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    Does anyone know of a case that will fit the M75? A LP case will NOT fit because of the larger lower bout. I have a gig bag and would like to locate a hardshell case for this. I have heard from a less than reliable source(at least in music situations) that a case for an Epiphone Alleykat or a Wildkat will fit the M75, M77 and M72.

    Any help would be appreciated since no guitar center near me seems to have either of these cases in stock to test.



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    There are quite a few cases that might work. Can you post the:

    Lower bout width.

    Body depth at the rim.

    Estimated body depth at the bridge.

    Total length (whole guit').

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    Also, check the "solid body" size here by calling Blackrider. They have expensive and cheap cases for the Duo Jet.

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    It looks like 13 1/4" or so at the lower bout, about 3 3/8" deep at the bridge(might be a bit under that but that is a safe number) and about 41" long. I measured the height by laying in on the floor to simulate it being flat in a case.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Well that sounds about right for a Gretsch Jet case.

    I have no idea who might have a Jet in stock around here, but maybe Blackrider can give you some dimensions on then phone. It sounds like the right size.

    Would a Reunion Blues Continental do? It will fit and I have one that is unused and is languishing unsold on Craigs.

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    I have never heard of a Reunion Blues Continental...let me check.

    Thanks so much for the help bro.


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    I know this thread is 7 years old, but wondering if anyone had a conclusion to the case question. I have a DeArmond M75T and when I bought it, it was housed in an Apiphone hardshell case. I'd prefer to find a real DeArmond case or Guild case if possible. After looking at the Guild website, they have cases for the Guild Aristocrat. Would it be possible that the Aristocrat case may work?

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    the dearmond m-75/77 series was always a tough guitar case fit..those epi wildkat cases were the best alternative at the time...the m-75/77's have a slightly wider lower bout and the Digsby trem requires a slightly taller an lp case won't fit

    hard to find an original dearmond case...they weren't that plentiful back in the day & they haven't been around for over 15 years...guild aristocrat case may have sufficient lower bout width, but might be too shallow for dearmonds digsby..check specs carefully

    luck..let us know if you find something


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    Thanks. I suppose I can ask Guild customer service for the depth of the Aristocrat case. Otherwise, the Epiphone case works fine.