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    This whole thing makes me recall way back when still thinking about music.
    Each and every nuance of what you hear, every little nuance carries a message.
    In music, it is everything. AI will never do that. But the humans, also not.

    There is a myriad of details in music that all can convey a message. AI can never do that, it's like a chess in 5th dimension. Humans almost never care.
    AI will win because humans don't care enough.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I guess there's nothing to do about advancing technology except to embrace it. I've been using drum tracks almost since I started playing music. This AI song generation is an extension of that.

    For that matter, computers put a lot of typists, bookkeepers, secretaries... etc. out of business. What are you going to do, not use a computer?

    I'll keep doing my thing with music, writing and recording songs without the AI. I think it's human nature to want to create.

    It's just for self-gratification anyways. For me, improvising over jazz standards, is total self-gratification in that most folks are just not interested in listening to that. If I wanted to do something that others are interested in, I'd be playing covers of classic rock and/or country (and I have done that).

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    There was a whole industry called pre-press that was almost entirely shut down by Photoshop, Quark and desktop scanners in a matter of a few years. Look what DAW did to recording studios, and what happened to dark rooms and film processors.

    Thing is, even if AI generates a piece of music someone still has to listen to the client, prompt the software, offer for approval, make adjustments, distribute the goods, invoice for it, etc. People in business like to do business with people, but that'll probably change too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft

    Machines make a different kind of music. Some will prefer either one over the other.
    Wish I felt the same way. However, the whole job of generative AI is to emulate humans based on what we have created in the past. Given the resources being applied, I believe we will get there with music (including all aspects of jazz) a lot sooner than anybody in the non-tech community might be expecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft
    People in business like to do business with people, but that'll probably change too.
    That's the rub, people aren't in charge of business when it's a corporation. So, no matter what is good for the people, be it a 4 day work week, higher pay, more vacation (all have been proven to increase morale and increase worker productivity), or having humans as coworkers. If it doesn't make the stocks go up immediately, it's not happening. Welcome to the future where things are smaller, poorly made and more expensive.

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    I guess I'm thinking of medium and small sized business.

    What will happen, or has already happened, is that businesses that need music will bring the creative in house, rather than calling a music producer. This happened a lot in graphic design. 'We're spending a lot on graphics. Why don't we just get Sue to do it. She's good with color and computers'. The quality of the work suffers.

    AI will make a much better Sue.

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    I'll gladly watch Rick's interviews, they're great, but here he's getting dazzled and worked up about a bunch of repackaged clichés with slick productions. Much ado....

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    Just look at what happened to recorded music with the piracy and streaming era. It is now practically free, and there's no way for the average professional musician to earn back the money an album costs from any kind of sales. Any money to be made go to Spotify basically.

    The analogy to recording studios is very spot on. Twenty years ago you needed a tremendous financial investment and lots of difficult to acquire knowledge to achieve a professional sound at home (remember 10k$ per stereo input protools cards?). These days you need a laptop and a sound card. You used to do everything in studios, jingles, theater music, commercials, demos.. then gradually it made sense to do it all at home. These days almost everything is done at home studios except pro albums, if even, and studios are a dying bread.

    The same will happen with AI music. Most of commercial and today well paid similar music jobs, scoring, composing, ads, etc.. will be done by AI, so the big corps will get the money, and the services will be devalued. Only the more demanding jobs will require an intermediate musician or programmer. And even normal music that you hear on the radio and streaming platforms nowadays , most is it is so awful AI would only improve it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    I identify as a songwriter, and AI music generation reduces songwriting to just a few words as a prompt. I guess as a hobby I can ignore AI music generation and just continue on as I have been. But I think it sucks for songwriters, I like to think I was doing something that some people thought was special (thanks mom ).

    How do you think this will affect professional musicians? songwriters? composers? live music?

    It seems just a month ago it was a joke, but now this AI Carolina-O song... (what will it be like a year from now)

    I think it's going to be great for performers. Not so great for people that write music in a traditional way.

    I'm in a techno duo and AI won't effect us at all. We like funky middle eastern techno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebol
    I'm in a techno duo and AI won't effect us at all.
    Figures ... techno was always artificial already, and doesn't exactly require (a lot of) intelligence? :boing: :boing: :boing:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJVB
    Figures ... techno was always artificial already, and doesn't exactly require (a lot of) intelligence? :boing: :boing: :boing:
    I'm an artificial person. It suits me.