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    Not enough clichés, actually. Just learn simple bluesy phrases and licks. You don't know your simple notes well enough. Probably you don't listen to enough of it. When you've got them then you can embellish them. They're not difficult.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    Not enough clichés, actually. Just learn simple bluesy phrases and licks. You don't know your simple notes well enough. Probably you don't listen to enough of it. When you've got them then you can embellish them. They're not difficult.

    I am sorry, but I really feel you're just a guitarist. You're the best and you just talk.

    Stop talking and play for real without repeating the same scale all over something.

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    Learn your notes, scales, licks. You haven't, that's obvious in your playing.

    Nothing to do with me. I could be the worst guitarist in the world and it would still be true.

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    It sounded like you have a some nice things going. Only thing I might offer is..

    play something a little slower,
    use more space (i.e. take more "breaths" like a horn player)
    emulate more minimalistic and melodic players for a little while (Dexter Gordon comes to mind, Grant Green maybe)
    then inch toward the busier bebop style, remaining in full control of your ideas as you progress
    keep working, working, working

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    Thanks for sharing your playing!
    The tempo you try to play is too high. It is about 102 on the 2 and 4. Therefor you stumble over your 8ths or try to avoid them.
    You have to get back in tempo f.e. 70 on beats 2 and 4 and groove and swing with very simple 8ths.
    And with that feeling, the groove and swing, you very slowly increase the speed and swing on f.e. 75.
    etc. etc. But keep that groove and swing feel, which might mean that you cannot play what you use to play. So you will have to redefine your licks and ideas.

    Here is an example:


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    Those videos you posted, you're playing the song too fast and stumbling around. Slow it down a bit, if you can't get through the head how are you expecting to improvise.

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    Nice playing!

    If you didn't sourpuss when you made a mistake it wouldn't even notice.

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    Try using a looper or other recording device and lay down a few choruses of comping for yourself. Focus on playing good solid time and then solo against that recording. Do it at a tempo you're very comfortable with at first. Eventually you'll want to work your way out of your comfort level. Jam tracks are good too, but I recommend starting with your own home made jam track. It will make things more intuitive for you.

    You sound good; you just need to focus on that inner groove.

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    hi lionelsax,
    i think you are on the right path, and your goal to improvise through a jazz blues form with a metronome on 2 and 4 seems reasonable.

    from what i have seen from this thread it seems to me though as if you don't simplfiy things enough for a practice purpose. don't confuse playing with practicing

    first of all i think you should slow way down, about half of the tempo you would usually play it, so for the purpose of practice 70 bpm or even slower if it needs to be is just fine. don't underestimate this. slowing things down has it's own challenges, and it will help you to reveal weaknesses. by this you also practice audiating things in different tempos (very useful). don't increase tempo until you can do it easily and reliably at a very slow tempo.

    also narrow things down: use a simple rhythmic motif, 1 or 2 bars and improvise using only chord tones and this motif to play through the whole 12 bar form. it could be as easy as just playing one note each bar. this is also an exercise in maintaining focus. if that is still too difflicult, narrow it down even more and only play on the first 4 bars, the 2nd 4 bars or the 3rd 4 bars of the form to familiarize yourself with that part. always try to make an exercise like this as easy as possible in the beginning so you can do it without going tense and overstressing your brain (and thus limiting it's potential to maintain focus) and then gradually increase diffliculty until you reach a point where it is kind of difflicult but still doable, and then remain at this point until it's not difflicult anymore and increase diffliculty again.
    it should always be easy enough so you still have brain capacity left to play with a clean technique and have full control over what you play.

    if it's getting too easy you can challenge yourself by playing through the form multiple times in a row, and each time through, you switch to a different rhythmic motif. preferably, have a list of them written out so you don't have to make them up on the spot. you must narrow down the factors of improvisation to really get the form down. if this is getting too easy as well, you may increase the tempo.

    good luck on your quest, c.