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    So here's the next in a very infrequent and irregular series of posts.

    Interestingly, in the light of the "How Many Standards Did The Greats Know?" thread, my "Tiny Steps" plan is to learn just 10 - and I'm really struggling. Over Xmas and New Year when I had some time off work, and was able to play a lot, it went well. Since then, with hardly any playing time, the melodies and chords all just vanish... So I'm up to about 7 so far.

    Part of the issue is that I've got (happily) involved in the Garrison Fewell study group - and that's good stuff, but it has distracted me from the original plan, although I'm sure it's beneficial.

    Anyway, back on track, one of the ten tunes on my list is All Of Me. And here I am playing the chords (pretty much cowboy chords! One of the things I'm learning alongside the ten tunes is a few more chord shapes, but I don't use them in anger yet), and the melody in the middle of the guitar. I've also been distracted (again - there's a theme here ) and have added on the All of Me arpeggio exercise from Gonzalo Bergera's "How I Learned" book. The idea being to learn these arpeggios and then reuse them, as appropriate, in other tunes - so that will be my next step. The solo fell apart a little towards the end - but c'est la vie

    I'm very unhappy with my right hand plectrum technique - and I think this needs some serious work, playing electric guitar for 45+ years I've picked up habits that don't translate well to the acoustic. It's just one of a long list of things to work on. But all of this is just for fun - I'm unlikely to ever be on a jazz bandstand, so it's the journey that is important, not the end-game.



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    Good job, Derek!

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    Brought a smile to my face!

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    I've just noticed that the last 8 bars of All of Me are the same (save for a Dm instead of a D7) as the first 8 bars of "After You've Gone" (Del's Tiny Steps, Post # 1). This should mean that I can take the composed solo for each and mix and match a little. Could be interesting, and it's definitely what learning songs is all about for me.