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    +1. The beauty of the Ebony Pickguard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    And congrats on getting that one back in your stable.
    Like a tearful Jimmy Swaggart, I have lusted in my heart for that one!


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    I like the ebony. Gorgeous axe ! Enjoy :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by helios
    A single HB Super Eagle is about as good as it gets! Don't be a fool and let her go--make sure you hang on to that baby! It's a Kenny meets Wes kind of guitar, and you can't top that!
    I know I feel the same way about my Golden Eagle. This was Patrick’s also, his wife and son said this was his Go To guitar... Ya gotta feel that neck to understand.

    Heritage Super Eagle-924e266c-d8d4-4b22-b3d8-070a69fc6a1d-jpgHeritage Super Eagle-9b4b0d62-7d03-457b-96f7-7d55a162d0bd-jpg
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    I agree with both Roger and Joe. Black/black/black and gold/maple/cream are both nice combinations. Hmmmmn... Golden maple Cream sounds like a nice ice cream flavor. Mmmm... ice cream! Where was I again?

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    Ebony pickguard. Send the Maple to Pete Moreno and have it refinished in Transparent Black.

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    Single humbucker pu big box kind of axe ! Both sweet examples.

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    As always, I appreciate the advice and KUDOs on the new guitar day. I like the idea of possibly switching back and forth between the maple and ebony (I often change out pickguards/pickups on my strats) but also like the idea of refinishing the maple to transparent black. I have that setup on another Heritage I own. I guess I have good problems.

    It may seem trivial but when I have a great guitar, I want it to look its best. Working on a Christmas tune to post for the holiday's. Can't compare to the White Christmas rendition recently posted but I am going to aim high and do this guitar justice.

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    It's easy to switch back and forth with the pickguards. My preference would be:

    1. Rotate at will

    2. Ebony

    3. Maple

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    In my hands for 10 days now, it has passed the gig-test and will stay. The guitar was sought out as a gig-replacement for my vintage Super400 and so far I think
    it does a pretty good job of filling in that role. It is VERY comfortable, the overall build quality is spot-on, has a very nice neck-carve, dynamic response
    is how I like it, it looks cool and price-wise it's the best deal out there when you're looking for a top-quality big-box electric archtop.
    The only 2 things that will be changed/modded are a metal tuneomatic bridge (personal preference) and - if I can get my hands on one of these -
    a Kent Armstrong PAF humbucker in a gold-plated traditional housing for the neck position. Right now it sports a set of
    Seth Lover pups and these are not so much what I want in that particular guitar. They sound rather middy and a bit too smooth whereas the Armstrong PAF
    that I have in my Victor Baker has a more balanced, airy tone which makes that guitar very versatile. I have reached out to Kent's son Aaron
    in Great Britain and hopefully will hear from him soon.
    Unfortunately I am unable to correct the sideways photo - my apalogies.
    Attached Images Attached Images Heritage Super Eagle-img_1121-jpg 

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    Congrats! The Kent Armstrong handmade PAF is indeed a great sounding pickup for jazz. I would suggest getting a pair of them so that when you use both pickups, the sound will be better balanced. I also prefer a wooden bridge saddle on my archtops.

    I think the Heritage models look great (I even like the headstock!). May she inspire your playing for many years to come.

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    Great acquisition! I really enjoy my Super Eagle, although--like you--I prefer it with a wooden saddle. It's a super comfortable, great sounding and playing 18" archtop guitar.


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    Great looking guitar - I like the sharp cutaway.

    I have not tried the Kent Armstongs but I have Seths in 2 of my guitars ( es 333 and Gibson Super V). Love the Seth Lovers in the Super 5 but initially disliked it in the ES 333 (lack of mids for me compared to the Gibson 57's they were replacing). Did not have time to swap the Seths and now I am starting to adjust to them in the Es 333 and really like them. They were really responsive to height adjustments in both of the guitars I have them in.

    Congrats on the lovely guitar.

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    I have a super eagle that I bought about 8 years ago to replace my Gibson Super V that I was putting into semi retirement. Similar to your story. I ended up putting Seth Lovers into mine which worked out great for me.
    Over the years the guitar has opened up nicely and is a superb instrument. I couldn’t be happier.

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    Just curious, how close is Super Eagle to Super 400 in terms of tone? Also what year your Super 400 was made?

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    The tonal character is similar : a deep and warm, solid tone, with high headroom but also capable of delivering
    sweet and soft sounds when picked lightly with thumb or fingers. The large body supports a nice sustain, noticeably
    more than on most ES-175 types I've played or similar smaller and lighter guitars. All in all these guitars do sound like they look :
    quite authoritative ! Simply gotta love them big boxes

    The Gibson has a pair of original PAF pickups which do have their own specific tone, she is strung with halfrounds and
    has been played a lot in her 56 years - built in 1963. - so she is more open than the Super Eagle (2002 model).... a little more air in the sound, better definition in the low notes,
    less sustain ... best described as having a definitive CHARACTER , something unique to this special instrument. The Super Eagle sounds more
    rotund, velvety ...
    It will be interesting to check out the tonal changes with new pickups and a different bridge.

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    Here's an old thread with a lot of nice pics.

    I don't think we'll see a lot of these larger archtops being made except in boutique shops.

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    I read this entire thread through and it made me very quiet inside for a while because there are two people that were contributing many posts on this thread that are no longer with us Patrick2 and rhoadscholar

    And may their souls rest in eternal peace
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