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    I apologize for my English level.

    I would like to ask for advice. I used to play jazz piano with some amateur musicians in a quartet but i had hearing issues and now i want to begin to play guitar just for my self I don’t know anything about guitars

    I imagine I need a good acoustic guitar so, what kind of acoustic guitars should i buy to play some jazz standards and eventually sing? I would like to have a mellow and warm guitar tone...

    And on the other hand I should perhaps buy a Jazz archtop guitar . I would like to use a looper to play the harmony and eventually play some solos and melody upon it. Do jazz guitar archtops guitars can be played unplugged ? Are there best choices among the variety of archtops guitars to be able to play them unplugged. The sound that I am looking for is a non aggressive sound to spare my ears and opt for a mellow and warm tone.

    Should I choose an archtop from a luthier like Elfrink for example or brand guitar like Gibson Epiphone or Godin?

    What can you advice me?

    Thank you Folks,


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    This would do everything you need for the next 20 years or more.

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    I'm another big Godin fan, but if you're going to be singing too, I'd seriously check out some nylon string guitars too.
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