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    Having posted about this recently and done some thinking about it, I'm focusing on triads (see the recent Rick Beato video about "Fretboard hacks" and the two Joe Viola saxophone books (Vol 1+2). I think those might be the keys to the kingdom. I wish I'd prioritized that stuff earlier. Seems really elemental and basic, and I can't do it now, and I think if I had a lot more of this under control, playing would be easier.

    Mostly my frustration with improvising comes from not knowing where the notes are, so....duh.

    The Viola scales book has some cool polytonal (I think basically just rapidly modulating) scale stuff that looks perfect (just got the book today so we'll see....)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I became real comfortable with knowing the fret board by learning arpeggios on single strings and going through all the keys. Start with the Maj 7 in C. Then cycle through at a pace that allows you to name the chord tones as you play them. C-E-G-B, F-A-C-E, etc. It's important to go slow enough to learn the notes and not just turn them into patterns. Start with the first available chord tone on each string ie, C Maj7 on the E string would be, E-G-B-C-E-G-B-C. Then the B string B-C-E-G-etc. After a while, when you go to position playing, you'll start visualizing the notes by name.