go Mikey.
    I bought the exact GB10 Ibanez case from Sam Ash with the green lining and gold placard on the outside. It was $110. Like Mikey says, its well worth the extra money to get the right case for that Guitar. It even came with a cover made from a black fabric, which helps avoid scuffing when you slide the case back in the spot where the other cases stay.
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    You could always try Rich Harris at IbanezRules as well, he's an authorized Ibanez dealer in South Jersey (who only deals in Ibanez) and I've dealt with him many times over the years.

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    I'm going to get a Mij Gb10 (natural) next week, and unfortunately the case isn't included.. It's in very near mint shape and not very far from me, about 2 hours, so this time I'm not going to let it slip away ????
    So has anyone tried the dedicated GB-C Ibanez case? Does it fit ok?
    There is also the AG case that maybe is a little tighter fit?
    Thanks in advance for your advice

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    So there's the Ibanez GB-C or the MGB100-C
    Not really absolutely sure thiis one is 100% compatible with the Gb10 but it seems so..
    Since they say the GB-C is OK for the AG models, and the MGB100 is for the AG?
    To choose I'd prefer the MGB100, it seems better made and tighter
    And I like the locking system better over the classic metal ones
    Any idea?

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    Well I just ordered the GB-C case. Maybe I liked a bit more the MGB100-C on paper, but since I can't figure out if the Gb10 will be a perfect fit (buying on LINE) , I went for what Ibanez sells the guitar with
    No bad surprises at delivery I presume.

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    My AG-75 came without a case (I think it is the same size and shape as the GB-10).
    Take it to any guitar store and ask to look at the classical guitar hard cases.
    I found an SKB that fit like a glove, perfect.
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