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    Hey everyone

    I just wanted to make a post for those who are beginning with improvising. These are the Clark Terry steps which I am further explaining

    1. Imitate
    At the beginning of learning to play jazz people usually start because they've heard a player that inspired them, learn their solos, or learn solos of someone like Rich Severson or Robert conti or whoever.
    Rather than begin with scales, modes or arpeggios (which have their place) start by playing jazz.

    2. Assimilate
    Reuse the lines from the solos you have learnt. Try them out in different places on the guitar, different tunes, find out what works and what doesn't. Perhaps you have enough knowledge or a strong ear to change the line for a new situation? This leads us to step 3.

    3. Innovation
    Experiment with the lines you have, learn to make one line work over a whole section by adjusting rhythm or altering notes. Work these lines, get comfortable and make them your own little by little.

    Of course learn theory while/through doing this and you will be able to understand how to make effective changes. I know for me having note knowledge and major scale knowledge really helps with moving things around the neck but often people move to jazz from rock or blues so they may have that knowledge.

    I hope this is useful


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Get the music in ur head and associate it with the best thing in life.
    Imagine beautiful women supping cocktails as you knock out seductive chords and melodies, imagine ur in a new York alley having a spliff with Louis Armstrong behind the back of a jazz club, imagine you're a French gypsy in the 1930s hanging out with dead beats and prostitutes in Paris......

    What ever works for you, but u ain't gonna improvise well just by applying techniques and theory, the grand tapestry of life needs to be milked.