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    <br><br>Hi and thanks.&nbsp; I did not mention the truss rod that for the reason you stated: It did seem too obvious.&nbsp; Truss rod adjustment was, in fact,&nbsp; the first thing I did before all the luthier work.&nbsp; And in that process of the fret work the luthier, of course, re-adjusted the truss rod.&nbsp; In fact, he re-adjusted everything; a virtual makeover.<br><br>The Savoy neck width if fine; I prefer narrower necks.&nbsp; All said, the Savoy is just not well suited for me even after all the fret-work.&nbsp; I mean, I play it now, but just not crazy about it.&nbsp;
    cool! Sounds like you need to sell it and buy a different guitar? At least that's a strong possibility.
    But if you like narrow necks, and me too, it's not easy to find an archtop like that. I'd save money and get a vintage Guild from the 50's 60's, or 70's. That's what I did. They're not crazy expensive anyway.


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    It must be newer because it has a 1-11/16" nut width. I have an SOS compensated shim on it as well. The guitar is fine for my purposes. I am not an expert on Korean builds or Korean factories, but like I said, it is everything as good as a comparable Peerless. In some ways it is better - three piece neck versus a Peerless scarf joint, light weight open Grover tuners versus sealed Pings or some such, etc. And after all, I am not a professional musician, so I will be a student all my life. I am good with that.
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