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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Sorry I can't read this because of our work firewall.

    I wanted to be just a little famous. Famous enough that people knew my name and I could get a good seat at a restaurant or free concert tickets with backstage passes, but not so famous that people on the street would stop me and ask for my autograph.

    Tough job that I'm still working at.

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    Wow. I read the link and a couple of his other blog entries. That there is a fella uncomfortable in his own skin, and obsessed with the ‘I just need the right course/teacher/external influence’ approach to life.
    Its either inside or it ain’t.

    But keep at it Dr Jeff))). I’d like your autograph

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    You're probably going about it the wrong way as currently your ego is hard at work.

    A healthier approach would be to do what you love and if you become famous, to whatever extent you want, then that's great but if you don't become famous then that's ok too