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    Hi, I am wondering whether anyone has tried Morten's lessons. His YouTube videos are quite interesting and I really like his sound. He sells online lessons (Online Guitar Lessons With Morten Faerestrand), but his website does not really have a ton of info. Anyone with any experiences that they could share?



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    Morten used to post here a lot. Great player, super nice guy. I don't know about his pay lessons, but he's posted a lot of free content over the years that was very well executed.

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    I remember posting his solo over bossa-nova here on the forum. It was brilliant. Very high level ..
    as I remember bossa in metrum 3/4 How Insensitive...?

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    Though I have no experience with his lessons, I loved his contributions on this forum back in the day; he was always really knowledgeable and he's really good. His videos on YouTube are deep, informative and the high level of his musicianship lets him understand, execute and explain some of the most challenging ideas in jazz as well as making the most fundamental ones crystal clear.
    He gets the guitar. He knows the music. He explains clearly. And I can only imagine that working with him in a situation where gaps in a student's understanding can be addressed in a direct way, could just be a boon.
    I always found him inspiring and knowledgable; that's what you want in any teacher.