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    I wonder if anyone could help identify this black gadget on Jefferson Mumford's flat top on this photo of him in the Buddy Bolden band.

    Jefferson Mumford's gadget on his flat top-bolden_band-gif

    Is it some type of protection for the guitar or a way of amplfying the sound? I have never seen anything like that before.


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    You're talking about the dark area on the lower bout? Could just be the shadow cast by the upright bass...

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    Yes, that's what I'm talking about but it doesn't seem to be just a shadow to me. It's way too black and the photo doesn't look to have that much contrast.
    Also looks like it's bulging a bit.
    I'm just curious if it was indeed something to amplify the sound of the guitar when playing with other loud wind instruments in front of an audience. Ancient ways of amplification before electric guitars, they must have existed.

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    I would agree with Tommo - it’s almost certainly a shadow following the contour of the bass.

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    Agree it's a shadow- the contours of the "black area" match those of the bass.

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    The great grandson of the trumpeter on the right is in Blue Man Group.

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