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    Quote Originally Posted by gerraguitar View Post
    i don't know if anyone has brought it up already but when i think of small powerful amps my mind goes right to the deluxe reverb. i don't know how heavy it is but i know a lot of guys who got rid of their twins for the deluxes for the sake of transportation alone
    The Deluxe Reverb is listed at 42 pounds.
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    I really dig my new VVT Performer amp head...25 pounds...40 watts tremolo (who needs it?)...a princeton size portable head....2 6L6 tubes and Mercury transformers...traditional black face tone...mid shift and bright switches for added tonal array...presence control on the back panel...and customer service that will bring a tear to your eye. Fantastic jazz amp in a portable head. My Hot Rod Deluxe was killing my back. This head with a 1-10 EV 10M cab is heaven with my 1962 L5. Highly recommended. Been gigging with it for a few weeks now. Sounds great with lots of clean blackface headroom.What amp for headroom and lightweight?-img_9911-jpgWhat amp for headroom and lightweight?-img_9902-jpg

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    Used to have VVT Lindy Fralin, but it got a bit bulky and heavy for me in the end. Interested in the Performer, but nothing on their website about it???? Price?

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    Maybe look for a used Music Man RD50 1x12, 50W, 27 lbs, *massive* clean headroom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyLoveHandles View Post
    Here are some benchmarks, all are 12" combos.

    Evans: JE200, 30lbs
    Henriksen: JazzAmp 112, 32lbs
    JazzKat: PhatKat, 28lbs
    Polytone: MiniBrute II, 28lbs
    ZT: Club, 22lbs
    +1 for the Evans JE200 - it don't get much better if you want clean, lotsa headroom, and light. No, not tubes, but sounds great anyhow. Oh, and it's a 10". I built a matching 10" cabinet for mine and the combination is killer.

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    I also have a Fender (USA) Hot Rod Deluxe 112 - but kind of heavy to lug around. The Performer is a one-off...Jim Hill will build anything you want and is great to work with. I also have the fralin model that is the head version...that is cool too....more portable than a combo. For me the real value of the head is so I can use an EV speaker and not have an overweight combo.What amp for headroom and lightweight?-img_9947-jpg