So I've been looking for ways to add more variation into the stuff I'm doing and I have to say that the Randy Vincent Cellular approach book seems to be the thing I need. Hats off to you Randy if you read this forum.

It genuinely feels like it can provide near infinite variation, you do a cell or 2 over a chord ( cell is 4 8th notes, made of 3 chord tones and a scale tone not on the chord, then when the next chord comes, do another one for that chord..... and there are so many examples in the book that with practice you'll end up with a huge range of options of what to do next.

I wouldn't want to hear a player playing an entire solo this way, but in terms of knocking out tasteful 8th note lines that span a few bars, this is what you need.

Only drawback is that it has no tab, but to spin that in a positive way, it gets u reading scores.

Anyone else like this book?