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    Take the medicine, you'll feel better:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    More BNR & the Buick, too.

    This time with Knopfler in for Lukather:

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    BNR speaks!

    Then goes to lunch; angel babies too.

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    Randy Newman is simply the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentone
    Randy Newman is simply the best.

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    Just that title gave me a boner. And FWIW, BMW would not mind me saying so. (Not the car, Beloved Musician Wife)
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    I guess people here know the stock he comes from: Alfred & Lionel. He can conduct and arrange for an orchestra.

    His twisted sense of humor is one thing that makes him a unique lyricist. He says in interviews that he hates and dreads songwriting---yet he's been a success at it from around age 20. I'm guessing he siphons off some of that resentment and it ends up in the inveighing of his 'unreliable narrators'---the guys he wants you to hate so you hate even more what they're saying: prejudicial stuff. It's a device as clever as Newman is---and that's DAMN clever.

    Then he turns around and shows a character's vulnerability in a song like Marie---a drunken confession of love and his many flaws, and the only way he CAN tell her is to be drunk. You end up liking the hapless lug.

    Newman's a master manipulator---a high compliment when he's manipulating us into thinking and doing good...

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    When RN was first starting to sing and play the piano, he'd be too nervous to do it in public.
    At the Troubadour, Judee Sill had to soothe his nerves for 15 minutes or so before he was able to go on stage.
    Judee Sill wasn't afraid of anything, she grew up singing in her father's bar, hiding under the piano.
    And forget about # Me,Too- when David Crosby gave her a hard time, she took off his belt, and started chasing after him, whipping it with it. He ran away like a little wimp.
    She used to rob liquor stores with a toy gun, and got busted, and sent to reform school.