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    I posted this to the Eastman mailing group, so if any of you are on that you will see this post there also.

    I just put on a Kent Armstrong floating PAF pickup on my 805ce last
    night and all I can say is WOW. I always knew the guitar had
    potential because of it wonderful tone, and had tried a couple old
    pickups I had sitting around in the past year.

    First I tried an old Benedetto pickup (Kent Armstrong made) and I
    really did like it, but it gave a bit too much acoustic tone through
    amps. I loved the sound but it was not quite what I was looking for
    (though I think when I can afford it I might buy another Eastman and
    put it on, because it really did give a nice balanced acoustic sound)

    Second I tried a stock pickup from an Ibanez GB10. It was ok, and did
    have more of an electric sound. It did sound very "stock", though,
    and though it was passable it also was not what I was looking for. I
    took it off and put the Benedetto back on, but the Benedetto finally
    kicked out on me and stopped working (it was on it's last legs
    already). So I ordered a floating PAF.

    Now to the PAF, this is exactly the sound I was looking for. The
    closest comparison I can give is a mix between the sound of Kenny
    Burrell and Wes but it definitely has it's own character; I'll have to
    make a short recording in the next day or two so you can hear what I
    mean. It is fantastic. The only problem was fitting it to the
    pickguard, as it is a larger pickup than most floaters. It takes some
    cutting to fit, and as you can see the space from the old pickup is
    still visible. I took some pictures in case someone feels like trying
    this, they can see what to expect.

    Body shot

    Closer shot

    Side shot to show top clearence (I still need to adjust the pole
    pieces, the low E is a bit high)

    All in all I would highly recommend this pickup.



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    Nice job. The KA's are great pups. BTW, how do you like the Eastman? Did you get it at Guitars n Jazz? they seem to have loads of them. Anyway, good luck with it .

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    Thanks, yes I love the guitar. I got it last July and feel like just in the past month I have really connected with it. Not that I didn't love it before, but I have been constantly tweaking it and just in the past month have really gotten it to feel just like I want, partially by finally finding a string combination that really brings out the best of the guitar. And yes I got it from GnG - great store. Just walking into the place was fantastic - I have never seen so many archtops in one place!

    edit: I should mention that a few weeks ago I went to a local store and they had one Eastman in stock and it wasn't that great...whereas each of the ones I played when shopping at GnG were wonderful. I think the local store may not have been as picky in terms of selection, but if I were buying one from someplace like eBay I would make sure that I knew who it was coming from.
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    I saw a nice oval hole Koontz on their site. But.... way out of my budget, more than $14000. I've heard nice things about the store. One day I'll have to take a drive and check it out.

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    Just wanted to mention to anyone who was curious how the pickup sounds that I posted a clip in the "Showcase" section. Though I actually just lowered the pole pieces tonight, though I'm not sure which way I like it more yet.


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    I agree The Eastmans sound great. My AR905CE through my Line6 on the clean jazz setting is a pleasure to hear.

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    This works super !

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    That seems interesting, I like to get with it, Share your tips & tricks with the LickLibrary Community.