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    Chords D13b5b9 and G Major7 on lesson 1 item 6 & 7. I just cannot figure it.

    suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Mickey Baker, I assume.
    Best not to get too hung up on chord names in that book, just play the examples to see how they can work for you.
    Some people have trouble playing those chords, others question the utility of such big chords.
    I do use both for solo guitar arrangements, intros and endings.
    They’re not that hard to play if you finger them like a 7th bar chord with your pinkie grabbing the top two strings.
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    If your problem is with the stretch, move it up a few frets and practice there and work your way down the neck as an exercise.

    If the chord spelling is what is confusing you, the D13b5b9 is a rootless voicing. Ab Eb C F# B is b5 b9 7th 3rd 13th. The chord could also be named Ab9 which is a tritone sub for D7 in which case us Root 5th 3rd 7th 9th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minellix
    Chords D13b5b9 and G Major7 on lesson 1 item 6 & 7. I just cannot figure it.

    suggestions would be appreciated.
    Can you explain what you're having trouble with?

    For the Gmaj7, for example, it's a standard grip that's not difficult. The diagram shows the string/fret and the number beneath is the number for your fingers. Index is 1, middle is 2, ring is 3, pinkie is 4. Apologies if that was already clear.

    The D13b5b9 is a little harder to reach, and Fep offered a good suggestion. It's not the most common grip -- and usually you'll see it called an Ab7#9. It works as Ab7#9 because the D note is omitted.

    I won't go into how to figure out the notes in various chords for this post, but if you google chord construction you should find lots of info.

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    Just play an Ab7#9. It's the same thing, just a funny name. Mickey Baker books are like that.

    Am7: 5x5555
    Ab7#9: 464577
    G6: 35x453

    It's an old swing move, sounds really good.

    Those are the full bar chords but you don't have to play them, of course. You could just play shell-voicings or something like:

    Am11: 5x553x
    Ab7b5: 4x453x
    G69: 3x223x

    It's all the same thing. Not so beautiful but very effective.