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    I've spent some time poking around on google and this site, but haven't been able to discover a similar jazz chops forum or message board that's not focused primarily on guitar technique, and includes contributions from players of all instruments.

    I enjoy this site and have learned a lot from it, but am curious about the topics discussed here as seen through the window of non-guitarists.

    Suggestions / Recommendations?




    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    TB/DB aka The TalkBass Double-Bass board is jazz-centric, pleasant and factual.

    Long ago we watched some general jazz-oriented boards crater due to an influx of assholes and mediocre moderation.

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    I've only seen other instrument-specific stuff (i.e., "jazz sax," etc), and not "jazz musician."

    Or, we could study/listen to other instrumentalists, and see (hear) what they're doing! I took lessons from a guy who was a jazz trombonist, and he was a wonderful teacher! We could probably learn tons from a jazz drummer, too!

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    I like "jazz musician.be"
    Maybe Dirk is listening...