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View Poll Results: How many Forum members have you met?

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    25 44.64%
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    26 46.43%
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    4 7.14%
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    1 1.79%
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    just one, my good neighbor FredH
    Hi Fred!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Litterick
    Poll: How many Forum members have you muted?
    Just one, who was obnoxious. Muted. Done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody Sound
    Just one, but that was from the old usenet group.
    ps - He was in North Car., I was visiting there from the north, I can't remember his name. So we made arrangements to meet at a Raleigh/Duhram club where he was performing. We went to see him perform with a nice small jazz ensemble, and chatted after. I think his name was Devin, David (?) Fairly mid aged guy, nice player, played a WesMo, he seems to have disappeared from the internet forums.

    edit: I think maybe it was Kevin.
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    Have you ever muted a forum member in real life?

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    How hard is it to hit one button?
    Ok, I am aware of having met two in person and have spoken to two
    by phone.

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    None so far, at least not in person.

    I communicated with Gitterbug (Markku) a couple of times over a speaker.

    But hey, I’m going to Chicago in November. Anyone wanna meet for drinks and a bash?

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    I suspect I've met quite a few forum members over the years in various performance or education situations. But most people in these situations are too dignified for discussing their online guitar forum involvements, lol.
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    I have met only one knowingly, Peter Melton from Quilter at 2020 NAMM. A great guy! Never even met my countrymen Herbie, although we often e-mail back and forth. I have 164 PMs from Forum Members in my inbox and a few more sent. Over the past five years, some 4,300 messages in the inbox and 4,500 sent. A few hundred more in my personal e-mail. No video calls yet, but nothing against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    Two. One upstairs at Rudy's SOHO and Reg.
    RP, I’m the one from Rudy’s.

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    I've only met one- Chris Recker. He's an artist;

    Chris Recker: Archive

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    A poll for the blues lawyers on The Gear Page: How many Forum members have you sued?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C

    Why not just hook up via Zoom or similar, guitar in hand?
    I think that's a great idea.