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    Back to the topic of how one would label the type of jazz played on Peter Gunn and other T.V. shows that feature jazz in that era:

    I've always called this West Coast Cool Jazz. The type one would find at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach (opened in 1949) and other clubs in the area; These shows were filmed in Los Angeles county (Hollywood \ Studio City etc..), and the musicians were locals west coast jazz cats.

    77 Sunset Strip is another show that ran from 1958 - 1964 that feature Dino's, real life lounge \ jazz club, owned by Dean Martin.

    Many west coast cool school musicians were featured on that show.
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    Can someone possibly recommend a Jazz album that features music similar to this?

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    Little Jay, I feel the same way you do.

    I wanted to add that Jonny Quest, a cartoon from the late 60's, also had this type of Jazz score, with horns blaring in unison and that walking bassline underneath. I loved the theme!

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    As far as the Peter Gunn Theme I would say it is a Jump jazz type.

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    Mundell Lowe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameslovestal

    I've always called this West Coast Cool Jazz.
    We are really talking about two genres in this thread. The theme tunes and incidental music to these shows are film music, orchestrated compositions that had no former life outside the studio. The featured songs in the shows are West Coast jazz, as you say. Peter Gunn (the first TV detective created for television, rather than taken from books or films) was unlike other detectives. He was mid-century modern. A contemporary article in Life Magazine observed, "He likes Ivy League clothes, sophisticated women and cool modern jazz". The article also noted that an RCA-Victor record of music from the series was the best selling-album in the country.

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    "Jazz?" I always thought Peter Gunn was a rock tune?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bach5G

    I am going to Amazon right now to try and find some of these albums!

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    Great thread!

    I have to add one more, maybe a bit on the party side of the noir jazz.

    The theme of the late '80s film series Man And The Naked Gun has always been a great pleasure for me. It is originally from early '80s TV-series Police Squad! and the composer is Ira Newborn.

    Wikipedia tells that the theme is a parody of theme of late fifties series M Squad, starring Lee Marvin. Nice tune that too.

    This might go a bit away from Peter Gunn but it is definitely some kinda private eye jazz too, and a classic: The Long Goodbye. Composed by John Williams and sung by Jack Sheldon. On the record there is eight different versions about the song, some sung, some instrumental and finally a mariachi version too! The Sheldon sung version might be the most famous.

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    But Mancini is maybe the greatest in this area. The opening scene of the Orson Welles movie Touch Of Evil is outstanding. And remember those bongo drums to add the suspense!

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    The opening credits shown in the Youtube Police Story clip refer to Lorne Greene as the episode’s guest star. Greene and Leslie Nielsen. Drippin’ with maple syrup.

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    Here are a few scenes from Peter Gunn. The first starts out with that Jazzy sound in the first couple of minutes, which attracted me to the music scores. The other two were songs sung at the bar that is featured in the TV show, where Peter Gunn hangs out.

    Love this bassline!