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    Wow! what a weird collaboration... Yes git player and Deep Purple drummer... with DMX rapper? What's next, Yngwie and country? :-)


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    Hey if Bootsy's on it I'm in!

    Steve needs to atone for that horrible stuff he put out with Asia back in the 80's.

    Mood for a Day...still my go-to on nylon string at the guitar store to impress the clerks and the crowd.

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    I totally expected this to be awful.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great aggressive beat and X sounds strong.

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    And Bootsy Collins on the bass??

    Quote Originally Posted by GNAPPI
    What's next, Yngwie and country? :-)
    You are aware he has a blues album out?

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    Yes, Horrid is the word for this!
    Ah well, we can always listen to the old Yes records.

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    Sounds a bit weird, but I like the direction it took. Ian Paice, man, what a master! But the guitarist dont really fit the bill here, they should've gotten Tom Morello or Wes Borland, now that would be interesting.

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    That's 3:30 of my life I'll never get back.
    Make that 0:30, can't believe I lasted even that long, sheesh.

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    I only wasted ten seconds. Wasted more writing this... I'd best be off!