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    I have been thinking for a long time to invest into this, of course because my salary is under the frog's ass (if u know what I mean), I want to pay only for the videos, no feedback, no certificate. Im quite sure I will try it out, but want to know if anyone has any experince on this to share with us.

    Jazz Guitar Technique - Online Music Course | CvA Online




    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Looks pretty good. How much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donplaysguitar
    Looks pretty good. How much?
    480 Euro if You want personalized feedback+certificate. Masterclass is only (including everything except the two mentioned thing) is only 119 Euro.

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    It looks quite thorough, fast moving, which is okay if you can keep the materials for working at your own pace and time commitments.

    The full cost is comparable to a private lesson, possibly even better as you get a lot of information and personal feedback. The observer/masterclass option is useful if you can keep the materials for a year, giving you time to revisit and review.

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    Have you considered private lessons? Pete Sklaroff is excellent, I took skype lessons from him. https://www.petesklaroff.com/