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    My first post here……sorry for my very basic English.

    After about 20 years of stop I’ve re-started to play the guitar regularly.

    I’ve started to play in the late seventy with the steel strings guitar. Country Blues, Ragtime, some bluegrass and a lot of Kicking Mule records and transcriptions. Soon I discovered Jazz Guitar (my first record was a Joe Pass live album in Monteaux) and I’ve studied with very good local teachers.
    Also many workshops with Joe Diorio, Mick Goodrick, Mike Stern, Joe Pass, Bruce Forman, Pat Martino, etc.
    At the end of the ’80 until 2002 I’ve done a lot of guitar teaching in my town and also a few live gigs with local musicians and friends.

    At the time I was very interested in hard-disk recording, MIDI, and guitar-to-midi controllers. I remember the troubles with the Casio and Roland midi-guitars and many hours spent on the legendary Macintosh Classic I.

    In 1997 - 1999 I developed a Multimedia Guitar Course on CD-ROM with theory, pratical examples and many videos. The CD-ROM (for Mac and Windows), was published by the famous italian RICORDI Music Publisher but unfortunately my earnings were very low.
    Slowly my interest in music started do go down low and at the same time I started to get some non-musical jobs as a software developer. From 1991 until now I’ve worked for thousands of hours with every Apple operative system and computers. So the guitar was stored in the case for several years and at the same time I was working as a freelance web designer and film maker.
    My hobby became RC aircraft building and from 2005 to now I’ve built several RC airplanes that you can see on my YouTube channel: equenda - YouTube

    In 2020 the COVID-19 was a terrible experience for my small town, with hundreds of victims for many months.
    As everybody I was locked down in my house and so I’ve started to do some guitar praticing and playing.

    Since I like to write down what I (try) to play, after some months I started to collect all my musical notes which I collected in a kind of short jazz guitar improvisation method.
    There are about 50 pages and I would like to make the videos of the various examples and studies next fall.
    My idea would be to sell the method on my personal website but first I would have to translate all the text into English .... but to do this I will have to ask a professional translator.

    For now, I'll start putting some examples and studies on my personal website as a free download.
    The first one is a short 16-bars solo that I played on a famous Italian song entitled: "ROMA NUN FA' LA STUPIDA STASERA".

    You can hear the song and the solo on my musical YouTube channel:

    You can free download the solo in PDF format on my personal website at this link:

    Assolo sulla progressione armonica di "Roma"

    That’ s all for now……sorry for writing so much.




    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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