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    Thread for the week starting on Sep 9th 2019.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Page 28.

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    Just for grins, here is St. Thomas from the Berklee Jazz Songbook which is designed to accompany Leavitt's Volume 1.

    It's the first and simplest tune in the book. However, without a metronome or rhythm track one has to count pretty carefully to sync up the parts. I was pretty close in some places, while not so close in others.

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    Picking Etude No 1 :

    And in all the wonderful glory of making mistakes here is Etude. I had a brain fart or something. Not sure exactly what happened. I just went with it.

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    Good for you, I'm skipping that page. I've played it before and learned it well but it took some work. It's tricky, and I just don't like playing it with a pick, in the open position, on a 1 11/16" nut width guitar. I don't see much utility in it either, TBH. There are similar things to play on the classical guitar and I prefer them to this particular study. That's not much to complain about given the worthwhile lessons in the rest of the book.

    Onward and upward!

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    Well this one was fun. Cut time threw me for a bit. I kept wanting to hold the notes for their full 4/4/ time value. Talk about rewiring the circuits.

    Two, two guitar 1:

    Two, two guitar 2:

    Two, two duet:

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    I'm falling behind! Sorry guys, I went on vacation last week so I'm swamped catching up this week at work! Then I'm out of town next week for work! Hopefully after that I can catch back up!

    I've recorded the first picking Etude. I played it pretty slow to try and make sure I'm muting that G note. It's sloppy and rushed still.

    Picking Etude No. 1 -

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    Good job man, and no rush on any of us. We're all busy as heck.

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    Here is my Etude submission for this week. I'm skipping the Two, Two duet for now. I'll have to get back to it later.Etude - Page 27https://youtu.be/BiMAavcBDbg
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