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    Unfortunatley I developed an impingement syndrome in my right shoulder over the last months. I had X-ray and ultrasonic examinations so far, waiting for the MRT next week to confirm. I hope I don't have to undergo surgery ... wish me luck.
    It seem like playing big guitars like archtops and acoustics is more painful than thin guitars like solidbodies and my ES 330. Luckily I have these ... The worst move is getting the strap over my head. ;-)


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    Best of luck. Consider the mandolin.

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    I played the Ukulele all summer.

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    Best of luck to you.

    Hope you can escape with physical therapy and avoid surgery.

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    I developed it from my work (construction, working overhead). It's a combination of impingement and biceps tendonitis. I play teles most of the time (not archtops), and even that bothers it. I got a cortisone shot, and that fixed it, for several weeks. Then then pain started to return. I really need to get an MRI of it, but at this point my health insurance will likely make me go through another 6 weeks of physical therapy (which did not really help it), before they will agree to pay for an MRI.

    Mine is mild, I don't think they would operate on it... the orthopedist tested me and told me "it's not torn- but it's probably damaged a little"... but they often won't go in to repair "mere damage", like fraying of the tendon, unless they are going in to repair something bigger, like a tear.

    But I will end up needing the MRI... even if I don't get the operation (which will put you out of commission for like 2 months), I'd like to know exactly what is going on in there.