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    John Scofield - Time On My Hands (1989)

    Joe Lovano (ts); John Scofield (g); Charlie Haden (b); Jack DeJohnette (d)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Favorite Jazz Guitar Album?-alone-together-jpg

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    Ted Greene solo guitar

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    Joe Pass - Portraits of Duke Ellington

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    Really hard to decide... probably this one!

    Favorite Jazz Guitar Album?-midnight-blue-jpg

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    Gilad Hekselman - Homes c. 2015

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    For solo guitar, my favorite is the “Solo” album, by Barney Kessel.

    For ensemble with guitar as the lead instrument, my favorite is “The Wes Montgomery Trio / A Dynamic New Sound.”

    For a jazz ensemble with guitar as a supporting instrument, my favorite is the Ahmad Jamal Trio, “Chamber Music of the New Jazz.” Which is one of my favorite albums, period.

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    I decided to check this out by simply going to iTunes and seeing what album / tracks are my most played - but iTunes is doing it's normal hanging thing. That said, I think I know what iTunes would tell me - Djangologie. In truth, my favourite varies with the week, but I guess I should stick with the statistics, even though Djangologie is a compilation.


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    Wow, thanks all. Lots of great stuff here I havent listened to yet.

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    My favourite album about jazz guitar and its received emotions is this one by Wes Montgomery (the best jazz guitarist in my opinion and for my kind of seeing jazz guitar): Back On Indiana Avenue: The Carroll DeCamp Recordings.
    Favorite Jazz Guitar Album?-wes-montgomery-back-indiana-avenue-carroll-decamp-recordings-jpg

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    It used to be this but I don't know now.

    Favorite Jazz Guitar Album?-index4-jpg

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    Some great instrumental album choices.

    Most of my playing has been as an accompanist to either vocals or brass, and I've always been influenced in that approach by Barney Kessel's playing on 'Sarah Vaughan + 2'. It's just Sarah, Barney and Joe Comfort on double bass. Might be my desert island choice.

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    Favorite Jazz Guitar Album?-mi0001575075-jpeg