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    What Scales Are Used in Jazz?

    Hi guys, new here and fairly new to jazz guitar...

    I came on this website looking for jazz guitar scales, and found this lesson:

    7 Essential Jazz Guitar Scales For Beginners

    The lessons talks about 7 scales, but are there any other scales used in jazz?


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    A few but they're specialised, for want of a better word. Also some players have invented their own.

    These are the main ones. You won't go far wrong with these. There are essentially nine listed here.

    Jazz scale - Wikipedia

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    Yeah just concentrate on learning the major and minor scales in the basic positions.

    The others can wait.

    Don’t spend more than ten minutes a day on scales, but do it religiously.

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    The answer to your question is "All of them." If it exists, some jazzperson is using it. Christian's advice is solid. He's done this before.
    Best regards, k

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    Hey, it depends on what kind of jazz guitar you wanna learn. There's a good chance it may be a particular style where learning how to target chord tones is way more important than learning these so called "jazz scales". Listen and transcribe your favourite players. Are they playing scales? Or embellishing chord tones? If you can't tell, then post a few examples and some of us might help you understand what devices the player is using.

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    I find working with the chromatic scale covers most everything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic gumbo View Post
    I find working with the chromatic scale covers most everything...
    And assuming that we know the major scale.

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