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    Riverwalk Jazz was not a regular PBS program, although I think there was one special they made for it. It was a weekly feature on XM Radio for a number of years. And I listened to Keillor for many years, then Thille's replacement. Not much left these days, though, as far as I can find. I do catch livestreams when available. Andy Brown had a regular stream for a long time before Chicago opened back up, and Emmet Cohen has a weekly that is also excellent. There is a lot of good music available, just not much on SiriusXM, at least that I care about.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    Riverwalk Jazz was not a regular PBS program, although I think there was one special they made for it.
    Guess I was conflating PBS and NPR. Sorry about that. This page says Riverwalk Jazz aired for 25 years and 350 episodes. Googling turned up a number of podcast sources.

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    Also, being music theater fans, we like the broadway channel.

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    One thing I should mention, I rarely use my Sirius unless taking a day trip, because we have a nice fm jazz station 91.1 out of Toronto that I am able to pull in crystal clear here in NY state. Maybe because the signal travels easily over the distance of the Lake Ontario water? Who knows why it works, but it's what I almost always have on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARGewirtz
    Sirius jazz stations are fine if you like your music segregated: RealJazz (as opposed to unreal jazz?), Sinatra , 40s, blues, etc. For me nothing beats a single station that plays a variety of styles, skillfully programmed with shows hosted by living, breathing, knowledgeable personalities. I'm fortunate to live in central NJ where I can listen to WBGO Newark, which is our local public radio jazz station that plays all jazz of all kinds all the time. The WBGO app is available online for those not within range of the station's radio signal who would like to enjoy their programming. Yes, they are a public radio station so they have to periodically do the pledge drive thing but that's the nature of the beast.
    Thanks for this! I'm also in NJ, and have never heard of this station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FwLineberry
    ...SiriusXM is pretty much a must in that profession if you want somewhat reliable radio...
    That's funny because the thing I find the most frustrating with Sirius is that it cuts out frequently. There must be a lot of pockets in air space where I live that restrict radio waves.

    I listen to Real Jazz which is fairly decent. Not stellar but decent IMHO. There is a blues station near it that is OK. Classical music is OK as well. Also, if you have Sirius you have to listen to Little Steven's Underground Garage. It is really cool when he is DJ'ing, IMHO. Other than that there are some decent rock stations that can get obscure like someone had mentioned Early Bailey's. MLB is good and of course you can get any news that you like. All in all Sirius is not worth the price that I am paying after my trial ran out but it is somewhat convenient to have (if it wouldn't cut out right when you want to hear something continue.)