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    Not really jazz, but i thought someone here might know.

    I adore Theresa Andersson ‘s music. But she seems to have been inactive for many years. Does anyone know what she is doing?

    For those that don ‘t know her music:

    Theresa Andersson - Wikipedia


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    Love this.
    Thank you for sharing and introducing me to this beautiful artist.

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    ^ That's the one there. She's doing something different now.

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    Wow. I think she’s one of the most gifted and unique musicians i’ve ever heard and it’s a shame that she isn’t sharing her musicality with the world.

    But i understand people’s circumstances change and i believe she’s had to deal with a lot in her life.

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    I like the stuff she did with Tommy E. Not Tech. stuff but nice from the heart kind of music we used to hear before things became over commercialized drivvle. I enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing much more of it or any other similar tunes too soon. B

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    I adore the honest simplicity of her clip above with TE, but I also equally like the moody “Injuns”. I think her use of tech is genuine and it serves the music.

    For interest, below is a clip when she tried to go super-commercial (not her best work, but I understand):